Should I Buy More or Pay Off Debt? Found Out of State Deal What Next Should I get 15 or 30 Year Loan

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good morning good afternoon good evening

folks michael’s uber one rental at a

time and it is that time to for my

favorite video of the week

it is my community video where i give

you a little taste of what is going on

in our amazing free facebook group that

comes along with the course how to get

started one rental at a time let me just

share a few snapshots and uh share with

you what’s going on in this fun fun week

move my

head out of the way make it bigger so

again folks if you do buy the course

you need to ask to join the group it’s a

group not a page the group is called one

rental at a time works

did it have an out-of-state question

again out-of-state investing is very

common uh question again reading it for

the folks that might be listening on a

podcast got an offer accepted on the

other side of the country the house

needs some repairs paints new carpet

vanities and so on how would you handle

your make red repairs renovations being

out of state a

should i find a reliable contractor and

remotely supervise their work b

or find a property manager who can

handle the renovation too or c would you

recommend making a short trip thanks in

advance first and foremost folks couple

of things one

a lot of people responded i can give you

my thoughts and feedback this again is


you need to belong to this private group

get other investors who are doing the

work these are not people who are

thinking about doing the work these are

people doing the work

my feedback on questions like this is

get your butt on a plane and get out



what is the plan after is this a flip a

burr what is it

see if you’re following my course and

doing the work you should be building

these relationships early you don’t find

a deal first

then find a team

that is how you create risk

as you are learning your market as you

are learning average as you are learning

your spreadsheet

find the team find out who you need so


don’t do it in the wrong order

don’t find a deal then the team if you

are going out of state

most important priority number one

is the team

please do not do them in the wrong order

i’m not saying this person did i’m just

giving color to this question just in


next up a fun question and just so you

know if this question was answered by

one of my experts this morning by todd


here’s the question at what point do you

pay down debt first purchasing more

property i’m 55 years old and have 10

more years of working in my w-2 i

currently own 4 rental properties and

contemplating moving to 10 rental

properties in total within 10 years

before i retire at my age do i focus on

paying down the debt to increase my

monthly net or do i purchase more

rentals for appreciation

again todd baldwin and i went through

this question in general what i would

tell you is uh buying more properties

leveraging cheap money

then when you get closer to retirement

uh you can sell

that said we don’t know the details if

you are a dave ramsey fan that makes you


know thyself is always important but in

the end i was like hey

i don’t know any other question i don’t

know any other details i don’t want to


with this particular question i’d be

buying properties for another four or

five years minimum

and then near the end you can sell some

refi some whatever you would like

but 10 years is a long time

again if you’ve been watching my story

or have the free course you know that

only people that won the 70s were people

that bought real estate in 70 71 or 72.

so if we do have an inflation decade

like the 70s

earning more property is better than


another question again answered by todd

baldwin one of our experts this morning


when i figure out cash on cash and i use

30-year payoff i’m considering my next

note 15 years

basically if you do a 15-year loan your

yield goes from 13 to 3. what should i


again we don’t know anything more than

what we have here

my question or my comments were if you

follow my course you know that i talk

about learning average

we don’t do average and we don’t do bad


if an average deal for you is say eight

and you could get 13 with 30 of your

money get 30 years

i would not do a deal at 3 percent even

in my market with crazy prices today i

would not do a 3 deal it is too skinny

too skinny there’s almost no cash flow

bad thing happened i would get a 30-year

loan and if you want to be paid off

early pay it off early but i would not

sign up for a 15-year and i would not

do a three percent yield if you don’t

know what i’m talking about get the

course how to get started one rental at

a time it will become obvious

next up don’t forget book selfies book

selfies book selfies we have one on the

right with both books we have one on the

left with our 500 cards

if you have gotten a deal done because

of one rental at a time

let me know i would love to send you a

card in this case we have a couple who

has gotten four cards

yay let’s everybody congratulate and

again i love the book selfies especially

smiling book selfies like the one we

have here isn’t that a great picture

thank you very much for the selfies

got one more question from the group

basically your thoughts on a two-year


uh first and foremost two-year lease the

tenant asking for makes total sense

sorry my dogs are making noise hey guys

you want to say hi to everybody

give me that toy

one of their little chew toys uh

basically the question is about a two

year lease

is obviously good for the tenant not

sure if it is great for the landlord but

the question becomes would you do it

ah you know

rents are rising i don’t know that

they’re going to be rising that much

longer but they are rising now uh i

certainly would listen i could tell you

that i personally have no two-year

leases all of mine are one-year leases

then role month-to-month or we renew a

new lease at a higher rate um

i guess i get the question you know how

passive do you want to be how lazy do

you want to be it’s these are all

questions i would consider uh but

generally speaking i’m not signing any

two year leases today

again lots of more bonus content as this

office settles down i look forward to

actually focusing on this i have not

done any real work on this in january

but hopefully that will become work i

get done in february

and then finally book selfies again 15

conversation with real estate

millionaires love to see book reviews on

this one that would be wonderful i think

we only have 23 i would love some more

book reviews if you don’t mind

and then finally the amazing course how

to start one rental at a time it is

helping people thousands of people now

join be a part of the group and join

this facebook group for free

so again i share with you that it’s my

funnest video of the week it is my final

video of the week i will now shut down

until we talk to greg dickerson tomorrow

at 8 a.m

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