I AM STILL BUYING: Fresno Home Owners, Real Estate Agents, Investors

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at a time

and as you saw in the last 24 or 48

hours there are some real estate experts

real estate channels that are selling

so i thought what better way than to

come back and tell you

that i am still buying

i did a video about six weeks ago where

i directed it to fresno real estate



property owners wholesalers

and i want to reiterate this again i am

increasingly hearing about the fresno


getting a little uh

a little crazy right this is the


this is the first slowdown for many of


i have been through this before

so again i want to start this video and

tell you

that i am still buying

olivia and i have

the ability to put millions of dollars

to work

for what i am going to talk about here

if you’ve been following my channel

you should know what i’m looking to do

but let’s i’m going to pretend like i am

talking to a fresno homeowner

who wants to sell

put it out on the market didn’t get any

crickets or didn’t get any showings and

is now frustrated

i want to talk to real estate agents

real estate agents if you bring me a


on what i’m about to talk to

you get



you get the buyer side and the selling


you could get up to six percent by

working with me

so here’s the deal

what are what am i i am not a wholesaler

i am not a flipper

the first thing you have to realize

about one rental at a time is


and hold

so any deal that you and i work on

together you and i discuss

i have to be able to hold it

for the rest of my life will i hold it

the rest of my life who knows

but i am not going to do a deal

that is an alligator

that bets on appreciation

i don’t have to i will not do that


second something else you must know is


price is important but to me


not the most important thing again why

is that

because i want to hold it forever

so it is very likely if you and i are

going to do a deal today we are going to



i am going to need you the seller

to hold at least some

of what’s called the paper or the note

you can get some money now potentially a

lot of money now but you will have to

hold some because again

i have to take the debt structure


and i have to be able to cash flow it

right away day one cash flow if it’s

negative cash flow i am not buying

it is very likely that we are going to

do a first

and a second

the first will come from a bank

a mortgage lender the second

will be you

not a problem i’ve borrowed millions of

dollars from sellers and if you want i

can connect you with some other sellers

to talk about years of on-time payments

if that is important

it’ll be a secured note it is an asset

you could sell it you could pass it on

to your heirs we can talk about the tax

savings and all of that going forward

but again i want to be very clear

on what i am looking to buy

i want to put millions of dollars to


in this

strategy if this fits you or it might

fit you

reach out to me let’s talk we’ll know in

five to ten minutes

so here are some of the variables that

you and i can consider

you as an owner or you as a real estate


working with an owner

this is

what i would tell them right so they

could get

up to


what is it

i think it’s from 60 percent


all the way up to 90 or 85 percent i


so what is 60 cash to 85

or actually no 15 sorry the other way

i’ll tell you this in a minute i’m just

working this out in my head

so again using this debt structure

i can work out a framework

where if the seller wants a lot of cash


i can get them 60 of cash so let’s say

they’re selling the house for 300 grand

they could get up to 180 000

minus transaction costs

day one

then they’re going to have to hold a


for 40

let’s say they’re in a situation where

they don’t want a lot of cash

i could do a deal where they only get 15

of cash

maybe even 10 if they want to carry it


but these are things that we need to

work out again remember

buy and hold i’m not a wholesaler or a


second price

it’s important

but for me it’s terms

i’m going to use debt i could get a

first from a bank but we’ll need the

seller to take a second

to be clear on this second i want to put

this all out here i don’t want to

surprise anyone

there is a chance if the price is too


i may need the second to be at a low

interest rate maybe

maybe as low as one percent

i don’t know we have to do the deal

remember i have to be able to hold it


so maybe you get sixty percent of the

cash today

and then you hold a note at one percent

i don’t know we will work on this

together this is not

it’s it’s very simple math i can either

hold it long term as a rental or i can

and there will be times if the price is

too high where we have to get low

interest rates on the second but again

it won’t be a surprise to you we will do

the math together everything is above

board and if you don’t like it

don’t sell it it is totally okay all


so again by doing this deal structure



you get your commission

a lot of real estate agents i talk to

think seller financing means you don’t

get paid

i would never do that to you you bring

me a lead as an agent we will get you


shoot if it’s an off market deal

and the seller doesn’t want to pay you

and you bring it to me

i will do the deal where i pay you

real estate agents get paid by working

with one rental at a time

so again

i brought you this

brought you this fact about six weeks


i believe this strategy for me

will acquire 10 15 20 homes duplexes


over the next couple of years

i think you and i will be speaking about

this over probably the next year and a


the first time i put this out there a

lot of you are like

nobody will do that

well i have been through this market

cycle before i know the market cycle is

changing and as time goes by and you

have a listing with no offers

i can help you so here’s the deal

in order for this to work

this strategy that you and i will talk

about i would tell you the owner

the owner needs about 50 equity

they need about 50 equity

if you are somebody who wants to sell

and you just don’t have equity you have


or less we can work on other things i’m

happy to have those discussions with you

but rest assured

i am a buy and hold investor

fresno california

if you and i work together it’ll be all

above board

i must cash flow day one

i don’t bet on appreciation i want to

hold these assets for decades


if you want to get out

if you want to sell if you want to sell

with a known entity in fresno you can

check me out very easily i’m very well

known in that market

you can reach out to me here on

instagram you can email me off my


but rest assured we are going to buy

these deals deals this way

i would love to work with you either

directly as an agent

or directly as a homeowner

if you have any questions

leave them below

i’m here to help

i want to help you sell

i want to buy some more if we can work

out a win-win transaction that we’re

both happy with great

if if we can’t work it out

no harm no foul i don’t have to buy

i don’t have a team i don’t have


if it works out great if it doesn’t work


totally fine so if you want to know that

a buyer that is still buying in fresno

california you are looking at them

i buy with very certain set of criteria

but i am here i am still buying

i’m not selling all right everybody have

a wonderful day we will do the daily

financial news at 7 30 a.m take care



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