MY MARKET NOT CRASHING YOU’RE WRONG, No Slowdown Here, Everything goes over Asking, STOP IT

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folks michael zuber one rental at a time

one of the things that i thoroughly


is going through the comments on my


my channel is still

i guess you would say small enough where

i can go through and read all of your

comments i can block all of the bitcoin

bots and

all the other stuff

someday i hope that

the channel is so big that i can’t do

that but i still do

one thing that i noticed this weekend

saturday and sunday

is there is a lot of



there’s almost some anger out there from

folks that are saying things like

you’re wrong my market’s not crashing

everything’s still going first day

everything’s still going over asking

what are you talking about your your

market crash

not coming here

you know all of these really

almost nasty things

so i have kind of four things that i

want to talk about here

because again i want to talk to that

person who is upset who is disappointed

but before i do i want to congratulate

all of you that are doing the work

90 of you

have told me in the last 30 days

that you are seeing a change in fact

i will read you just one of the hundred

plus comments that i have gotten


this is from joe

today’s buy box in my area is making me


more price cuts in the last


16 houses have come on the market

which is an uptick but what i really am

taking away is the absolute acceleration

of new listings in my buy box

of those 16 new listings in the last


eight of them were today

in my buy box this is the largest one

day total

of new houses on the market since i have

started this exercise one month ago

the price cuts are also going from

easily one or two percent

a couple of weeks ago to five percent

so again

ninety percent of you are doing the work

you’re building your spreadsheets you’re

tracking days on market you’re tracking

your return you’re tracking uh pendings

and price drops and all that stuff

awesome keep it up

i want to talk to the other 10 because i

want them to do the work too this

channel is for everybody this channel is

building wealth

and i’m trying to help those ten percent


four things for the ten percent



everybody’s buy box is local

my buy box is

i don’t know

1 100 the size of my msa fresno my buy

box is very very small

your buy box may have macro and micro


if you are one of those ten percent that

are angry that your market is not


i would be asking myself

what is going on are we

getting population or we have migration

do we have employment do we have a lack

of housing what is going on in my buy

box right now because it is very


very clear

that the housing market is slowing down

you cannot argue that on a national



can be disappointed you can be

frustrated you have the right to be

angry if you want to but that is a

wasted energy stop being so angry

do the work if your buy box is still

bananas with no inventory what comes on

goes off in one day over asking ask

yourself why

there are probably a couple of reasons

but ask yourself why why do you want to

do that because you need to ask yourself

what would change am i in a location

where all these banana californians are

coming in

with cash and buying everything

well if you’re in boise and you just had

the worst winter in 20 years

i’m going to guess a lot of soft

californians are on the way out they’re

probably not coming back to california

but they’re going to go south we don’t

like snow

in mania an area where all the

manufacturers are coming in phoenix and


and the average income is actually


am i in florida where all the country is


if you are one of the 10 percent that is

flat out angry because this isn’t easy

is it news to you that life’s not easy

is it news to you that life’s not fair

90 of the people that watch my channel

90 of the people that are doing the work

are telling me almost every day

the market is slowing down

if you are in the ten percent i suggest

instead of whining and crying and

putting hatred in the universe that you

step back and ask yourself why

number two

or actually number three buy box local

ask yourself why is number two number



is undefeated

i believe what we have right now is the

beginning of an affordability crisis

affordability crisis will hit all areas

at all levels we have our 30-year rate

has gone up 200 bases point we have a

move up crisis because supply

destruction demand destruction

all of this crazy stuff going on right

now but affordability is going to be the

largest driver unless the fed pivots and

it goes back to negative rates

then the world is different

but i don’t see that at least in the

short term

eventually in all markets

the real estate will slow down

there might be

five percent

of the country that will just sail

through it you don’t have enough housing

population is going bananas

incomes are going up

but 95 of the country will feel the

slowdown on some level


my call on a real estate slowdown does

not mean you get a crash in pricing

it also means you won’t if you do get a

drop in pricing it won’t be soon

folks this stuff is just beginning

some of you out there are looking for a

crash in housing prices like this is

freaking luna crypto on a weekend

that’s not how housing works it is a


if you sell your house and don’t have

somewhere else to go you’re going to

rent and renting today is very expensive

affordability will slow down all markets

affordability does not mean prices drop

i believe it means prices will probably

stay flat again this is nationally

learn your buy box your buy box as you

will see later today on my daily

financial news boise idaho a market that

i’ve talked about for nine months

looks to be set up to have a pricing

drop in the next 12 months or so

that will not be a national thing

and then finally

and lastly and most importantly as i

shared with you when i went through the

52-year spreadsheet together which you

have access to it is free it cost you


this is a multi-year journey

many many many markets have started


many many many markets haven’t yet

it is a series of dominoes it is a

series of inventory building fear of

missing out

i buyers i think i buyers won’t be in

business in 12 months it’s a it’s a

failed strategy with stupid pricing

all of these things will come to your

markets eventually

putting hatred in a youtube comment for

some guy who is trying to help you

create wealth

doesn’t do any good why would you do


i don’t understand

to again to the 90 percent of you keep

it up

do the work every day again remember the

comment i read earlier

inventory is coming on price drops are

accelerating please understand


do the work this comment talked about

the last month

you’ve got two more months keep at it

keep doing the work

we are only writing great offers

we are probably at least i am not your

call for you i am not writing any offers

at asking price

i’m a qualified buyer i can close i am

soon going to be the unicorn out there

with rates over six percent lots of home

buyers especially first time home buyers

can’t get a yes answer from a bank

do the work the market is finally coming

to you but i’m not telling you the

market will be there tomorrow

if you heard me if you hear me talk

about this crash and opportunity and

what you hear is tomorrow you’re not

paying attention

real estate is much stickier much slower

there’s a lot of listings today that

will simply be pulled off the market

because sellers don’t have to sell

lots of sellers are going for wish

pricing your job is to weed those out

ignore them

and go find the motivated sellers we

have so much opportunity ahead of us



do the work and again remember this note

is only for the ten percent ninety

percent of you are crushing it and i’m

excited and happy for all of you i’m

trying to get the other 10

maybe it’ll be

half of that 10 so we’ll get to 95 and

the other five will always just be angry

but my job is to try to get everybody


build wealth do the work buy assets on

sale only do great deals

the time is coming

i’m not telling you it’s here tomorrow

but your time is coming please keep

doing the work please have fun

and why put hatred in a comment i mean


what is why you want to put that

negative energy in the universe

take care everyone we will see you on

the daily financial news


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