INVEST LIKE A GIRL. What Does It Mean? Are Female Investors at a Disadvantage or Have Advantage

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good morning good afternoon good evening

folks yes we have a returning guest we

have a youtube rockstar and a good

friend of the channel april crossley how

you doing april i’m great thanks for

having me where where are where is april

today this is like where’s waldo where

where is april today i’m actually back

in pennsylvania believe it or not my

home state so

i think i’m here for i’m here for a

little while it’s a very long story but

i think i’m back in pa for a little

while wow because again you you’ve been

doing the rv life for seemingly a year

maybe a year mm-hmm a little over a year

wow and uh that’s that’s been amazing

and again i remember the story being

like i hate winter i’m getting out of

here and last time i checked it’s

december 27th i know and it’s actually

snowing today so i’m not i’m sitting

here you can’t see but i have an

electric blanket on my lap

everybody got me everything he did for

christmas he did hat he did gloves he

did everything so i’m ready i’m crazy

amazing that is amazing well hey we’re

going to hit three topics today and the

first one i want to talk about that

shirt i actually saw it on your website

a couple of times it says invest like a

girl yeah all right and um i just

thought i should ask what does that mean

and what does it mean to you and all of

that because i think it’s i think it’s

pretty catchy yeah so i can talk about

what it means to me i just think um

you know we’re obviously in a very male

dominated field and people like to ask

us a lot like what’s that like and you

have a choice when someone asks you or

how you feel about what it is to be a

woman in real estate investing and a lot

of people make it seem like oh what’s

that like it must be such a disadvantage

and i just tell people it is such an

advantage to be a female in this field

like so much so that i tell my male

students if you have if you’re married

and your wife is okay with it put her

name on your mail pieces because you’re

gonna get more return calls than if you

put a male name on your mail pieces so i

just made this t-shirt that says invest

like a girl and like i don’t think there

is a disadvantage to being a female real

estate investor if anything i think

there’s more

advantages like women just tend to

be better listeners and be more

empathetic and we’re here to solve

sellers problems and where they find us

to be more trustworthy most the time and

less car salesmen like yeah um so like

we’ve had sellers in the past that are

like you know i had this offer and your

offer and i’m selling to you because

you’re female and i want to work with a

female and you actually listen to me and

like what what my issue was until

instead of telling me how great you are


i just think there’s advantages to it i

i first off i think there’s huge

advantages yeah

what do you think the ratio is 80 20

today male 1 to female investors i don’t

know if i had the gas that’s probably a

really good game yeah 80 20 70 30

somewhere yeah i would think yeah

and i second that if you’re in a

relationship and your significant other


is comfortable with it i think i think

voicemail messages right a lady leaving

a voicemail message right name on the

card all of that yeah

frankly um

i think you’re right

god everything’s everything is so

polarizing these days i think women are

much better initiating conversations

with sellers or actually i’m going to

change that not sellers owners because

what i think most tail sales wholesalers

get wrong especially the guys is they

want to go for the quick close every

time right all cash right now i’m here

get it done before the next car shows up

blah blah blah blah blah

where a lot of times the women are like

what are you doing how long you lived

here you know it’s you get to know them

yeah and

i don’t know i wish more people realize

this the average contact is seven to

nine times before you get a contract so

why are we rushing the first date why

are we rushing the first coffee

have a conversation and it’s

again not all the time for all people

but my experiences women are much more

comfortable with first conversations and

it’s easier to have a first then you get

to a second so i’ve seen a tremendous

hit rate um yeah with lady investors or


i agree yeah so when did this come about

because it you know he starts with lazy

girl rei which is april crosley how i

find you three or four years ago now

invest like a girl this it’s seemingly

new but i i don’t know if it is no not

necessarily i mean i had um they invest

like a girl t-shirts a few years ago and

then we just kind of stopped like

cranking them out making them and i was

on hiatus from coaching because i was

away in my rv and i just had a whole

bunch of large projects going on and i’m

like i this i can’t

when you’re a coach you know you have to

make time and space for that and i was

coming to a point in my life where i’m

like i don’t want to make the time and

space for this because i have other

projects i’m working on so now my word

for 2022 is impact and i don’t want to

do any projects or anything that doesn’t

have a great impact on a great number of


um and along with that i have a business

partner now that’s been in my business

for like

over three years so she knows it inside

out ups and down backwards so she’s

actually the one that was like hey what

do you think i just feel like we should

do more to help more people because we

get so many questions off youtube and

stuff and i was like well if you’ll join

forces with me and she’s also female and

i was like

i’ll bring coaching back but i can’t do

it on my own because i want to make sure

we have the space and capacity to do it

so between the two of us now we brought

it back so i’m like well we’re bringing

that back then we’re bringing the


t-shirts back

well i know there’s people watching

right now that want to buy this shirt

either themselves or buy it for someone

else where would they go to get invested

they can go to our website and just

submit a contact form or they can email

me april lazygirlrei.com and we’ll put

them on the waitlist for it but we’ll

make oh my goodness we have a wait list

for invest like a girl oh my goodness

like i’ve got i’ve got to put my name on

the waitlist

that is amazing uh so what what is so

what does impact mean is it really is it

helping what is it what does impact mean

for you in 2022 yeah so i’m just kind of

at a point where like um i think i’m

very entrepreneurial and things get

boring to me very quickly so when people

tell me i bought another 200 units or

another 150 units or another seven units

i don’t i it’s not that i don’t care

like i care i’m very excited for them

but i’m like okay but tell me more like

you just buy accumulating units is

boring to me like what is your end goal

what kind of impact are you trying to

have what are you doing with this wealth

that you’re growing like what is the end

goal and for me the end goal is to

always help as many people as possible

grow wealth because my whole thing is

like grow wealth change lives the only

way you can change an enormous amount of

lives is to grow wealth and help

rot help other people rise


for 2022 i’m just getting really

particular about the projects that i do

like the podcasts i do the the buildings

i dive into and projects i do i want to

help um

people either eventually achieve

homeownership or

invest in like low-income communities or

something that has some kind of impact

and that whole thing goes along with

just like coaching and teaching other

students like how you can grow wealth

and how from a wealth mindset you’re

going to accomplish so much more than

you are from a poverty mindset so the

more people i can help grow wealth the

more people are going to be

able to go out there and say hey you

know what i want to donate twenty

thousand dollars or a hundred thousand

dollars to this charity or that charity

so i’m just a lot more thoughtful about

the projects i’m getting into and where

i’m putting my time in 2022. like i want

to work alongside people

that want to make an impact on

communities not just buy to buy like to

me that’s just

boring it’s boring i don’t i just don’t

understand it yeah yeah no i i am i’m

right there with you something that i

finally got comfortable with april and

it was it was kind of

screwing into my head for a long time

but because i couldn’t say it out loud

is my now my life’s missing mission is

to help a million people close their

first or next rental property it’s not


getting the 500 units or it’s not about

me anymore yeah it’s it’s how can we do

that and that’s free content on youtube

it’s a i mean it’s all these things lots

of stuff for free um

so yeah this there’s this challenge over

my shoulder here 500 we’re up to 390 uh

started june 1st

and again we’re going to get big

donation to a food bank i’m gonna dye my

hair purple doing crazy things nice so

this was a test uh and yeah now now it’s

gonna be a million people and again in

order to do that we have to get the

network effect going right because i can

help 10 000 people by myself in 50 years

i’m pretty convinced but in order to

help the next nine hundred and ninety

thousand i need people watching this to

share tag post book selfies we need we

need other people to share so if you’re

watching like subscribe post tag people

yeah ripple effect

exactly yeah so yeah yeah it’s all about

impact going forward um we already have

enough it’s

i don’t have that i never really had

that okay we’ve got a double or triple i


i got to where i’m comfortable so now i

feel comfortable saying a million people

so it’s gonna be fun it’s gonna be fun

figuring out uh where can people find

you april and again get this invest like

a girl t-shirt yeah uh they can follow

me on youtube at april crosley they can

email me april lazygirlrei.com

very cool thank you very much you’re


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