WARNING Apartment and Commercial Real Estate Investors. Get 30 Year Fixed Money NOT 1 Yr Bridge Debt

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good morning good afternoon good evening

folks michael zuber one retaliated time

back with good friend friend of the

channel and someone who has uh

frankly been a life saver to my business

he allowed me to refi 30-year money

fixed 30-year money in apartments and

commercials so we’re going to talk about

various loan products but before we do

steven do that marketing thing that i

forgot in the first video

you and i both actually so again i

although i worked very happily for

velocity mortgage capital all the ideas

and topics discussed on this channel or

that of my own so uh yeah let’s get it

cracking yeah so the first one i have to

i s it’s really weird and i’ll probably

will see comments below this video as


it they go like this did he really say i

can get 30-year money on apartments and

office buildings let me be very clear

yes you can yes and and i have done it

and have evidence of it so right uh

again folks if you’re new to the channel

don’t really know what we’re talking

about let me break it down for you

most of the people that watch my channel

and is totally okay are doing

residential right you’re doing house

hacks you’re doing one through fours

it’s all good it’s where i started it’s

where i cut my teeth awesome

however some of you are watching

have already graduated to bigger things

you know the fives to 20s which is where

i play

maybe you’re doing things bigger 20 to

40s whatever


you’re not hearing me i don’t know what

it is a lot of you are getting

commercial financing which means it’s

typically speaking fixed for five years

it is 25-year amortization

and you are taking on an amazing amount

of risk because who knows where rates

will be in five years

right i want to say one more time

that stephen dow from velocity mortgage

will do a 30-year fixed

financing and

remove all of those issues 30-year fixed

financing for office commercial mixed


steven just

tell them i’m not lying

do you offer that product i mean jesus

people don’t of course no

and there’s other usefulness

or usefulness uh about the or advantages

i should say about the product because


again if you’re finding challenges with

getting conventional commercial

financing and or the risk of getting

only short-term financing you know give

us a call because um

the approval process a little bit easier

much easier

again you you i’ve been through it


well again i wanted to have you walk the

walk because you’ve been talking to

talking i appreciated that but just so

that you could see and experience it

yourself so then you can be like you

ain’t lying folks yeah so i i’ve done

i’ve done lots of loans in my day

yes so so i do this process and i’m just

waiting for the other shoe to drop you

ask me you actually you ask for the

leases on the building i’m like

totally makes sense like you want to

make you want to make sure there’s some

human beings there i’m waiting for you

to go can i have the lease

yeah can i have the other 200 please

never happen i’m like right


i think i i i knew you were kind of just

slow rolling because you you did the

first one yeah and i did i know you want

to do the second one but you did once i

was late man because i’ve been so

disappointed with lenders

right right you’re like okay okay let me

say the second one okay

so again um

do the math um again

the other thing i want to mention is

commercial financing is about to get

harder not easier i agree i’ve been

doing this a long time not only are


there’s a housing market and then

there’s a lending market the lending

market is just starting to

tighten up

rates are the first thing

we’ve already seen folks


the powers that be say

owner’s good investors bad

april 1st

so what is that a week ago

fhfa fannie freddie have these overlays

that they’ve added that investors bad

owners good

it’s just harder and

tighter conditions

at some point

speed efficiency ability to close on

time is just the right answer yeah the

interest rate might be a little higher

but if you can get 30-year am verse 25

your am the payment do the math the

payment in some cases is lower and if

it’s higher it’s a few bucks

so again

30 or fixed



office apartment yes all everything

well not everything there are certain

ones that we don’t do but tell them


primarily uh no hospitality so no hotels

no motels nothing too specialized as far

as the car wash

bowling alley movie theater

banquet hall

uh no no no churches um

but it could be a place of worship like

a shell of a retail or commercial space

that they you know just utilize for a

place of worship um

and then also no agriculture and no gas

stations awesome see yeah but everything

else pretty much yeah bring bring

construction loans right bring it please

i mean we’re actually expanding um

i want to share this to some degree but

let’s just say that we’re going to be

able to expand on our commercial

guidelines okay um we’ll talk about that

next week of the week still right i

can’t quite spill it just yet because

it’s still in it’s coming in right but

we’re going to have a lot more

again if you’re playing in this space

do yourself a favor reach out to steven

just get a quote just figure it out do

the math yourself if it helps awesome if

it doesn’t at least you know

uh how do you want them to reach out to

just see if you can help them

again just email me s gao at

velocitymortgage.com so that’s s-d-a-o

at velocity mortgage uh please calm

please put in the subject line the

acronym o-r-a-a-t which stands for one

rental at a time the body of the email

just a simple description of what you’re

looking for and then best phone number

to reach that within 24 48 hours either

via email or phone i’ll give you a

holler back and we can create some

numbers very cool so i’m going to throw

two curve balls at you because i know

you can handle it just because they were

top of mind for me uh yeah the non-qm

space uh launched 40-year products uh

there are other non-qm lenders out there

that are pushing them correct i think

the first set of products were kind of

10-year and 30-year fix after so

henceforth but now there are some truly


amortization products out there do you

see velocity mortgages potentially

entertaining that or

don’t know or

don’t know at this time i mean to be

honest with you because you know we

we’re not everything to everybody um

sometimes the market brings you know

certain innovative instruments or tools

given the the environment at that time

yeah um

from what i’ve talked to uh with our you

know capital uh markets people

they haven’t seen much in the way of you

know much traction on the secondary

market perfect um so yeah you’ve got to

be able to sell it right that’s the

business you’re publicly traded

we have and so

you know with the setup for that and

transitioning and getting that kind of

paper in

okay from whatever hearing we’re just

not yet just just again and then uh the

second one that uh whoever

there will let me be very clear

over the next year

some non-qm lender is gonna figure this

out and the first one to do it wins

you may know where i’m going but i’m

just gonna say it anyway

the first non-qm lender who figures out

a way to do second mortgages

so people who have ridiculously low

firsts can get equity without a heloc is

going to work

these second mortgages could be at 9 10

11 12 percent

because there are people that have the

equity have the cash flow

but aren’t going to touch their first

and they should right like two right

they shouldn’t let’s be very clear they

should not

but some non-qm lender is going to find

a way to they may charge 10 for this


well uh i’d like to kind of interject if

you need help with that i have somebody

that could

yeah it’s not me but i i know you know

again this is why you would call

typically because if i don’t

have the resources at my disposal nine

times out of ten i know somebody that’s

going to be able to help you so in the

case of a second even thirds i’ve got

something to actually do 100 financing

if you could do cross-collateralization

and or uh multiple grant tours so

if you need any help with that let me

know that’s why you got to reach out to

steven dow s now at velocity mortgage

please put five letters on the subject

line simply o-r-a-a-t

anything else in there you get stuck in

quarantine 48-hour minimum delay

not good o-r-a-a-t

um stephen thank you for all you do

again i hope you push your leadership to

consider seconds because whoever gets

that first wins and i’m hoping it’s you

guys thanks buddy it’s just higher risk

so yeah maybe something but dude charge

more interest come on stop telling me

higher risk that’s why the cost of money

is higher come on

well we’ll see but yeah i’ll i’ll i’ll

i’ll have them give us some time but

i’ll i’ll at least ask

the worst thing to say is no but you’re

right i’ll ask dude tell him percent

it’s there

you could still like

yeah why not you could still control it

right you can still say 80

total ltv you have all these other


right but you got to remember it’s over

the time it’s it’s not necessarily today

but three years from now when 30-year

money is seven percent there are going

to be so many people sitting on two and

a half thirties

that are like oh my god i have all this

equity but i can’t touch it

right somebody is gonna win

yeah i mean

the environment may not be conducive for

that just yet because it seems like

rates are going it’s coming you guys

might be going down yeah it’s coming no

no they’re already out there there’s

some smaller companies that will do

seconds um helix is still available but

they’re getting tighter they’re variable

yep and then they’re tied into it you

know an index so but no

very cool i i know what you’re saying so

anyway i won’t drag this any longer have

a good day brother thanks buddy take

care bye bye

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