SURPRISE!!! Why We Hope our Net Worth Crashes 50% or More!!!

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good morning good afternoon good evening

folks Michael Zuber one rental at a time

back to this good friend Dion how you

doing buddy howdy doing great ready for

round three so one of the things that we

do uh you know as our channels grow is

our influence goes our voices grow we

sometimes get comments from folks that

it’s probably the first video of ours

they have seen

uh and when somebody just sees one of

your videos and they leave a rather

nasty comment

um frankly it annoys me it hurts

sometimes so what I thought I would do

here is read a comment

talk about why it couldn’t be more wrong

and um just get your feedback you ready

for it yep

so here you go

this is from I I love how people don’t

even put their names so they don’t know

I don’t know who’s saying it so this is

from video garage

and this is on a video that I talked

about housing crash 2023 now that might


so here it goes at the end of the day

this guy owns a lot of property

do you really think he wants to see his

net worth go down predictions here are

meant to side with biased need

you know me you’ve heard me talk about

this but what do you think

do I really sometime sorry no go ahead

sometimes the questions and the way they

ask the question let you know it’s their

first time to your channel yeah on my

channel it would be are your properties

in an LLC yeah I could I could literally

hear the collective pause from everybody

during a live stream waiting for me to

answer that so it’s like hey welcome to

the channel yeah so someone talking to

you and saying that you care

about net worth in any way hasn’t seen

any of your videos we know that’s a

fictitious number that really means

nothing except for the PFS that you give

to a lender to qualify for the next

thing but

as an investor

we know it would be in our benefit if

there was a crash because you have the

means resources and knowledge to get

money to buy things while they’re on



maybe not consciously but we

subconsciously hope yeah hopefully

there’s crash we don’t see the things

that indicate that

yeah I I actually said this because the

millennial Mike asked me over the

weekend people are really don’t get it


so first off if I was motivated by


I would talk crash crash crash like

there’s a content creator out there with

200 000 views spouts nothing but garbage

or pieces of information and he’s making

a killing if I cared about my YouTube

channel I would just talk crash

don’t I’m here to help people create

wealth and change their lives and build

a legacy I’m not here to trick an

algorithm and to give the machine What

It Wants I’m here to give people what

they need not what they want or they’re

searching for second if my voice

mattered I would love to have my market

crash 50 or 75 I would love my net worth

to go to cash value it doesn’t matter

you guys are not paying attention none

of my debt

gets called if my market crashes

I have cash flow income statement I like

you said I talk about Network it doesn’t

matter it’s a it’s a number that I’d

never look at because I think it’s bogus

it’s fake it’s easily exaggerated

I’ve seen people with high networks go

bankrupt it’s all about discretionary

income and cash flow net worth is the

most garbage number talked about out

here and I hate that people talk about

it so yeah clearly a first time comment

it it gets me too because in the

financial Independence retire early

Community a lot of people talk about how

much money you need to retire when they

start talking about multiples of your

annual expenses and or just a certain

amount if you have this amount and that

means nothing how did you invest it how

is it working for you what does it

produce that value can change



I think and this is not to insult you

but I think in some way you’re a little

bit lazy like me in some way similar oh

for sure and one of the reasons you

don’t make crash videos and talk about

you know how to get clicks is you just

talk about here’s the crash this is

crashing you get just way more abused is

because you know that in two years like

that other channel you’d have to

remember when you talked about a crash

and it happens it hasn’t happened for

two years so you’d have to go back and

delete those videos yeah and that’s way

too much work to go back and delete

videos no not happening right I I delete

nothing I’ve now 7 000 videos go back I

do daily shows for a thousand days go

nuts uh I can only talk about what’s

coming and again I’m pl we I should say

we we’re playing a different game

we already got ours neither neither you

or I could we could we double our

portfolios if we focused on it sure do

either you or I have interest in doing

that not really

not really we’re good we don’t need

extra so now we’re playing for a legacy

my legacy is to try to build something

that lives for 50 years after I’m dead

that’s expensive that’s why video garage

I have spent over 150 Grand of my

personal money on this channel

that’s why I focus on creating content

that’s why I talk to eight different

millionaires a week because I’m trying

to build a legacy that goes forward so

I um

again if my voice matters in Fresno I

hope it crashes 50 percent

I don’t I I never look at my net worth

except when I get that yearly PFS

statement time to fill it out

it’s such a bogus number

I had to fill mine out for the first

time like I think a month ago I think I

told you I had to reach out to The

Lumberjack landlord and go what the heck

is this how do I fill this out how do I

fill this out no he was the bigger

brother all of a sudden


so it’s it’s not even a number that

doesn’t matter it’s a number we don’t

think about us

it means nothing to me we I don’t live

on spend my net worth it means nothing

if I’m worth eight dollars or 800

million it doesn’t matter to me it


here’s the part that I think some people

especially if they’re new to the

channels might struggle with a lot of

people talk about Network a lot of

people talk about number of Doors number

of units and when I say something like I

have 16 rentals and I think I’d like to

have 14.

I don’t want a hundred I don’t want 50.

I wanted Financial Freedom which came

from cash flow that is greater than my

expense probably four or five times

greater but that came from 16. now if I

sell one and pay off a couple of the

mortgages and increase the cash flow

have less things to deal with that’s

hard to understand unless you watch our

content a lot and you realize that

Financial Freedom is the goal was the

goal not some number not number of units

not not even a cash flow number


some people just go okay how much cash

flow is enough not enough I want more

well once you have enough

it’s time to start focusing on other

things totally agree totally agree so

again that that comment bothered me

because again

I don’t know I guess I welcome

first-time viewers first-time commenters

but man when they when they clearly

they they’re they’re trying to pass

judgment on me

and they don’t know me that is um

not cool so here’s a challenge to the

people that have made it this far in the

video so far

I want you the person watching to come

up with a comment down below oh no that

gets a reaction from Mike and if Mike

doesn’t do it Millennial Mike also comes

through the comments to find topics to

talk about with Mike and I actually

watch all those videos those are great

so there’s your challenge for the day

thank you for that I wish I deleted

videos so I can get rid of that but or

edited videos so I can get rid of that

but I can’t so it’s there it’s there now

Dion where can people find you right

here on YouTube Dion talk Financial

Freedom and I do my live streams Tuesday

afternoons 4 P.M Pacific and they last

as long as the questions do today’s

Tuesday right so it’s Tuesday ah cool

what time

4 P.M oh I will I will actually get this

video up first so it is up before the 4

pm time so there you go Dion thank you

very much buddy


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