RETURN ON TIME is the Most Important Metric that is NEVER Discussed. How are you Investing your Time

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good morning good afternoon good evening

folks michael zuber one rental at a time

we have a very important topic for

entrepreneurs and that is the importance

and the difficulty of focusing on one

thing getting that one thing going to a

certain level before you branch out and

do others but to have this conversation

we must bring on an entrepreneur and my

friend stratton brown is here how you

doing buddy

i’m doing great thanks for having me on

mike absolutely this is a this is an

important topic i see this i see this a

lot in myself i see this a lot it’s just

an investors trying to do one rental at

a time i see it a lot now that i

expanded my reach to entrepreneurs


it frankly is

i guess somebody call it a difficulty

the difficulty most people have

staying focused because there’s lots of

opportunity there’s distractions there’s

wants needs and desires there’s copycat

there’s all of these things

that kind of pull you in different

directions so what do you think about

the difficulty of staying focused

well it’s the hardest thing ever i mean

think about

so i started one company then i started

two more

i guess you know what i’m saying yeah

like that like bam bam bam well i had i

see this knee and we can capitalize on

this oh we can take this thing to 100

000 a month easier let’s do that but

then like it still takes away

from like the main thing and like you

got to keep the main thing

the main thing because it’s so easy and

we can apply this to everything because

the one thing’s really good

but then i like i was just reading

outwitting the devil by napoleon hill


and the number one way the devil gets

people is by having them drift and not

having definitiveness definiteness

of purpose

right so going at one thing with 100

pure intention this is what i’m going to


and being focused right so

for example

let’s say if our criteria of where we’re

going to buy a house is too large we

keep jumping from market to market yeah

we have no definitive of purpose

for me like okay like what company are

we really going to take in

um i was listening to a podcast with a

dude who makes like 200 million dollars

a year he’s 28 his company was like 20

million a year wow in e-commerce and he

was like well i picked this company

beca and i said this like can i take one

percent market share of the world

of the product and then number two can i

do it for 50 years

if i have those two things that i’m good

okay wow

wow so for me again trying to help

people in in we’ve had this conversation

privately something i did not appreciate

until after i left work because my my


is staying focused right

and rule number one on my o rat rules

that’s now hanging in the lobby of my

office is focus and for the people i

teach and talk about it’s a buy box


and your buy box has got to be hyper

focused like when i started in fresno

was about half a million people

my buy box was less than one percent of

the market and it was less than one

percent of the listings let alone the


and i didn’t change that buy box for

almost three years

that is

you know sitting back now i realize it’s

a superpower because i got really good

at what was well it is called the

mayfair that’s where i bought for for

first couple of years and

you’re right now that i try to coach



i can’t tell you how many people come

come to me after seven days

and tell me they want to have multiple

buy boxes i’m like

what part of three years or you know a

minimum of six months do you not


if you if you if you get a second buy

box after seven days you’ve learned

nothing in fact i will guarantee you

you’re going backwards because you don’t

have any confidence yeah you’re not

you’re you’re you’re remembering this

when it’s over here and let alone go to

a freaking different market right it’s

one thing to go to the mayfair and then

old fake gardener clovis which you could

drive to then i’m going to invest in

dallas texas no cleveland ohio nope

detroit nope miami

it’s you start getting negative leverage

yeah and you just go nowhere

and i mean we can talk about the brandon

turner thing like if we’re building a

bridge across the lake we’re building

multiple bridges

and that is one thing

but then like you’re waking up with a

purpose every day like all right

this is what we’re going to this is what

we’re going to attack and this is what

i’m going to do every day and that way

you can know and there’s no new learning

curves because at the same time like

even though i delegate really well

for most of our businesses that means i

need to learn a completely new skill

and then i lose that traction that i’m

going and i’m competing with other

people who develop that skill over a

10-year period of time and i’m brand new

and i’m betting on myself being able to

learn really really fast and implement

even faster right right but if you stick

to that one thing you develop that those

skills for 10 years then you start to

see exponential returns

yeah so i don’t know the brandon turner

bridge analogy uh so maybe you can share

that with me but what what i envision is

you better learn how to build a damn

bridge first

right because otherwise all of we’re

going to crash i don’t know that analogy

so let’s say we’re trying to get across

the river okay all right and we build a


and we get halfway there and like you

know what no i’m gonna build another

bridge a better way oh we go and we

start over oh yeah and so we go and we

build that bridge yeah and like oh you

know what i’m i can build a bridge that

looks even better and it’s gonna be

purple and then you go and start another


yeah oh you know what nope not that one

it’s gonna be pink it’s gonna be made

out of marble

and it’s gonna be the biggest bridge

ever right but then that’s what you see

with all these people trying to get into

anything whatever space like you want to

call it right yeah i have like young

dudes coming to me all the time saying i

want to get into wholesaling like all

right bro

and then like oh you know what nope i’m

going into drop shipping

oh you know what no i’m gonna go do door

dash oh and you don’t know i’m gonna go

do this i’m gonna go do that i was like

bro you’re not developing any skills got


got it

yeah um

that’s interesting yeah so you just

never crossed the river but you’re gonna

never cross the river you’ve got a lot

of half built bridges well a lot of half

built bridges but you never really truly

got to what you wanted which was

financial freedom freedom a business

whatever it is it’s it’s so worse than

that you’ve wasted time that you’ll

never get back

um you’ve spent money in most cases

because the supplies to build a bridge

weren’t free you won’t get back there’s

no roi i mean that’s the big thing for

me i talked about the daily financial

news this morning was time actually was

my interview at eight was return on time

yeah lots of us talk about roi

some of us talk about cash on cash

i think we need to talk about return on


there’s not enough return on time being

talked about because

i know people don’t want to hear it but

money comes and goes you could always

make more money that might rub you the

wrong way i don’t care it’s true

all of us

can’t get time back we can’t rewind the


once it’s spent tomorrow’s spent

you can worry about today and tomorrow


yesterday was spent so what do you think

about return on time being a metric we

need to track and talk about

i don’t think anybody talk like talks

about it enough and like people get butt

right when i charge for my time yeah

yeah what am i i mean this is time i

could spend with my family this is time

i could spend on my businesses this is

time i could spend bettering myself like

there’s all these things that my time

goes into

and i can even apply it even more i only

get my son for half of his life because

he spends the other half with his mom

yeah right so now we have that so

anytime you’re taking away from that is

taking away from my family time and

creating a better life to my family yeah

so all like people don’t understand like

the time metric enough like they just

think it’s like one thing like they’ll

go spend it willy-nilly but they’ll go

do whatever they want with their time

like no bro like it’s

it is the most finite thing ever and in

all business the way you make the most

money is you buy back people’s time at

an exponential rate

how does amazon so big oh we’ll get you

a package in a day yeah and you can go

online so you don’t have to go to the

store anymore so you just saved

everybody in the world all the time and

returns are easier and all that other

aspect yeah you’re right

yeah return it’s funny when you talk

about charging for time because i refuse

to do it

for the longest time it was only one of

our conversations a year ago i’m like

okay fine i’ll break down and i’ll i’ll

sell little half-hour slivers

but yeah i was like i don’t like i do

this thing in the morning and by 10

o’clock i’m done

i don’t yeah i’m done i schedule things

it may look like i do stuff all day but

i don’t i 10 i’m done

i’m like i’m not selling half hour

widgets or time anymore so

but now you know it’s been fun but yeah


it’s a it’s a weird thing people people

get really cranky

yeah it’s weird

yeah people don’t value their time


yeah it’s the only thing you’re never

getting back yeah i gotta i gotta talk

about that more return on time i gotta

create i gotta create something i gotta

take that note there’s something there

i’ve got to talk about more

yeah i mean jumping asset classes dude

like you like it’s a return on time that

you don’t get like if you’re going from


and then you’re going to storage it has

been a bloody journey into storage for

us yeah if i would have just done houses

that’s fine let alone learning a new

market like let alone learning all these

other things yeah you don’t get that

time back and then you have like the

time value of money how much like if i

didn’t have that learning curve what

else could i be putting all the energy

into it like doing those other things


yeah we’ve got to talk about this more

there’s something there return on time

needs to be something we we focus on

more because again that analogy of how

bridges talk about return on time being

completely garbage like negative

negative just never get across the

bridge but the time is still spent

that’s not good not good so strat how

can people find you because you are

truly helping people

um five on instagram tick tock and

youtube all at strat daddy and i never

mention my podcast i should mention my

podcast before um the winning move

podcast is my podcast i interview

entrepreneurs and real estate investors

and how they bounced back from really

really bad times yeah very cool thanks

ryan appreciate it

thanks mike

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