OH NO!! Joe Biden Says Inflation Data Out Friday DOES NOT include recent Price Drops in Energy.

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good morning good afternoon good evening

folks michael’s uber one rental at a

time and yes it is thursday afternoon

that must mean it’s the three amigos how

you gentlemen do today howdy dion

howdy you guys caught me uh getting

ready to watch my yellowstone episode

for the week oh very cool i love that

show yellowstone that’s that’s very cool

i’ve not caught up with this season


yeah like what do you remember a quote

oh i have a friend who’s a vegetarian so

in this last episode there was a great

quote about

uh the animals in the fields where they

grow your kale or something where they

kill the mice to kill the spiders how

cute does an animal have to be before

you worry about them i was like i’m

writing that down

that’s my


very very very cool so uh and matt how

are you i’m doing awesome it’s always

fun here on thursdays absolutely well

this video is probably gonna be quicker

of the other three this just came to me

because reuters one of those news

channels and i get alerts on on my phone

uh president biden two minutes ago well

actually it’s probably seven minutes ago

now says

and remember we’re recording this on

thursday and this number comes out

tomorrow morning okay biden says

inflation data due out friday or

tomorrow will not reflect a recent drop

in some prices



you know don’t call me a conspiracy

theorist but i’m gonna guess he got the

number early

i’m gonna guess

and i’m gonna also guess it was pretty

bad that’s what i’m thinking so uh matt

why don’t we go to you first you reacted

pretty pretty good

uh-huh yeah only yeah yeah the only the

only thing the government hates

competition in is cheating and insider

trading yeah exactly so yeah so yeah i

think that’s pretty much how that’s

going to go yeah i mean again at the end

of the day if you

so there’s one area right that we care

about from an inflationary perspective

like truly care about and that’s rents

and cp and truly that cpi piece right

right and and the part of cpi of its

rents correct

that number over the last nine months if

you add it all up or ten months if you

add it all up if you add all of it up

it’s still nowhere near where it is oh

it’s not even not even close not even

close no he he is clearly pointing at

the last week or so drop in energy not

rent not food not lumber oh by the way

lumber’s up again not this not that but

don’t worry don’t worry

the number tomorrow

doesn’t incorporate the drop in energy

costs all he had to do was get the hush

rumor that there was another variant

yeah exactly that’s that’s what happened


yeah you you stop airplane travel from

lots of countries to other lots of

countries and you need less jet fuel

anyways it’s a it’s a miracle so dion

how about you you are you feeling better

about the number tomorrow that you know

it’s going to be okay because um biden

said so


since we plan for it yes we’re going to

be okay i mean oh no we will we don’t

want inflation because it’s a massive

tax really on the poor that’s the people

with that make less get impacted more

when when food costs go up by 30

i don’t feel it no and i eat out all the

time restaurants could double their

price i’d still eat on all the time


when you own appreciating assets

and you have debt and the debt gets

easier to pay off because there’s it’s

the what is it the inflation triple

crown yeah there’s three ways the debt

gets easier the rents go up there’s all

these things where impression inflation

helps us to a point we don’t want it to


to that yeah we don’t want hyper


yeah but for the people who vote

in mass numbers that don’t have

appreciating assets that are looking at

their fuel price and their heating bill

and their food uh i think

him coming out with a warning saying hey

don’t be too shocked tomorrow yeah

there’ll be some changes that aren’t in

this data yeah so i’m gonna play a

little bit over under is why i thought

this would be fast so again so here are

the numbers pre this announcement seven

minutes ago or now eight minutes ago

they’re exp so last month with 6.2

highest in 30 years the expectation is

for six seven i’ve been calling seven


i’m now going to call seven three

because of course

don’t worry about it so i’m going to

call 7-3 tomorrow do you guys want to

take the over under and do you want to

call a number we’ll go reverse or go

back to dion first

i’m i’m going to go with the over okay

so you’re going gonna go over seven

three and what number do you wanna guess

just a wild ass game

i don’t know if it’ll hit nine

nine oh i would i would say so i

don’t know if it’ll hit nine i’ll say

eight because i think it’s gonna be

we’ve got wage inflation based on people

having to basically be bribed to come

off of extra unemployment extended

unemployment to go back to work

unemployment the lowest it’s been since

1969 i got from a very reliable source

this morning right


have the money to spend wage inflation

wages set prices and absolutely i run a

business i get the ppi the the

yeah the business costs

before you produce it right

um that was 9-1 last month right our

prices are we’ve made adjustments for

the first time in a decade wow we’ve

been able to maintain prices and

eliminate costs to stay um profitable

where we were

this year it’s you know people are and

people aren’t even batting an eye

because they’re we’re just expecting

everything to cost more this year so i’m

going for eight eight percent okay so

the lumberjack matt what do you got so

again i’m calling seven three you got

the over the under and then what number

do you want in the sevens i think it’s

seven i think it’s over seven and i

think it’s probably in between the two

of you i think it’s like seven six seven

seven uh i think it’s

it’s gonna be it’s gonna be well here’s

the thing

largely speaking like i wanna trust that

number i think it’s crap anyway i think

it’s double but it’s an equally crap

number every month right yeah thus it

has value yep yep the number is equally

crap 100 well the difference is i don’t

know if it’s a percentage of crap oh

yeah like if it’s like it’s a variable

number is really 12 and it’s really 20

off that or is it 30 off that or is it

we’re just making up a fake number every

month anyway no so i do think again i’ve

looked at the number i haven’t looked at

it in decades like the math and formula

you can argue the variables you can

argue the example but

consistent crap it’s the consistent

craft so again it has been so consistent

for so long

it actually has value at least in my

opinion so again i think it’s i in this

in the eights oh my god if it gets in

the eights and again let’s play this out

because again let’s just say it’s eight

or above

that is going to mean jerome powell next


doubles or triples

the uh taper which is gonna send oh my

god can you imagine what rates will do

tomorrow rates are gonna go nuts so what

i think is is i think if somehow

the government could just launch a

website successfully because it doesn’t

work very well on the other websites

they’ve tried to do

if they can just launch a website

successfully they can take that same

algorithm and start eye buying

open door or open pad and zillow they

could actually make them look good with

with their algorithm yeah they only lost

500 billion exactly almost half a

billion yeah that’s only a half a

billion in 18 months like who’s counting


okay well i uh is because again

yeah tomorrow’s number


boy all right well we’re going to get

off this because i actually do have

three other topics that literally came

on my phone and i’m like well i got to

ask my two buddies where they’re at so

thank you for that uh dion where can

people find you

right here on youtube dion talk

financial freedom tuesday afternoons 4

p.m pacific standard time for after

hours talk and you had people

turning in this week 50 something like

they show up when you hit public it’s so

weird it’s weird when you didn’t

everybody show up to my private video

last week

it would have been a real problem had

somebody show up yeah exactly that’s


and matt how about you lumberjack

landlord on youtube at 11 30 a.m live

stream for three hours everything real

estate 11 30 a.m eastern time on

saturday as we cover it all right so

again folks i’m calling 7-3 the

lumberjack we’re going to say he’s

calling 7-6 and dion’s calling eight

wow let us know in the comments below

where you’re at it is going to be

interesting but don’t worry

it’s gonna be okay cause

he said so thanks guys adios


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