The Metaverse: Will It Become Land of Class A Real Estate or Just a Spot for Companies to Advertise?

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good morning good afternoon good evening

folks michael zuber one rental at a time

one thing that hopefully makes one rinse

a lot of time channel different is i

solicit ask for

advice on things i know nothing about

so we have millennial mike going to

bring us back for round two

of the metaverse how you doing buddy

i’m doing good i’m excited to talk about

it and build upon uh dion being a nerd

add to it what i can

you guys are helping me out you guys

talk about stuff i have no clue about

obviously we’re talking about the

metaverse because i hear it’s going to

be a big thing i hear there’s real

estate i hear there’s money being made

and uh

yeah i don’t get it so uh help me

understand help me go next level because

i still don’t get it

so uh when you had dion on the other day

he was talking about how he built these

digital castles in this game that he

played and he was able to sell the


and then he was able to

buy them even he even started buying

them from other people who had built

them and then resell them and for those

of you who are maybe this is the first

video you’re watching what dion was

talking about was something within a

video game right it’s not an actual real

place it’s not a real castle but it was

an asset now if you’re asking yourself

why this is an asset and why it has

value you have to remember time

just like building anything in real in

real life if you go out and build your

garage shed or if you put together a car

it takes your time and that’s why people

pay experts to build things for them so

that they can then buy it save

themselves the time have it done faster

have it done more professionally

and they would rather just pay a fee

skip to the end skip the line

that’s really where the the value for

these things come in you know if you

think about uber uber does not sell you

a taxi service uber does not sell you a

ride sharing service what uber uber

sells you is time you could be sitting

in your meeting press one button and

something is on its way to you at your

building right now with all your

information set up it sells you the time

and then when you’re in the car you can

do whatever you want

that’s how they make their money okay so

what i thought dion missed or what he

forgot to cover

when it comes to things like the

metaverse if it’s going to become a

place where people actually hang out i

don’t know if you saw the article where

chase bank was like the first bank to

create a lounge in the metaverse did you

see that article

uh i saw the headline okay yeah so they

they created a lounge for people to hang

out in the metaverse and within this

lounge there’s a picture of jamie

diamond on the wall so of course there

is of course great so you can virtual

reality headset on you can walk into

this lounge look around and there’s

jamie diamond on the wall right first of

all most people are probably watching us

like why would anybody

hang out in the metaverse why would you

not just go hang out with other people

in real life and that kind of makes

sense i understand it but for some of

you people who are more extroverted and

maybe had better experiences in high

school than folks like me when you were

a loser

you only had a couple options and that

was to pretend you were cool online to

other people and that’s where

influencers were born come on i cannot

look at you today and think high school

loser let’s not over exaggerate now you

were an athlete homecoming queen

king sorry

i am glad that i have faked it long

enough until i can make it but i was six

foot four and 120 pounds i was a very


shaggy haired not a cool kid played

soccer which was not the cool sport in

the midwest so anyway i spent a lot of

time online with my online friends

that’s what i wanted for 120.

yeah now i’m now i’m six four and two

hundred and i still look scrawny but

um what i wanted to talk about i think

dion missed was how advertising is gonna

work in the metaverse ah

so he talked about buying and flipping

assets that create time but the other

thing you have to remember is that when

people spend time in a location and

their eyeballs are on something that’s

when advertisers say i want to put my

sign here i want to put my billboard

here i want to put my my shop front all

these different things here so that when

you’re in this area

you see it so i figured what better than

to show folks a little little clip of

world of warcraft and i know if you’re

getting ready to click out please just

it’s gonna be like five seconds long

okay five seconds long yeah and i’ve

never seen this so uh i i’ve never

played an online

i don’t think i’ve played an online game


but you know back when they had pong i’m

sure you were a stud so maybe super

mario brothers yeah no no i no i was not

a video game guy okay well let me try to

put this in terms that folks will

understand um most people have at least

seen mario the video game mario even

older generations everybody knows mario

most people know the music you know you

get the mushroom you grow you can shoot

little fireballs okay

yeah i’ve been to video arcades right

haven’t played online games so imagine

on that very first level of the game

mario okay probably the most played

level there is you run you jump on a

little guy everybody knows the first

level imagine if in the background

instead of just a big blue sky there was

an advertisement for mcdonald’s there

was just a mcdonald’s arch back there

how many millions of people over the

last 30 years would have seen

that mcdonald’s arch there or whatever

any advertising company wanted to place

that’s interesting

and how valuable would that be worth

yeah i mean you think about literally

hundreds of millions of people if not

billions of people have probably played

that super mario brothers level i mean

and you think about it you could

actually if you built that game you

could actually not only do a single arch

you could sell

days right because it’s simple code

right turn it on turn it off turn it on

turn it off exactly

and and that’s it that’s when games when

online games happen that’s what has

begun to happen because on an original

game like that it wasn’t connected to

the internet yeah what’s your cartridge

exactly once you bought the cartridge

whatever was on it was on it couldn’t be

updated it couldn’t be changed or

altered however with online games they

get updates all the time and so that’s


who’s our who’s our advertiser this

month oh we’ve got mcdonald’s this month

we got kfc next month so what i’m gonna

show you is a little tiny clip from the

game world of warcraft where you can see

how in one spot in the game it’s called

the capital city it’s called orgrimmar

it’s where all of one group of people

are you can see how there’s hundreds and

hundreds of people in this one location

and they’ll be there all day wasting

their lives away like i did playing with

a bunch of other nerds let me go ahead

and share the screen real quick

this had to be interesting okay


okay all right so you can see right here

now i’ve just got it paused but every

single little thing that you see here is

an individual every single person so

right now we’re probably looking at

about a hundred different people now

when i hit play you’ll be able to see

all these folks everybody moving around

way off in the background these are all

people now imagine if right here in the

square can you see my cursor i can yeah

okay imagine if right here there was

just a big sign or something on the

ground or a big post that said

come to mcdonald’s and get a discount if

you play world of warcraft right how

many millions of people and i’ll stop

now don’t worry you’ll have to keep

looking at this i’m sorry

how many millions of people would see

that on a daily basis there that’s one

server on world of warcraft world of

warcraft has 150 servers they have them

in all these different countries at one

point it was the largest game ever with

like 20 million monthly subscribers

yeah so i get so metaverse so that makes

total sense to me right so dion’s kind


makes sense buy and sell

buy low sell high

people want to pay to jump the line

i got it okay

now you’re bringing us advertising


again my

naive understanding is people play these

games for hours and hours they’re very

addicting yes so advertising makes sense

jb diamonds lounge

i mean i guess billboards make sense

because you can strategically place them

i’m guessing i i don’t really get the

lounge idea at least in context of world

of warcraft because or maybe you put it

at every location it’s like hey you come

here and you get free health scores or

free i don’t know what the hell what let

me explain how i think it’s going to

happen okay so right now if you want to

play a game like world of warcraft a lot

of these online games if i want to

create a group of my friends and we’re

going to go complete a task or a quest

which i hate to say i just sound so

nerdy but we’re going to get together

and we’re going to go on a quest and

and we’re going to slay the enemy

dragons and take that you know if that’s

what we’re gonna do um it takes usually

within the game you’re gonna be spending

hours of time just or this is why the

game takes so long you’re gonna spend

three hours getting your group together

coming up with your strategy before then

you go set out and actually complete the

quest and that quest can take four five

six hours or multiple days


what if people get tired of you know

what i don’t want to meet up with

everybody in in the game itself i would

rather go to the metaverse and meet up

with people there and then we’ll load

into whatever game we choose and play so

all you’re doing is taking something

people already do which is they go to a

capital city like this in the game world

of warcraft they all meet up they all

talk to each other and say does anyone

want to go play this port of the game

with me let’s get together okay we got

10 people okay let’s go instead of doing

it within the game

you pull it out one level and do it

across the entire internet the metaverse

and now you’re shouting to everybody

people who are even playing other games

but now you can get their attention and

say hey does anybody want to jump on

this game with me and now let’s go and

it’s actually already happening it’s

something called discord what i don’t

know if you’ve ever heard discord

so discord instead of a play a virtual

place your character can go where you

can go it’s just a chat uh system it’s

just um one giant group phone telephone


everybody’s on talking to each other at

the same time even if you’re all playing

different games or you know maybe you’re

just watching youtube or i’ve just been

driving down the road listening to a

conversation before

um and so people could then talk in the

metaphors or within the discord server

and say hey at six o’clock tonight let’s

all jump on and play together and that’s

what i think the virtual hangouts will

be not that you’ll actually be like i

really want to go sit inside of chase

bank and look at a picture of jamie

dimon um it’ll be how can where can we

all meet up that allows us to get our

voice out to the largest population so

we can come together with a plan

to play a game or do something and maybe

even do something in real life god



like go outside


okay i get it yeah i certainly anywhere

there are eyeballs i mean that’s i mean

i’m in the valley right so i mean i i

remember when netscape navigator you had

to go to fry’s electronics and get the

discs to download it right

i’m old right that was the first

operating system when i was in like

kindergarten on the in the computer lab

no i i mean i was i was commission based

sales person back in the day doing that

stuff so i remember that so i i get

anywhere there’s eyeballs it’s it’s it

makes it advertising makes sense goodies

make sense


time right and again folks we only have

one go around in this thing you don’t

get you don’t get more it’s not like a

video game where you get more time or

more lives or more lives yeah get

outside yes go get some people

oh this is very very entertaining

anything else you thought maybe dion

missed that

an old guy like me should understand no

dion did a super good job honestly uh he

really explained it really well on the

whole aspect of flipping um property and

again what it represents is people

invest time into a game other people

don’t want to and would rather pay have

you ever bought or sold something

believe it or not yes so i remember when

we talked about nfts i talked to you

about how at one point the in-game

currency of world of warcraft was more

stable and valuable than the uh

venezuelan dollar yeah because of the

hyperinflation and so people were

cashing in their dollars for world of

warcraft currency which is odd but yes i

have back in the day i’ve sold

when you would play a game like world of

warcraft to go from level 1 to level 60

represented months of work months of

work like playing a few hours a day for

several months that was very valuable to

people who didn’t want to do it so if

you decided you know what i want to be


i’m going to quit the game i’m going to

sell my account or there were even

people who literally were paid their

full-time job was just to level up

characters and sell them to the highest

bidder and you could buy a character for

a thousand bucks which for months of

work kind of sounds pretty bad which it

kind of was but that’s what people would


okay all right

very very cool this is a lot of fun uh

where can people find you because you

talk about a lot of exciting things on

your channel yeah so i have a youtube

channel myself i don’t talk about video

games i talk about real estate uh it’s

my journey from buying my first rental

property to where i’m at now with six

and i video record everything throughout

the process so just look millennial mic

up on youtube or instagram and you’ll

find me awesome thanks buddy

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