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good morning good afternoon good evening

folks michael zuber one retail at a time

back with his sunday morning guest mr

todd baldwin how you doing sir i’m doing

great here’s my new hand gesture of the


folks if you don’t know we’re going to

get a new hand gesture every video so

i’m thinking in about five or six weeks

he’s going to be doing handstands or


it’s going to get interesting uh but

todd what i wanted to talk to you about



something that’s

not a good memory

but it is something that

hits home for all of us

and what i’ve come to realize is there’s

one kind of anchor

or key to happiness and now i’m talking

happiness in life in general

relationships all of that

and i think happiness is at least


there are other aspects but here is the

anchor to me

is no financial stress

right you’re you have enough money at

the end of the month to pay the bills

it’s not like i have more month than


and i say this as someone who’s family

was kind of stretched 80 85 of the time

and 15 of the time we had money for

whatever reason right i don’t know what

happened but we had money a couple times


yeah i mean


the world is the world or at least my

experience in the world growing up is

very different when there’s financial

stress in the system because everything

breaks it doesn’t matter if all the

great stuff is happening if you’re

fighting at the end of the month for

this or that dollar to pay this or that


it just all blows up is it am i

am i just

reliving the past and i need to move on

or what’s going on

no i think you’re right i mean no

financial stress that is a huge

privilege that i i feel like i sometimes

take for granted because just like you i

i remember what it was like and now my

life is so different


yeah i think it you know as far as like

anxiety reducing

i think having having some sort of

security blanket is is enormous

yeah and

i just need people to hear this

something about one rental at a time is

well never bragging or anything of that

but what i’m trying to is highlight is

it’s worth the struggle right i talk to

people all the time that are in the

first couple of years of doing this

and again i mean i believe everybody can

make work optional in 10 years

but as i’ve said many times the first

four or five years suck because you just

the momentum in the system tries to stop

and give you off ramps and stop momentum

um but it’s worth it and again having


you know

no financial stress at the end of the

month is very helpful because stuff bad

stuff still happens you still fight you

still have like the other day i freaking

hit a pothole on the freeway and had a

tire blow out

you know all these other things happen


then you could deal with it right you

don’t have to go oh my god how much is

the tow truck going to cost how much is

the new tire oh my god i just how can i

deal with all my scheduled meetings

because i just lost four hours of my day


it’s just um

i just it’s

it’s something we all need to identify

that’s a big thing i think i’m getting

from our conversations this morning is


understanding so you could fix it what

do you think

yeah absolutely i think that i mean it’s

almost like a loophole right of like

having having money so you can

you can just be fine and take care of

your stuff and yeah if

you know if stuff goes wrong you’re in

the clear and i will say i think when i

think of happiness i sort of think of a

few elements

and one of them

being a solid relationship with your

partner or your spouse and but to your

point one

way to make sure that happens is you

know the leading cause of divorce is

money fights and money problems agreed

even even higher than infidelity so

statistically you’re more likely to get

a divorce based on a financial

disagreement than you are your husband

or wife cheating on you so

if you can sort of eliminate the leading

cause of divorce in your life and you

know get that correct and that’ll be

huge and then just to play devil’s

advocate here i would say two other

things that i think make you really


is having

sort of lower expectations of the people

around you and higher expectations of


and then um honestly really not giving a

crap what anyone else thinks about you

because other people’s opinions aren’t

going to pay your bills so if you can do

those things right you get your money

right you have your relationship solid

and you have a realistic expectation of

the world and high expectations of

yourself i think you’re gonna be i mean

i can’t imagine what else would make you

happier than that yeah and again folks

if you follow my story for any length of

time you know that i believe that

happiness is the goal

however you get there in episode one we

talked about the 40 40 life i bet i want

to be very clear i have run into

some it’s not a big number but there are

some people that are just truly happy

truly happy going to work socializing

doing whatever they’re doing

that is you have won

if you roll out of bed every day and you

are truly i’m not talking lying to

yourself getting drunk on friday nights

to like make it go away but like truly


you win congratulations you you won the

game you don’t have to play

but most people

there’s a joe rogan video that i’ve seen

on youtube a couple of times called

quiet desperation i don’t like it’s

somebody cut up a joe rogan interview i


uh and that’s what i was living quiet

desperation i was comfortable i was a

duck right i was comfortable on the

surface but man under the water

i was i was always

you know borderline freaked out

yeah i mean when i had my you know

nine to five

i was making tons of money and i but i

didn’t love what i did

and it was like you know it

i was happy that i was able to invest in

real estate which allowed me to you know

do all these other crazy things and now

i am truly happy but yeah it is what you

it you know


i think the money thing reduces stress

like i can’t even tell you how like i

don’t have any fear i literally have no


and then you know once you have that

it’s figuring out okay what do i want to

do every day to keep my happiness going

but yeah when you when you don’t have to

worry about where your meals coming from

or how to pay the rent or you know

whatever that is a huge loophole that i

think so many people

like either need to realize like and

let’s help them realize they’re teaching

or if they have it they don’t even know

how blessed they are to have it yeah

yeah again i think um

i think i i really do think kind of

tying out episode one and two together

the key to happiness is identification

and then kind of working on that so

for lots of folks that you need to

identify that financial stress to your

point is the number one cause of uh

relationship issues so if you get on the

same page you can talk i do believe you

need to talk about money more how about

let’s go there

um do you think how often do you and

your wife talk about money that’s not

necessarily like income or this but just

talk budgeting money side hustles i know

you do lots of different things

i would say multiple times a day wow

i mean easily multiple times a day that

is awesome

yeah well i mean remember my wife and i

are avid secret shoppers so anytime we

want to go out on a date we first try to

see if we can do it for free yeah like

we went on a dinner date i put it on my

instagram the other day where we have

like this amazing dinner this like the

most delicious dessert with like a big

cookie the size of a frying pan and ice

cream and all that stuff we got paid 40

bucks to go there and get the food for

free so we’re always talking about it’s

not like uh let’s sit down and get out

of a notebook and write things down

necessarily it’s just like hey

let’s do this

um you know what what’s this price is it

worth it can we get it for free can we

get a discount you know all that sort of

stuff and again folks we don’t need to

have like we have enough money to buy

whatever we want it’s not about that

it’s about can we still be smart yeah

and you know not

not be irresponsible and just go on a

spending spree

i’m curious when you guys were starting

this journey did you establish a budget

it’s a good question

not in a traditional sense

okay so typically a budget is like okay

what do i want to like

keep my spending capped at every month

yes we did to the opposite approach and

we’re like what do we want to save and

invest every month

and then after that we’ll spend whatever

we want wow so for a while it was um i

remember the number we came up with that

was comfortable for us is we could


like eight grand a month something like

that so we put like i think it was

six grand into investments and then two

grand a month into savings or we you

know we split it up into like the next

property we’re gonna buy but it’s eight

grand a month okay and as long as we

first saved eight grand a month it

didn’t matter what we spent we could

spend whatever we wanted

that’s awesome

that’s awesome

so uh as we wrap this up the key to

happiness in your mind again goes kind

of through your three things what do you

think the keys are that people need to

think about well i’m going to echo you

so reducing your financial stress

getting your financial security um

having realistic expectations of the

people around you and very high

expectations of yourself

and not caring about the opinions of

others whether it’s the negative of

comments on an article like you realized

wow people saying oh you want to buy

real estate that’s stupid or you know i

had so many people telling me i was

making a huge mistake when i dropped out

of college and i bought my first house

when i was 23 with my girlfriend right

that decision

has made me millions of dollars like

it’s it’s insane how how that decision

to change course in my life has has done

so well for me so just do you and forget

about the noise yeah so you would say

that you’re pro house hacking

oh 100

that was a that was subtle yeah

that’s the cheat code to wealth if you

can if you can househack roommate

fourplex whatever it is uh you take your

biggest expense to zero your financial

stress goes down because again you don’t

got that big bill there’s so much wisdom

in house hacking it’s something i wish i

would have started out of school so

todd thank you very much for all you do

where can people find you

yes if you guys want to get in touch i’m

on instagram at todjaybaldwin and if you

want to check out my youtube channel it

is just todd baldwin

awesome thanks

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