THE BLACK HOUSE: An Amazing & One of Kind Fresno Flip with an ADU. Amazing Custom Creation EVC Homes

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hey what’s up one rental at a time my

name is chris williams real estate agent

and investor located here in the hub out

of fresno california wanted to show you

a video walkthrough of a property that

is located literally right down the

street from my office here in the tower

district if you are interested in this

home or any other home or buying or

selling a home anywhere around fresno

madera central valley give me a call

shoot me a text 559-210-0207

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content like this okay let’s take a look


welcome to 1556 north roosevelt avenue

located in the tower district in fresno

currently listed at 649


now look at this custom

beautiful kitchen

this main home here is a four bedroom

two and a half bath

2475 square foot total square footage on

that lot is just over a quarter of an

acre at 12

420 square feet

here on the main level of the house it

has the living area dining room the


and as well as the master suite right

here this is gorgeous

here’s a little half bath

and as you’ll see on here the master

suite also has its own little laundry

area now there is a full laundry room

upstairs that you’ll see in just a


but this is really convenient to

quickly wash your clothes or your towels


and we cannot forget about this

beautifully remodeled custom master

bathroom here just absolutely gorgeous i


the accent of the gold fixtures here in

the lights the faucets the shower head

really beautiful very unique design here

they really did a great job

dual shower heads as well


large walk-in master closet


now when i say that this home shows like

a brand new model home i was not kidding

this is an older home but it is very

very nicely done and here on the second

story of the front house it has the

three full-size bedrooms

as well as the laundry room or laundry

area that you’re about to see


and you can also check out this

full-size full bathroom here upstairs


now if you have

started the home buying process or you

have whether you have gotten

pre-approved or not if you’re thinking

about possibly looking at this home

making an offer or any other home shoot

me a call or text right there


and headed downstairs under the kitchen

is this a really large either basement

or fruit seller whatever you want to do

i know a lot of times some of these

older homes used to call them a fruit


and it’s a great really cool place cool

isn’t temperature wise where you can

store food

canned food anything like that here the

backyard beautiful backyard and so you

walk past the detached two-car garage to

the back house

behind the main home and this is

actually a one bedroom one bath 580

square foot house

full kitchen

dining and living area full bedroom full

bathroom full laundry and this would

actually make a great

um you can even call it like an

auxiliary office right so if you have a

phone-based business you can have an

office back here

you can have this as a guest suite some

mother-in-law suite or even

supplement some of your income by doing

a rental or airbnb back here and

actually taking a chunk out of your

mortgage every month by

essentially turning your own home into

an investment property so again if

you’re interested in this home shoot me

a text right there

559-210-0207 or

if you are a homeowner

and you want to know how much your house

might be worth right now

you want to get update on the market

anything that’s going on reach out to me


and of course just like my buddies here

who bought and remodeled this house we

also buy houses cash as well if you have

a home you’re looking to sell now look

at this quarter acre lot very large lot

give me a call give me a text email

anytime reach out would love to work

with you would love to speak with you

thank you

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