How to Turn Date Night into a Profitable Event? 3 Steps to Financial Freedom Which is most Important

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good morning good afternoon good evening

folks michael’s uber one rental at a

time and yes i am back in my studio

we’re gonna you know the office is

coming together a little bit more work

on monday and then i will give you

another walk through yes i have my puppy

in my lap you can see him on camera so

that is sunny but more importantly we’ve

got talent baldwin back with us

how you doing man

i’m doing great i have to i have to

admit i’m not used to seeing you with a

sport coat of my back hair you’re

usually like a t-shirt and a baseball

cap kind of guy so i’m throwing off a

little bit but we’re all good well

here’s the deal i used to do this for my

kids bedroom which meant i could just

roll out of bed

brush my teeth read my news

do the do the shows and then go work out

now i have an office i actually have to

go be out in public so i i now

take coats out and yeah

you’re not at home right now you like

leasing a space correct leasing a space


i was tired of operating within five

feet of my you know five feet space it

was like i was starting to feel like a

cave so yeah i got an office

very cool congratulations moving up in

the world

moving up creating separation between

church and state it’s all good well hey

one thing todd i wanted to talk to you

about today is financial freedom

i think there are three variables that

everyone goes through

but more specifically i want to talk

about it getting it done before you’re

30 which is something you have

accomplished so first congratulations

here are my three variables we’ll go

through any of them in any order you

want one

you have to focus on making money right


two you have to focus on your expenses

and not let the rap race or lifestyle

creep or whatever you have to you have

to find your thermostat and stay


and then lastly you have to invest the

difference i think those three variables

are the same for everyone


they’re different but uh

that’s what i think

which ones did you focus on to get this

done by the time you were 30

great question um yes so i think all

those principles are are good for

everyone i do think there’s no

one-size-fits-all to personal finance um


i would say the most important one


keeping track of your expenses and

making sure you don’t fall into the trap

of lifestyle inflation once you start

making more money

so let’s put let’s poke at that one a

little bit because you you

you have done some special things right

i mean you you have gotten to the point

of hey you still have date night but you

get paid to go on date night right

because you were you were doing these

secrets secret shoppers is that what

they call yeah exactly i actually have

one lined up in a couple days

well let’s talk about it just again

there are so many ways you can still

enjoy life you just have to be a little

bit more creative and look where others

don’t so let’s talk about what you have

set up if you don’t mind unless it’s a


yeah no absolutely um so my my wife and

i we have our

um our marriage anniversary coming up so

we’ve been married for a couple of years

we’ve been together for like 10 years

we’ve been only married for a couple so

you have two anniversaries is that what

i just heard you say

well technically i mean we have like our

first date a bursary right which is an

important one for her and then we have

like our actual like this is when we’re

married anniversary uh all i hear all i

hear is two gifts that’s all i’m here

right well you’re gonna get a kick out

of this so here’s what we’re doing for


um wet our wedding anniversary

there’s this restaurant that we like

it’s not a fancy restaurant it’s sort of

like a middle of the road you know

casual place

called bj’s brew house and bj’s brew

house has secret shops

so for our anniversary we’re going to

bj’s brew house i have lined up a secret

shop and we are eating there for free

and getting paid 35

so our anniversary date for our marriage

isn’t costing us a dime now we’re not

doing that like i don’t want people to

think i’m like some cheap jerk off like

i was going to buy my wife a thousand

dollar ring or earlier last year and she

she said no i was also going to buy her

a g wagon those cars goes for like a

quarter million dollars and she was like

that’s silly i don’t need it right so

i’m i’m happy to spoil my wife like i

want to make that very clear but

we’re so focused on our goals that we’re

like hey if we can have fun and get paid

for the fun that we have

why not do that it’d be silly not to

yeah again this is an example of

enjoying life

and doing things that most don’t so do

me a favor i’ve never done a secret


is there like a website or a place

people can go to is there some secret

code word or handshake you need to know

where does this start so okay i’ll give

you the real quick version because the

truth is i have about 10 different

secret shopping companies that i’m a um

independent contractor for um i’ll give

you my my favorite one my favorite one

is a secret shopping company called

reality check mystery shopping

and you basically just

you set up a portal online takes a few

minutes you go look through all of the

assignments they have some will be to

restaurants some will be to movie

theaters to gas stations whatever and

you look at the days and the times that

you can go to these places and you

select the ones if any that you want to

go do and so i personally only choose

the ones that i’m going to do anyway or

that will give me some enjoyment and

then i’m like it’s like i’m getting it

for free it’s like if i’m going to do it

anyway it’s like it saves me money and

i’m going to get some enjoyment out of

it’s like i’m getting paid to do

something fun

what is the coolest secret shopping

thing you’ve ever done like oh my god i

can’t believe i was paid to do that

so i’ve done this three or four times my

wife and i went to a casino resort

and we had a secret shop to go

and um we got to the resort the hotel we

were reimbursed for by the ticket

shopping company for i believe three


um all of the food was reimbursed to us

all of the alcohol was uh reimbursed to


we had a gambling allowance of like 500

bucks and we got to keep all the winning

so they gave us here’s 500 to gamble

with you keep all the winnings and for

our time we got paid 350 dollars in

profits so a free weekend getaway at

this gorgeous resort

food entertainment drinks and money off

the top

all right you’re a genius that’s all i

have to say thank you

now do you i’m assuming you talk about

all these kinds of things on your

youtube channel is that fair to say

i do yes if you guys want to know more

about secret shopping i do have a

youtube channel it’s just my name todd

baldwin and i actually have a playlist

specifically for secret shopping and i

think the very first video is actually a

tutorial of all the different secret

shopping companies that i work with go

check them out

let me just say this a lot of you right

now should be hitting pause going to

todd when then finding that playlist


three things income

watching your expenses and investing

todd said the most important one is

watching your expenses and i got to

agree and if you can find a way to do

that and get paid you’re kind of doing

two at the same time so pretty cool

what do you want to talk about next

we’ve got two left so you focus on your

expenses you set your thermostat what

did you do next

yeah so once you establish your expenses

like hey i’m not going to spend more

than this no matter what i make then

focus on getting that income up because

if you can get to a life that’s

comfortable honest you know a set salary

or whatever and then you increase that

salary well now you’ve made this huge

delta of what you can invest which of

course is the third option so as far as

increasing your income goes i know this

won’t be for everyone but the best way

that i was able to do that is commission

sales and i know that not everybody

listening is a salesman i i get it most


they thought of cold calling they’d

rather get shot in the face

but like i

i literally like i told you about this i

had a 40 000 day where i came home with

a commission check of 40 grand in one


and i don’t know

another way to do that other than like

an incentive based job

yeah yeah again one of the things that i

recommend folks do again income is the

the next one is increase set the

thermostat don’t let that change olivia

and i got

very focused on that so uh if you can do

a commission-based job give it a shot it

is not for everyone it is definitely

high stress again i operated in an

environment where i could have been

fired every 90 days for lack of a

performance that’ll get your attention

um or you know there’s who says you

can’t get a second job i actually had i

worked seven days a week

i think for almost 18 it might have been

20 months i had my 40 hour a week

accounting job before i became a


and then i stay i kept my sears job

selling washers and dryers friday night

saturday sunday uh you can have a second

job it’s okay right you got to increase

it at least for a little bit so that you

can again do the third option which is

invest the difference is that fair to


yeah absolutely i mean i think you know

investing is like if you don’t invest

then it’s like the first two

you’re never going to get wealthy if you

don’t invest let me just say that but

the reason why i put it at number three

is i understand it’s um

sort of out of touch to tell people to

invest if they first don’t have a grasp

on their expenses right like if you work

a minimum wage job and you have four


and you literally have no money left

over at the end of the month it doesn’t

you know i’m not going to be that a-hole

that’s telling you oh well you should

invest your money right like

they don’t have any money to invest so

the first thing they got to do is

understand how to live on a budget

then stick to that budget even when

their income increases and then with

that delta take that and invest

eventually the money you make from your

investments will outweigh the money you

make from your job and then you can sort

of start to creep up your lifestyle a

little bit but not to the same ratio so

like if you make an extra you know five

thousand dollars per month let’s say

maybe you increase your lifestyle by one

thousand dollars per month so then you

have an extra four grand that you’re

investing right like it’s not about

being a miser it’s about keeping the

ratios in check

yeah i think this is all right i mean i

have a thing called get your money right

the first thing you got to do is budget

and i can’t i can’t tell you how many


i’ve asked how much do you spend every

month and they give me a number and i

said okay well now track it

i would say greater than 90 are off by

at least a thousand dollars

that’s a problem


again folks i i totally agree number one

for olivia and i to get started was

admitting that we had lifestyle of creep

and we were buying things we just didn’t

need so we had this need versus want

discussion then it was about increasing

income for me that was commissioned for

her it was bonuses or promotions even a

second job early early in this uh and

then lastly it’s investing in you know

finding assets that increases with

inflation and fixed rate debt all of

that stuff so i totally agree one more

time todd how can people find you

yes if you guys want to communicate with

me you can find me on instagram at todd

j baldwin i’m pretty good at getting

back to people in a timely manner and

then if you want to check out my youtube

it’s just my name todd baldwin i talk

about all things personal finance

including secret shopping and investing

and growing your wealth

folks you need to check out todd bugwell

he’s doing things that a lot of us

should be doing if you’re struggling not

having enough income but you still want

to have a date night

todd baldwin just told you how to do it

thanks buddy thank you

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