SCARIEST Place to Be in Life is The Exact Same Place you Were Last Year. Are you Ready to Change?

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folks michael super one right to atlanta

time it is tuesday morning we are with

the real estate entrepreneur omar how

you doing sir good what’s up michael

what’s up everybody hey man if you guys

aren’t following omar and instagram what

are you thinking uh omar before i bring

up one of your latest posts what is your

ig handle

it’s oh at omar underscore all faro very

cool so omar you put out a post the

other day i actually commented on that

that hits hard it’s one of those posts

that you have to stare out for a minute

just to realize that there’s levels to

this thing so i’m going to read it we’re

going to talk about it because i think

everybody watching this

has got to take a minute and think about

it so here it is the scariest place to

be in is the same place as last


oh i’m actually going to take a picture

of that make it a thumbnail for this

video let me do that right now so dude

that is that is some stuff right there

what what does that mean to you what’s

people think about that the scariest

place to be

in is the same place as last year

you know

i’ll tell you something that means

if you’re in the same spot as you were

last year

you had zero growth you had zero um you


probably your circle stayed small

your circle

didn’t exist there was nothing that was

motivating pushing you so

the people that are staying stagnant

honestly like you know that saying if

you’re not growing you’re dying

this is exactly what this is yeah so if

you feed your mind consistently i don’t

care remember the whole saying one

percent better every single day

compounded over a year that’s 365

of a change that means you change three

three times three times fully i mean you

you you you made 300 and was it a 365

return on your investment which is you


if you’re in the same exact spot


that means you didn’t do

no and i hate to be that that that

straightforward no it’s awesome i mean

if you really think about it you read it

it internalize it like

what are you doing right now with your

life right now in your career your




the people that you listen to when you

plug into the people that you’re paying

attention to that don’t do in the

business that that you probably

shouldn’t but they’ve they got really

great words and they can sell you

but they themselves aren’t doing

and i’m sorry that you know what it’s

this is wednesday we got a lot i mean

tuesday we got a lot of going on

things are happening we’re ending a

great year

but we’re going into something brand new

and exciting and it’s like i know that

if i want to be bigger and better than i

was in 2021 it means i have to get

better with myself i gotta i gotta be

around people like michael that tell you

how simple it is to take your daily

discipline and your buy box and figure

something out

to go buy something you know whether

it’s one deal a year people don’t even

buy investment profits

buying one deal a year or one deal every

two years is life changing life changing

life changing yeah so when i read this

right so you know i we created this


we’re up to 333 or whatever it is you’re

a part of this you’ve done 12 or 13 of

them but again folks 18. tell us that’s

something i’m just i’m just going to


let’s go

but folks if you do the work right my

hat now do the work this is now my new

favorite hat do the work


you can really be put yourself in a

better spot and it may take six months

it’s not easy this is not the this is

not get rich quick this is i gotta do

the work i gotta decide on a market i

gotta create a buy box i gotta look at

it every day


the path is well worn

just because you refuse to go up it

that’s your problem

that’s nobody else’s problem the path is

there it’s relatively safe thousands of

people are on it if you don’t want to go

on it because of your network or some

other nonsense in your head that’s on


oh you know what you just gave me


the path is there it’s it’s an incline

yes it’s raining yes it’s windy yes it’s

snowing yes there’s potholes

but is that going to stop you really are

you all of us just going to stay home

because there’s a little bit of a

climate change that means you’re

challenged that means you’re not being

around the people that you need to be to

get to another place where

you should be at other this is why other

people see more in in other people than

they do in themselves

this is something that i talk about all

the time like i see more in everyone

else in my team that’s on my team

because i could see further

right maybe it’s a little more clear for

me because i’ve already been there

through that path and that challenge

yeah but

that’s why a lot of people do say like

i will believe in you more than you

believe in yourself

yeah no i i this this is a perfect

example of it yeah folks i want to ask

yourself one question are you

what changed for you in the last 12


what changed are you relatively speaking

the same person with the same


if so

how’s it gonna be any different next

year and are you happy are you happy

with where you are i mean this doesn’t

even have to be about real estate it

doesn’t have to be about money it could

be about your relationships it could be

about yourself spouse kids god whatever

it is it could be about health fitness

weight anything you want are you happy

if not own that and let’s get going

let’s get going see that hat that he has

do the work imagine this now let’s

remove all the real estate let’s remove

all the business


do the work in your relationship when

you get paid

do the work in your family affairs in

your family closeness make the phone

call that because you’re so goddamn


you don’t want to make a phone call to

one of your family members do the work

do the work and the work isn’t about

business it’s about

meeting someone where they’re at

meeting somebody where where they can

feel like you actually give a damn about

them yes i mean it’s it’s so bigger than

just that post on you know if you’re in

the exact same place relationship wise

health-wise business-wise all of the


you’re non-existent if you think about

it if you have no change you’re not


that means you’re just

gliding through life not with no

purpose you’re driving around aimlessly

without putting anything in your gps

yeah that’s exactly what you are this is

a problem right because you none of us

are getting this year back you i nothing

yesterday is spent it’s gone

are you happy with where you are are you

happy with the change or growth you’ve

had it this doesn’t have to be about

money it could be any part of life do

the work find the person that’s done it

before follow what they’ve done copy

them it’s any path you want to be

healthier eat less junk and work out you

want to make some more money add a skill

you want to add some real estate have a

buy box in daily discipline let’s just


i want you to have a better 2022 than

you want for yourself figure it out do

the work thank you for that post omar

one more time how can people follow you

guys follow me on ig at omar underscore

photo or my website omar alfaro.com

thanks brother

thank you


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