One Rental at a Time is very different than most YouTube channels as I have built the channel by leveraging daily consistency and a series of weekly real estate millionaires. The following is an outline of what you can expect on my channel most weeks.

I have been producing a daily show at 7:30 AM called the Daily Financial News for over 1,000 days straight. This show runs about 12-15 minutes and is meant to capture the mornings daily news with a focus on Consumers, Cost of Capital and Real Estate Headlines.  It is very middle of the road and I do my best to ignore extreme left or right issues unless it directly impacts real estate investing.


Laura Morby


As a Top 1% Agent in Arizona, Partner in Sub 2 Fame with her Husband Pace Morby and most recently TV Star of A&E Show Triple Digit Flip Laura brings a wealth of both real world experience and a great historical perspective as she has been in business for over 15 years.

Weekly Goal Review


I believe in leading by example and that is why you will see me share my Positive Impact score every Sunday.  This is a series where I look in the virtual mirror and share the good and the bad of what is going on in my One Rental at a Time business.

Weekly Community Sneak Peak


Something I am very Proud of is my Private Facebook Group called One Rental at a Time Works. This Private Group is only open to students of my Real Estate Investing course called How to Get Started One Rental at a Time.  This weekly sneak peek highlights just a touch of what is going on in this amazing group.


Greg Dickerson


Greg is an Amazing investor who successfully went all in on himself and created a 9 figure business.  Greg has such an amazing story and his experience is way different than mine as he is a builder and developer and is focused on moving his money around verses long term buy in hold.  I learn so much from him every week.


Matt Lumberjack Landlord


Matt has an amazing story of starting from little to nothing as a teenage dropout.  He worked his tail off to build a portfolio that is nearing 100 units.  He Brought House Hacking and the 4-3-2-1 strategy to the course.  I now believe every 20 year old can be a millionaire after speaking with Matt and learning the power of house hacking.

Omar Alfaro: Real Estate Entrepreneur


Omar is amazing as he shows us what hustle and consistency can do.  Starting as a server in his family restaurant Omar was able to build a business that now includes Real Estate Brokerage, House Flipping, Wholesaling, Buy and Hold and Short Term Rentals.  Our weekly conversations can range from deal reviews to team motivation and are always full of passion.


Anna REI Mom Kelley


Anna is our Original Weekly Expert and it is hard to believe we have been talking for more that 2 years.  Her story is amazing and shows all of us what it means to be consistent and think about a bigger purpose.  Our Weekly Conversation focus on New Investors and the Real Estate Investing Market as we are both still growing. Anna and I may have started with similar stories but she has gone on to do things I only dream about like Syndication and Beach Front AirBnB.

Matt the Mortgage Guy:


When Matt and I first Started Talking he was a California Only broker but now I am happy to say he support nationwide and can help any One Rental at a Time fan.  Our Weekly conversations often focus on cost of capital and if there is any change in the lending market by lenders or government agencies.


Jonathan Twombly 


The one day a week where you will find the Daily Financial News not at 7:30 AM is Thursday as Jonathon and I speak from 7:30-8:30 so that means my Daily show goes at 7:00 AM as I like having that the first video of the day.

Three Amigos (Dion and Matt)


Frankly you never know what you are going to get when the 3 of us get together but you are assured it will be entertaining (well at least to me it is). I never laugh so hard each week and I love speaking to these two legendary investors and better human beings.  Both Matt and Dion give back in huge ways and both have amazing stories of starting from nothing and making work optional.


Ty Leon Guerrero (TYLG) 


Ty and I do a weekly show talking about our weekly highlights.  This weekly show really allows me to think about the week in general verses my daily grind. Ty is an amazing investor who motivates worldwide teams and leads by example. He is focused on giving back and I appreciate him giving us a little time each week.


Live QA


The Only Day I don’t have an expert lined up is Saturday as I chose to instead do a Live QA Show from 8-9 AM (PST). These shows are 100% for the audience and I will answer nearly any question asked as I want to know what is on your mind and I want to help any way I can.