Recession Is Starting: Why Waiting to Learn Real Estate Investing & Your Market is a Horrible Idea

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good morning good afternoon good evening

folks michael zuber one rental ahead of

time back with his good friend mr

millennial mike how you doing sir i’m

good thanks for having me on hey man we

have an important uh topic to discuss

i’d love to bat around with you uh you

brought it so i’ll let you kind of

outline it we’ll dive in together

sure yeah so there’s always brand new

people who are learning about real

estate and and developing the interest

and desire to become financially free or

to become a real estate investor and we

can’t pick the time when we woke up and

pulled ourselves out of the financial

matrix sometimes you pull yourself out

in the middle of uncertain times rising

interest rates and a potential upcoming

recession so my question to you is for

the brand new potential real estate

investor the newbie what should their

first three steps be or their first plan

of action be given the times we are in

right now

yeah so it’s funny what my basis of my

channel and my story whether it be my

first or second book i’m always thinking

about that person right that’s that’s

really what makes my channel different

right all these other channels they

eventually get too big for their

britches and they’re talking about you

know 100 units of this and 100 units of

that or whatever uh so let me let me

the beauty of my answer is it doesn’t

change so one sec

i have this thing called orat rules it

stands for one rental at a time rules

these seven rules

never change

bold letters italics never change and

they’re really simple number one focus

establish a buy box i don’t care if it’s

the start of a recession the greatest

bull market ever

brand new investor has to have a buy box

number two you have to have daily

discipline 20 minutes a day it never

stops i don’t care where the market is

20 minutes a day number three uh you

must grow your network look to add two

new people a week i don’t care if you’ve

been doing this for 20 days or 20 years

add more people number four the whole


the whole goal of one rental at a time

is to learn what average deals are in

your buy box and then and only then do

good or great if we’re heading into a

recession good leaves the building we

only do great if we are in the a big

bull market then good or great wins so

the last two years good or great the

next two years great only five bad

things happen

sorry learn and move on number six you

are signing up for a five to ten year

commitment to make work optional this is

get rich uh not get rich quick it’s get

rich for sure and then finally number


audit your network most of you new

investors fall down at number seven you

have people in your network spitting


and it’s you you’ve got to get around

more positive people and that’s one of

the greatest surprises that i’ve seen

over the last three years is my private

facebook group that’s only out there for


because they’re all positive doing the

work asking questions networking so my

seven rules don’t change on the market

this is where i’m this these these

anchor me and anchor my channel

so shout out to the private facebook

group real quick if you’re watching this

video and you are i’ve already purchased

uh mike’s course and you’re in that

private facebook group leave a comment

down below for anybody who might watch

this because in my personal opinion if

you take the entire library of content

from mike’s course and you wiped it away

through it away and deleted it the cost

of purchasing the course would still be

worth it just to have access to the

facebook group because every question

you have somebody already did it and

they’re going to be in there not trying

to scam you sell you anything or take

advantage of you so mike i mean i know

you love your your your facebook group

but uh just expand upon that a little

bit in terms of the course yeah so again

i i love it when unintended consequences

happen so let’s just go back so again i

have a book i have a course i’m really

helping people thousands of people now

have changed their life

i have again i’m not a social media

expert i don’t edit videos i pay people

for thumbnails i don’t know what the

hell i’m doing half the time

i created a facebook group for one

reason i get asked a lot of questions

repeatedly so i’m like great why don’t i

create what you know my software world

was called an faq frequently asked

questions a repository

that’s what it was to me in the

beginning was a way for me to save time

and social media

when done correctly is amazing people

start sharing stories they start posting

postcards they start posting wins they

do actual deal reviews

uh they ask what they network the the

group now is like 12 or 1300 people

growing every week and now you’re seeing

people network in cities which is

phenomenal so i agree with you a 320

course is stupid low which is fine but

the facebook group again zero i could

charge for i won’t um

i just i call it the happiest place on

the internet if i ever i try to get to

it once a day i’m not perfect but i try

and um

i just i love everything that’s there

and now more and more of my experts like

yourself matt the lumberjack uh matt the

mortgage guy steve i’m just everybody

uh responds it’s um

yeah it’s

i’m just so thrilled and tickled every

time i go there and see another win or a

postcard or whatever it’s awesome

yeah so if you are a new investor if

you’re somebody who’s saying yourself i

really want to get started i’m not

exactly sure what to do buying the

course is a fantastic idea getting the

books reading the books watching the

youtube channel buying the course being

able to talk with other people there’s

guaranteed gonna be somebody in that

facebook group who lives in the same

state as you probably within the same

city it’s you uh so i would recommend

getting in there but ultimately what i

like going back to mike’s original

answer was being consistent if you look

up mike’s interview on bigger pockets

from 10 years ago which looks like it

was shot on a you know i don’t know 2007


probably rainy

bad lighting not as overwhelming

my cheeks were like this man i was fat

these were before the crossfit days and

mike said they decided to get shredded



what’s interesting is i watched this

interview maybe in the last six months i

watched his interview from way back in

the day and i thought it was so funny


it was the exact same message

10 11 years ago as it is today and the

market 10 11 years ago was was complete

180 from what it is today 2010 2011 was

way different than 2022. so when he says

the message doesn’t change the the goals

and principles you need to follow don’t

change and the plan of attack doesn’t

change it’s the exact same thing and if

you want the proof you can go back and

watch that video yeah

more on this yeah we should probably go

find the url and i’ll pin the comment

just so people again yeah my message

story doesn’t change again i’m a one

rental at a time guy i think it’s the

best way for most people i think you get

the four rentals that changes your life

um could i do a syndication could i do

this can i yeah but that’s not i’m

playing a different game

i’m trying to build something that lives

50 years after i’m dead and gone and

that’s expensive and time consuming you

have to be repetitive

um that’s why i go to the facebook group

to get that little dopamine hit every

day it keeps me going so yeah i think i

think that group’s awesome

so mike where do people find you

yeah so people can find me if you just

go on youtube instagram or google and

type in millennial mike you can find my

youtube channel most of what i talk

about is just helping people learn how

to invest out of state if you live on

the west coast east coast it’s too

pricey you want to invest somewhere else

more landlord friendly that’s what my

channel is about so check me out there

awesome thanks buddy

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