SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT TIME: Does Social Media Help You or Is Social Media Depressing & Holding you back

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good morning good afternoon good evening

folks michael zuber one rental at a time

back with this i almost said wednesday

it’s not wednesday it’s tuesday tuesday


is it saturday i don’t i get all i get

confused anyways we’re back with omar

alfaro my real estate entrepreneur how

you doing sir

good what’s up everybody what’s up

michael man i really did get confused i

suddenly thought it was a wednesday

i’m sorry that’s all right

every day every day saturday for michael

there you go

i want to have an honest discussion


i don’t know social media



fake it till you make it about

wishing for or wanting

what others have

and i think social media for all it’s

good is also a lot of downsize and i

think i think there’s a a lot of people

fronting on social media that

fake one lifestyle and have another

but b even if there are some people out

there that are really doing big things

i hear too many people

that say

they basically are saying hey why can’t

i flip a home and make a hundred grand

or why can’t i have five rentals or why

can’t i why can’t i why can’t i

that’s the wrong attitude i think what

do you think

you know


when you compare yourself you’ve lost


tell me more i’ve never heard that when

you compare yourself you lost tell me


yeah because the thing is

you want to be authentic right everybody

wants to be authentic

and everybody wants to

create you know on social media what you

know you feel like you want to convey

right whatever comes out of you is


it’s you

right so the minute you compare yourself

to somebody else

well why would you it’s like

it it it’s not being authentic then

you’re trying to be somebody else

and and the minute you do compare

yourself i believe

that you’ve lost now

is there a comparing in


you know in education how much somebody

knows that’s one thing

you compare yourself to somebody that

just started in real estate and then

somebody that’s 20 years in yes the one

that’s 20 years in is gonna know a lot

more than you because you just started

but there’s ways to cut the curve

to so you can at least try to obtain

what the person that it was doing the

business for 20 years in maybe five to


okay because now with information

it’s everywhere this is why everybody

wants to be real estate agent that’s why

everybody wants to be a wholesaler

that’s why everybody wants to be a

flipper oh and then i want to buy and

hold that’s all i want to do oh i want

an airbnb why because it’s so damn


that it’s easily accessed yeah

so when you compare you lost because at

the end of the day it’s you

it’s you and what’s good for your family


social media does create a a stigma of

like damn

you know what it’s there if you saw

social media as a

as a vehicle

for education

and not looking at like oh well i want

to do what omar does right i want to do

what michael does

you can get there eventually right but

the thing is that journey you better

check yourself the whole way through

yeah for my opinion yeah no i i think

when i look at it um

if you’re using social media to stay


to stay hungry to stay inspired that’s

great if you go to social media and you

waste an hour and you’re more depressed

when you’re done

you’re you’re you’re going backwards and

you’re going you’re digging a hole that

you can’t get out of

right you people really need to evaluate

themselves right you pull up instagram

or tick tock or whatever it is and

you’re wasting a half hour or an hour

if at the end of that you’re motivated

and you’re fired up to cold call to door

knock to whatever it is then go

do it if that’s how you charge your

battery go but

if you look at it for a half hour an

hour and you’re depressed and you’re in

your cocoon and your oh wo is me and

i’ve got through this and they’re lucky

turn that stuff off delete the app

you know what or delete the app or just

have specific times

for you to to scroll are you get no this

is a perfect example michael

in our time

we would check out newspapers

yeah okay we would read the newspaper

now do we read the newspaper every

day no no no did we read it for

an hour if we did maybe maybe 30 minutes

right if we

had the time right because we were too

busy building or doing whatever else

right so think about that for a minute

but the thing is it’s so easily accessed

because we’re all connected yeah

and it’s hard to be like damn i want to

go buy lambo i want to buy a ferrari i

want to do all this stuff it’s like

yeah you know what i actually want to

challenge people if you’re looking at

social media and getting depressed i

actually want you to delete the app

you can add the app back you know one

sec every saturday but the other six

days it’s gone

it just is some people some people need

to delete the app


there is something that i want to say


social media

if you are consuming

this is the thing if you’re consuming

more than you’re creating content

there’s a problem

okay because

all my stuff comes out every day

on occasions i will go and you know what

i’ll interact yeah

you’ll never see me

sitting there for an hour or two just

seeing what somebody else is doing yeah

but i will post and i will create more

because i’m delivering messages yeah to

hopefully help one two ten people

doesn’t matter just like michael yeah

when i create i really am i

typically i have the goal of trying to

help you know create a message a story a

hook whatever you want to call it that

impacts one i’m trying to create action

i’m trying to create positive action

right sometimes i try to create fear

everything i do i try to create you got

to get one message right you can’t be

probably good

so um

again i want to challenge people you

know know thyself

if you’re on ig or tick tock and at the

end of it you’re

depressed or upset or jealous or envious

you need to delete the app then you can

add it back every saturday at nine

o’clock it’s really easy to do if you

want to go do it one day a week but you

got to get it out of your system six

days a week because you got stuff to do

you got to get motivated you got to go

door knock you got to mail you got to

call your network you got to play with

your rolodex or your database or

whatever you call it it is a the easy

money is over

it’s time to work


time to work

get on that phone

develop your skills yep

create your um your dialogues


you know have at it yeah

you know my opinion yeah and folks if

you’re in the high desert you need to

join a team you need to join somebody

who cares and invests and that is omar

how do you want them to reach out

guys reach out to me um at on my ig just

dm me or go to my um website

omahaflower.com all right thanks buddy

take care

you too thanks

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