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good morning good afternoon good evening

folks michael zuber one rinse line of

time back with this friday expert mr

stephen dao how you doing sir

fantastic yourself i’m doing well you

dropped a bomb on me at the end of

episode two uh i had i don’t think i’ve

heard about this we may have talked

about it very early on a year ago but it

escaped my memory so right before i get

into it i almost forgot uh yeah

marketing spiel

again although i worked very happily for

velocity mortgage capital all the ideas

and topics

pontificated on this channel of that of

my own so let’s get it going pontificate

for you uh lumberjack landlord yes sir


wicked smart that guy hey at the end of

episode two you talked about a no

potential to get a 90 percent loan

uh via velocity mortgage potentially

right you know a couple of things got to

line up but dude that’s um

that’s uh that’s pretty sexy so uh i

mean again depending upon the situation

and if seller is willingly able to and

you know you’re

kind of savvy uh with the

creative financing structure um as it

pertains to seller financing so

uh long story short we offer up to a 90

cltv or combined loan to value so if i’m

doing 75 ltv on my first loan

and if the seller has enough equity and

it’s willing to carry say up to a 15

second then the buyers just have to come

into ten percent


that allows for a lower down payment uh

you stay more liquid you can spend more

transactions yadda yadda yadda

and of course the benefits of the seller

they can reduce their capital gains tax

it that year kick the can down the road

defer that a little bit and of course

make interest money on their money so

they’ll play the role the bank so

there’s a win-win for everybody involved

for the most part so this is exciting

because i wrote about in my first book i

think it was ferris

where i tried to buy that properly i

think was the third property we bought

or i bought and um

it actually talks about getting a seller

to take back i think it was a 10 second

it might have been a 15.

but it was all to get me to that ninety

percent i guess i didn’t even know what

it was called clv combined loans cl tv


i never even heard it combined loan to

value yep all right now i get it

combined loan to value look at that cltv

uh it is very powerful max leverage so a

couple quick questions just because i’ve

been in this game a while uh

how do you evalu so first off it has to

be a second velocity is always first

correct correct

totally makes sense and in any

combination so ideally especially on the

residential side at every you know five

percent ltv below the program maximum

you get to lower your rate an additional

say like eighth of a point so

there are you know

uh um advantages to structuring it that

way for financing so at say

50 lte that gives you the best rates

right um so let’s just say ideally we do


seller carries 40

you come in with 10. so don’t know if

that would be an option but that oh

typically seller financing is typically

you know the best in comparison uh to

you know

or anybody else i think let me just be

very clear with my fans in any of my

students that are watching this is a

tool i will be adding to my toolbox

again it’s a conversation right in my

course we have a seller financing

section in my course we have a cpa

talking about seller financing and why

the tax benefits i am going to have a 50

40 10 conversation

right you have a landlord he’s owned the

property he’s free and clear uh he wants

a little money now because he wants to

go get on a trip and enjoy this or that


he gets 50 let’s just put some numbers

on this half a million bucks

right he gets 250k i don’t know he loses

i don’t know five percent to selling

costs and title and blah blah blah so he

walks away with what would that be so

five percent yeah with the 10 down plus

50 yeah yeah so he gets he gets so he

gets 50 velocity 10 percent for me

so that’s so 500 six seven thousand

three hundred grand

okay half a million bucks he walks with

300 he pays 50 grand for gotcha

right he’s got 250 grand to go play with


then he’s got

40 which would be 2 uh 200 grand where

he’s collecting interest

so not only can he go flex

and buy that thing but he’s also getting

some income and oh by the way he lowered

his year one taxes

because he’s delayed roughly or he

delayed 40 of it to the future right

right dude i am gonna this 50 40 10 is a

net new strategy for me i think all of

my followers need to pick it up

um we should talk about this in my

saturday live stream 50 40 10. it’s it’s

this is cool


so you’re gonna you’re gonna indenture

me into servitude again on saturday too

well i’m either that i’m just going to

talk about it

i’m kidding i mean i work out saturday’s

anyway mike so yeah yeah this is

something we got to bring up 50 40 money

waits for nobody so that’s why i say a

lot of times so i talked a lot of people

from the channel over the weekend dude

50 40 think about it just again have

again i i give you everything right i

have a cpa talking about how to pitch

seller financing right now you have a

strategy because again when you pitch

seller strategy most of them and i have

almost three million bucks in seller

finance notes

all the conversations are the same they

all want some money now

right every seller i’ve done a deal with

is over 60 right seller financing a

couple of them are over 70 the the year


all of them want some money now because

they want to do something

some people wanted a trip some people

wanted to do something for their kids or

their grandkids

they all wanted some money now

all of them love the idea of maintaining

income and removing the hassle

of managing units

all of these folks want the income

they just don’t know what’s possible

so pitch the 50 40 10. it could be a 60



right and you’re only and then so the

one question i do have

yep do you look at um what would it be

called debt service at all because again

you could get wacky turns not on


wow one to four unit no dser with us so

again this is where

you go conventional financing first then

you go alt well you get declined uh from

them then it’s usually you know quote

all day with bank statement programs

uh and if you don’t qualify with them

because they typically require you know


uh that’s when you would come to us so

again uh we’re not gonna be everything

to everybody but we what we do we do

very well and at some point

either your income is gonna increase you

know exponentially along with the rental

income as you take on new debt

either bank statements and or

um you know full doc you’re just not

going to qualify you know what i’m

saying at least from the tighter

guidelines that they require just with

rates going up and a lot of times the

higher end properties won’t gstr yeah

once you get to above like 1.5 million

nope i mean you’re not gonna at least on

paper collect enough at least from their

guidelines to

you know qualify so that’s where we’re

we’re very strong in the space between

up to 5 million i’m so excited about

this 50 40 10 i just want to make sure

it’s available so again 50 40 10

residential we already talked about 50

40 10 apartments 50 40 10 offices every

product that you do other loans you have

the cltv hey see i remembered it that

time cl tv is available for all of them

so 50 40 10 could be a portfolio loans

blanket loans yup everything


nice right i can’t wait to bring you

another low this

okay well don’t threaten me with a good


all right folks a lot of you need to be

really thinking about this 50 40 10

product it is super sexy again i would

tell you to work on the second again

i’ve done i’ve done uh seller loans as

little as one two three percent interest

you can get creative um i’ve done one at

zero percent financing it was a first

not a second um

but again it’s all out there and it’s

all possible

uh stephen this so this is a good idea

50 40 10 how do you want them to reach


s dao svao at velocity mortgage spelled

out dot com subject line just put

o-r-a-a-t which stands for one run at a

time in the bottom email just maybe a

brief description what you’re good for

property type at least the city and

state where your problem is located or

maybe the address uh and then of course

your midfield score best number retract

24 24 to 48 hours excuse me i’ll

typically be in contact folks uh this is

gonna probably post at one o’clock today

i expect uh steven to have a dozen

maybe 20 emails today or tomorrow

okay i’m not joking 50 40 10 is such a

sexy idea because again you could play

with the 40 control that payment

uh right the seller gets what they want

it is a strategy i will be deploying and

others should as well just gotta run the

numbers you know don’t lie and just do

the work you know what i mean that’s all

it is so do the work give me a call i’m

here to run some numbers alrighty buddy

thank you very much take care this one

was fun

thanks man youtube

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