WARNING: Pre Foreclosures WILL BE A BIGGER OPPORTUNITY than Foreclosures as Investors SNAP UP DEALS

good morning good afternoon good evening

folks michael zuber one wrench atlanta

time back with his good friend ty from

his friday expert series how you doing

buddy i’m awesome michael thank you for

having me

yeah one of the things that that i’m

really proud of this youtube channel one

rental at a time is it’s

really a collection of frankly other


uh and these millionaires are like

yourself focused on giving back

sharing expenses or experiences

and more importantly for me i’ve also

taken great care

to stay in my lane right what i do i do

and what i don’t i don’t what do i mean

by that

you have just created perhaps the most

important bonus section in my course in

quite a while

i believe we have left a market where it

was just cash and quick to a market that

is changing and fear of missing out is

going to go on the sellers and it’s

going to get worse we are going to see

unemployment double we are going to see

some scary times and in scary times

unfortunately some of us will go into


you and i experienced a great recession

last time

i bought dozens of foreclosures


i believe this time

most opportunities won’t actually make

it to foreclosure because the debt is

the asset last time the debt was truly

truly toxic

that is not the case this time so if you

are out there watching those chanters

waiting for foreclosures to come

you might get a couple

next year

but if you learn pre-foreclosures you

can start fish you can a start skilling

up now

b you will fish early and trust me when

i say this

the best deals

will be done in pre-foreclosure they

will never make it to the courthouse

steps will never be owned by the bank

and we have the one and only tai who is

gracious enough to create bonus content

added already it is free

get to work so

thank you thank you thank you

let’s michael thank you for all that you

share and do and i’ve got to say that um

you know it’s interesting you and i have

been in a conversation for feels like

about 18 months

talking about what’s going on in the

economy you do a daily financial news if

you’re not watching that you need to be

on that for anybody watching this video


michael puts out the best financial news

out there

specifically why is because it’s

pertinent to what’s going on in real

estate so

one thing that we’ve talked about is

there’s a lot of people that are


talking about the tsunami of


the tidal wave the bubble a market crash

and all of that and michael

has done the research i’ve done the

research not to the level of michael’s

research but i look at notice the

defaults notice the trustee sales i

study them i watch them i market to them

i provide solutions to them

and i can say that wholeheartedly i

agree with you michael

we are going to see pre-foreclosures

double triple

quadruple that is true the truth is

in 2008 2009 2007

um i worked for fannie mae freddie mac

and i was doing hundreds and hundreds of

transactions for them from 2008 to

2013 let’s call it and the truth is is

we’re not going to see that today we are

going to see pre-foreclosures though

explode and here’s the reality of it

those properties will not make it

in terms of trustee sell and foreclosure

and the reason why is because what

michael just said

the loans are so well they’re so low in

terms of the interest rates and the

payment structure and all of that that

what’s going to happen is smart

investors like michael and like many of

you watching this that are getting

involved with one rental at a time the

course the material following michael

and what he does

there’s going to be so much of an

opportunity for you to acquire these

assets or and or even if you’re a real

estate professional to go out there and

consult and work with these homeowners

and help them get out of it before they

lose all of their equity before they

lose the property to the banks michael

would you agree oh absolutely and again

i stay in my lane i’ve never done a

pre-foreclosure i never worked for

fannie and freddie i’ve never done any

of those things the fact that you were

gracious enough to add this details and

then add call scripts and just be a

professional right you’re going to have

to have some difficult conversations but

at the end of the day

you can be the right answer for somebody

that’s in a bad spot you can create a

solution where they walk away

their credit’s in a better position than

it could be and in many cases they’re

going to have some money in their pocket

and again the debt’s the asset that

again last time

dude the debt was truly toxic

and today the debt’s the asset this

isn’t a this is an opportunity in my

opinion that’s why i asked you to add it

you prepare now

you may execute

on a trial basis this year but it

becomes the answer next year right we

just had a cpi report today that was

truly ugly like i called

the fed’s gonna have to get even more

aggressive uh and


they’re gonna have to break the economy

that means a recession probably a hard

landing probably double triple

unemployment it’s going to hurt a lot of


if you’re prepared

you have the skills you can control more


coming out of this

than with less cash which is just

beautiful and you can truly help people

some people through no fault of their

own just got

just got caught just

husband or wife got laid off got a new

job but got to go to texas got to go to

florida whatever it is

be the right answer

and uh prefor again i want to be very

clear pre-foreclosures could go up 10x

literally a thousand percent that’s

because last year was a crazy low number

it was illegal to foreclose in most


and the best properties i want to say

one more time will never make the

courthouse steps if you’re fishing only

for foreclosures first off you’re

fishing a year early

and the best properties will never make

it they’ll they’ll get gobble up by the

people that fish early

and um

yeah it’s it’s it’s time so one of the

other things i want to really work in

here is um

you’re going to add another

another section which i just think i’m

so lucky that you’re going to do this

but i really shared with you i think the

strategy for me going forward is two

offers i’m gonna offer cash

and then terms

so you’re gracious enough to take that

idea which you jumped on in video two

and you’re like i could do more i could

do something else so you’re gonna do a

third video that really talks about

terms seller financing and whatnot so

let’s tease that a little bit because

it’s coming you just committed to it

yeah i love it so

a couple things so i did two videos

already it’s already added in it’s a

part of the content so if you’re a

member of the one rental at a time

course you obviously have access to that

so that’s already up and on the website

for the members for paid members the

third video that i’m going to do is i’m

going to add in and talk about subject

to subject-to financing and then also

seller financing and then the hybrid of

combining the two how do you structure

those deals so a couple of things like

in california we have very specific laws

if you are oh excuse me if you’re an

investor and you’re buying from an owner

occupant there’s a very specific type of

contract that you need i’m going to talk

about that in the third video

the other thing that i’m going to talk

about is specifically how do you

structure how do you negotiate how do

you disclose

you know so that you’re properly covered

but also so that the seller understands

okay this is what i’m doing i’m selling

the property this person’s taking over

the mortgage subject to the loan is

going to stay in place here’s how the

loan is going to be serviced all of that

is properly disclosed so that’s what i’m

going to talk about in the third video

and then even michael i want to just go

backwards a little bit the first video

so the two videos that are already a

part of your course the bonus material

video one what i talk about is how do

you go and aggregate the list how do you

pull the list what do you look for are

we looking for

notice of defaults notice of trustee

sales it’s a little different in state

by state we talk about california but i

also talk about nationally here’s web

here’s a website i use this is how i

pull the list this is how i look at it

this is how i eliminate how i really go

and look at okay these are the best

opportunities in our market so that’s

number one in video number one

and then in uh video number two what we

talk about is how to market to the list

so are you doing postcards are you gonna

do cold calling are you gonna do

uh mail direct mail so if you’re gonna

market to the list in video two

i talk about what to say but also what

not to say okay

and not only that but there’s an

overlying theme of all of this michael

and here’s the real thing a lot of

people look at this and they go well

you know foreclosure investing you know

a lot of people have some preconceived

beliefs about it and let me just say the

overall of all three videos we want to

show up as a solution yes people are

dealing with problems they’re dealing

with debt problems they’re dealing with

divorce they’re dealing with death

they’re dealing with being downsized

a lot of people are going to lose their

jobs it’s interesting you mentioned

texas by the way so i’ve got two deals

setting on my desk right now i’ve got

one where a guy literally he has his

property but he had to move to houston

he’s an oil refinery worker he had to

move to houston he’s got this property

it’s a little bit beat up he’s not sure

what to do with it some family members

are living there they’re not doing a

great job of taking care of it

this guy and he can get a little bit of

money out of the deal right

it’s a perfect example that’s a deal

that i’m working on that’s on my desk

today those deals

did not exist

not in frequency the way that they are


last year oh we’re gonna see they’re

gonna work this is that again like go

back to video one the perfect properties

still sell the things with any hair

are gonna sit and sit and sit so folks

do the work be the solution sorry yeah

no that’s perfect and then even a second

deal a deal that normally this is a deal

it’s in an a neighborhood and it’s an a

property normally in my world i’m

dealing with b neighborhoods c

neighborhoods b or c properties meaning

they need a you know they’re a little

bit more beat up paint carpet maybe a

little bit more work sometimes this is

an a property in an a neighborhood why

is that deal on my desk right now well

somebody’s going through a divorce

their family member owns the mother owns

the property it’s her uh her kid that

lives there that’s going through a

divorce she basically is just held on to

this property kind of an accidental


where she let her kid live there they’re

they’re living there that they’re now

going through a divorce and now the

mom’s scratching her head she lives out

of the area going

what do i do with this property i really

don’t want to sell i really don’t want

to get hammered with capital gains and

that’s where a creative deal makes sense


you just don’t know these deals the and

by the way the two deals i described

these weren’t deals that i’m marketing

to these were deals that were brought to

me that fell on my lap that i’m working

on and guess what like you said michael

i believe 5x 10x is what the opportunity

is going to be so

you know

there’s going to be a tremendous i think

they talk about a transference of wealth


right like i you look at like in terms

of national talking heads political

um thought leaders economic thought

leaders they talk about this lifetime

right now we are going to see a massive

transference of wealth so part of that

is people giving wealth to their

children which is awesome another part

of it is is that we’re also going to see

people reshift and reshuffle assets

because we’re going to see some economic

uncertainty in a shift well guess what

this is your opportunity to participate

yeah again folks the opportunity that’s

coming to us is not like the last two

years the opportunity in front of us if

you’re doing the work if you’re getting

skilled up which again i have to do

hence ty is adding stuff that i have no

experience with i’m scaling up myself

i’m going to own or control more real

estate with less cash in the next two

years than i have the last two years

it’s going to be amazing folks if you

have my course already it’s already

there it’s loaded we have a third

amazing video coming from tai i look

forward to adding it tai thank you for

all you do one more time list the

website of the event that you have in

august coming up yeah so we have an

event august 11 12 and bonus day on 13th

it is re

hybrid event.com

re like real estate re hybrid event.com

and it’s great michael’s going to be one

of our great guest speakers that’s going

to be there we’ve got thatch noin

adrian hernandez joda rafaeli myself and

and literally general admission tickets

are literally going on sale today it’s

friday uh june the 10th so if you’re

seeing this on saturday or sunday go to

the site we’re not they’re 50 off for a

limited time so again we also have

diamond which is people will get a third

day where it’s a much smaller room we

roll up and we actually work on your

business and help you create a business

plan and a blueprint for going forward

over the next 6 12 18 24 months so

michael thank you for all that you do

and share with us so thank you for all

that you make available for all of us

you got it man thanks again for adding

stuff i’ve dove in i’m getting ready

it’s going to be a lot of fun thanks


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