How to Manage Repair Coordination for your Rental Units. Can you Outsource Task, Track Work, Costs?

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good morning good afternoon good evening

folks michael super one rinse atlanta

time back with the ceo of hemline how

you doing dana

i’m great thanks for having me michael

absolutely one of the things that new


need to go through unfortunately is

repair requests and i know this has been

a big feature and enhancements in the

himalayan application so why don’t you

show our audience what that might look

like and again remember folks you have a

30-day trial you can practice this as


yeah and and one thing that’s exciting

that i’m going to show you today with

the repair dashboard is how it looks on

our side so what our team does for you

and part of the reason for that is um no

one knows your asset as well as you do

your house what historical requests were

all of that and so one of the questions

i hear that comes up often is well how

are you going to manage the repair

requests and help me manage them um

so that um you know the property is well

taken care of especially if

you guys are a larger company with you

know 14 000 rental units um so that’s

what i’m going to show you today and i’m

just going to go into here to show you

what we do so

you can still be involved in your own

dashboard log in

put comments to our team

and you can also um

hide the comments from the tenants so

you can tell us how you want something

managed um but your tenants can call us

24 7. we’ll help troubleshoot repair

requests initiate service professionals

follow exactly what your process is from

that perspective um so this is like a

this is a demo account of on something

we’re just launching um but here is what

you’ll see is this is um the weather so

a lot of times tenants will come and say

like hey the weather stripping in this

case this request down here is for the

weather stripping to the garage door

that it’s coming off and i’m worried

about rain and this needs to be fixed

asap well we can tell right here that

there’s rain and snow on february 3rd so

this would be a risk but then it’s clear

skies so we might not need to get it

fixed and dispatch immediately this

might be something that can wait four

days or so we also have it with the

repair coordinator it’s assigned to is

always the same percent so what

essentially will happen is if you have

someone assigned to your property unless

they’re on vacation or something they’ll

continue to get assigned the same exact

person we’ll have review times here so

you could basically say here like we’re

going to um

this is um

an older request i’ll do 2022. this is

the next time that we’re going to review

this and so we’ll have in here you know

what we’re when we’re going to look at

this next um and i can just mark it as

reviewed when i’ve reviewed it that way

they’re reviewing it every day and

making sure things are moving forward i

like it we have here here in our system

everything about who you are

so um we can’t see obviously your your

card on file that’s going to be charged

for repairs but we see everything from

what our tenant responsibilities

additional instructions you have tenants

in the property who’s living in the

property property info here um and your

service professional preferences of who

you want to go out and at what point you

want us to send our team so we have all

of this in here

one of the other important things is we

see all of your other requests open for

you this property and if it’s

multi-family so you have a four unit

we’ll see them for the other units

within the property as well all are you

know one and that way we can kind of see

oh hey there’s two plumbing requests

we’ll send out the same plumber at the

same time we’re not going to dispatch

and have two service calls for you

and then we can also look at closed

requests and see the history as well so

we have all of that in here um for us to

look at and we can

add new requests at any time

then here’s the actual request so

someone’s request the owner can see this

as well but we’re going to go through

and add updates here we can say owner

only so we could just to reach out to

you and ask you something that the

tenants don’t see like hey do you even

want to get this fixed this is you know

discretionary now weather stripping

should be fixed but if it’s something

like um you know scratch on the wall

that would be something that’s

discretionary so they can see that then

you can also see here you could select

this and go through and see the service

professional who it is how much they

charge our updates to them

estimates and voices and photos so you

can see all of this in here

and this really helps us um from looking

at things at like the high level here

for your property and then drilling down

into the request really gives us a

glimpse and insight into exactly what

needs to happen um next and so that we

can do that for you even as more

requests come in or you build up more

properties we can still have the same

person managing that and understanding

you understanding your tenants your

property etc

yeah there’s so much in here this is why

i’m so happy that you have that 30-day

trial because people can go in and again

they need to practice a lot of new

investors get excited about the buy

but yeah the buy is such a moment in

time it certainly needs to be celebrated

don’t get me wrong but you are going to

own these likely and hopefully for

decades to come so you need to practice

72 percent of mom and pop landlords

self-manage you guys need to get in here

and practice i ask for 20 minutes a day

to look at your market if you want to

practice being a landlord get in here

get the 30-day trial uh you have a pdf

in my free course and actual videos in

my paid course so

get in here folks and practice being a


yep yeah and then with this um what will

happen is you will still be the landlord

and the one who has all of that um

decision and control making power but

this gives you slightly more freedom

where you can basically have our team

help um be kind of your back end office

like your admin take calls help um reach

out to folks without you feeling like


locked into um keeping your phone on 24

  1. um you can be a bit more passive

while still learning and being involved

and actually seeing how we respond to

things to be like oh they said you know

um to get a space heater because the

heat’s out or something i need to

remember that and i’ll do that next time

as well i’m so adding that level of



that’s amazing stuff david thank you

very much for doing that again if

somebody wanted the 30-day trial where

should they go

yeah go to www.hemlane.com

and you can go there and try everything

we’ve multiple packages based on how

involved you want to be very cool dave

thank you very much thanks for your time

we’ll talk in a couple weeks

great thanks michael

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