HOW TO MAKE MORE MORE MONEY in 2022. How to Increase Income with Day Job and Start Side Hustle NOW

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good morning good afternoon good evening

folks michael zuber one rental at a time

back with his monday guest and great

friend of the channel and just all

around nice guy mr greg dickerson how

you doing sir doing great michael good

to see you i love that background it’s

making me feel uh happy to be inside

because that looks cold yeah i love i

love zoom i got a new um updated

computer that can now do virtual

backgrounds so i’ve been playing around

with all kinds of different virtual

backgrounds yeah it’s that’s a good one

they look real yeah yeah sometimes

people get on zooms and you move around

and it’s all

you know you can tell it’s fake yours

are great i can’t tell yeah

so hey what i want you to do here greg

because again it goes it goes back to

your story of trucking a toolbox right

our first conversation i don’t know

seemingly two years ago maybe even two

and a half

and that is under the context of well

you know what we’re coming up on another

year in

lots of people are going to talk about

new year’s resolution a lot of those

resolutions are either going to be about

losing weight or making more money so

we’re going to talk about the making

more money i have some ideas but i

thought i would ask you the expert the

entrepreneur if you’re sitting here you

have a w-2 you have a job

and you know your desire is to make more


what are some things you might tell


yeah yeah and you know let’s do a bonus

episode today on you know like what we

talked about goals versus plan the whole

resolution thing and all that because

resolutions are worthless so you know

let’s do one on what is actually real

that people can put to work and change

their lives or their situation but you

know going back to what you said you

know how can people make more money

number one is you have to you got to

educate yourself right there’s a lot of

ways you can make money

you know you can invest in stocks you

can invest in crypto you can invest in

real estate you can start a business a

lot of different ways to make money but

none of those will make you money the

only thing that’s going to make you

money is the is the information that you

have the education so you have to get

the education first you have to learn

something if you want more money then

you have to develop more skills you have

to develop more knowledge we live in a

knowledge based economy now a you know

an expert based economy and you know the

highest paying jobs oftentimes are skill

you know type uh

you know type positions

so number one you got to develop those

skills to earn more money and then you

got to look at okay is it a business

there’s a couple of ways to earn more

money in business you either become more

profitable you add more customers or you

become more profitable per customer

if you’re talking about at your job you

need to increase your income and the way

you do that there’s never been a better

time to ask for a raise than right now

but the key is where people often make

mistakes asking for raises is they come

and say hey i’ve been here a year i

think i deserve a raise yeah and my

response to that is always what are you

doing today differently than you did the

day you were hired one year ago is there

any increase in value to the company

that justifies your income increase now

again today’s very different because

most companies are struggling for good

employees and if you’re a good employee

meaning you’re the first one in last one

out nobody has to ever follow up on you

ask you for things you’re adding value

to the company to your boss to all of

the other people around you and that’s

extremely important if nobody has to

follow up on you if you’re the person

that people know hey when i talk to

michael it’s done i don’t have to think

about it that’s a rare quality these

days very difficult to find people you

do not have to follow up on that you do

not have to like check up on things like

that so you want to be the person that

everybody knows you will get it done

when something

is assigned to you and more importantly

it shouldn’t even have to be assigned to

you take the initiative and say hey this

needs to be done i’m just going to do it

you know here’s a way that we can

increase revenue so

if you’re an employee instead of going

to your boss and say hey i’ve been here

a year i’ve been here five years


go to your employer say hey here’s how i

can increase revenue and profit from the

company and in exchange for that i would

like to share and here’s how i think

that would be a fair exchange for both

of us i’d like an increase in salary

here and then i’d like a percentage of

what i can bring to the bottom line

every company’s different every

situation is different you know so if

you’re in human resources your metrics

are going to be a little bit different

that’s not necessarily

a revenue center although if you retain

employees in a large company in human

resources you’re saving the company

money from training and that expense and

things so in every department there’s a

way that you can become more

entrepreneurial where you can add to the

bottom line or add to the top line which

should increase the bottom line so think

in terms of number one increase your

skill sets increase the value that you

can bring and then be the dependable

type of person that nobody has to follow

up on nobody has to ask really you know

for you take the initiative and get

things done

whether it’s business whether it’s a job

or whatever that’s how you increase your


yeah when i think about this question

because again you’re i’m going to get a

lot i kind of see three things one is

you’re you are most people watching this

are employees today so as you’re right

right i was a hiring manager for the


i don’t know 12 years of my career and

today is the best time if you want to

get a raise and everything you said is

right on the other thing i want to

remind you


most of the time the company you are at

they’re going to give you three four

five percent if they want to keep you

that doesn’t really help you when

inflation is 10 as i’ve calculated the

reality is you will make the most money

you will see the biggest jump if you

change employers you have a set of skill

set and experience i guarantee you in

this super super tight labor market you

will get a much bigger raise a much

bigger kick if you are being

uncomfortable and going somewhere else

it’s just the realities of where we are

today it will not always be this way

uh but that is something that is a fact

today so that’s for the people that have

at least know what that offer is so that

when you talk to your employer you can

say look i’d be i’d love to stay but

this is what they’re offering over here

plus growth yeah and then your employer

can you know look to match that or just

say look we just can’t do that yeah no

absolutely and then i want to talk about

side hustles because this is something

that was important this is something

that i have now done several different

times after i quit but i think more

people should do it what i have found is

it has never been a better time greg to

find your passion your hobby your

interest something you’ve already been

doing for a decade and try to monetize


while you’re working right so again it’s

something that you should enjoy doing

it’s not extra it should it should be a

good time for you

so when i challenge people i did a i did

a 45 day challenge where step one is

make more money what i want you to do is

a document whatever your hobby or

interest is use cars


whatever it is

making peanut butter and jelly

sandwiches i don’t care that’s step one

step two i want you to go find three

social media

influencers doing that today because one

of the things you you will see today in

social media is there’s lots of niches

there’s riches in the niches so go find

three people that are already doing that

or something similar and figure out what

they are doing and then

go do that

uh and again this is something you

should do while you are working so again

you could build up your side hustle and

again some of you your life changes with

an extra 500 a month

might as well make that with something

you are truly passionate about something

you’re having fun with because the first

year greg is hard

after that it kind of grows on itself

but the first year is hard so that’s

something i’m challenging people with

what do you think

yeah absolutely i’ve got a course on

that how to you know how to start a you

know online entrepreneurship course

teaching you how to start a virtual

business and it can be like you said it

could be a hobby um it could be a

passion it could it could be a skill

again number one you need to develop a

skill um

and number two what’s the problem you’re

solving and then look at that what

you’re talking about the hobby niche out

there i mean you know people pay for all

kinds of different things in terms of

you know information on you know

gardening cooking

puzzles i mean all kinds of different

hobbies that you’re good at scuba diving

whatever it is people are looking for

information and products yeah so there’s

a couple of ways you can do it one is

you can you know sell information in

terms of you know how to be better at or

how to do something different or you

know whatever it is and then there’s the

products where you can become you know

like you’re talking about an influencer

you can create a social media channel

where you know you sell products that

other people make you know or you you

know combine things and create a product

and go out there and i’ll tell you one

of the one of the neatest resources for

people to look at in terms of you know

ways that you can make a lot of money on

side hustles one of them is uh their

cnbc has a series called make it cnbc

make it so if you check that out there

are stories about people all over the

world that have done exactly that taking

hobbies and you know doing different

things about it if you’re a writer you

know you can write you know do

copywriting and write ads email

campaigns you can be a freelance you

know journalist and you know go do

articles for different publications you

know online offline you know


um you know you could be a freelance

photographer you can do website you know

bill you can build websites graphic

design editing video editing you know

podcast guest i mean you can make money

just booking people on podcasts you know

things like that you know you talk about

an extra 500 a month you can make an

extra 5 000 to 10 000 a month part-time

yeah you still have a full-time job with

benefits doing these things that i’m

talking about the hobby gig is a little

different um you know depending on what

that hobby is and how valuable that

skill that you have is in the

marketplace and the other products so

you can you know sell around it but

there’s people out there that are you

know making 10 to you know 100 000 a

month doing the hobby you know uh

business thing it becomes more full-time

obviously you grow sure but from a side

hustle standpoint you can easily bring

in a thousand to ten thousand a month

virtually without having to leave your

house doing those types of things yeah

again i think it’s never been a better

time to monetize your particular hobby

and again the the step one of my

challenge and again if you watch the

video it came out on sunday yesterday

find three influencers that are

interested in your niche

and copy them it is really that simple

greg you have a a great online presence

you obviously have this course where can

people find it yeah gregdickerson.com my

youtube channel podcast everything is

there all my courses greg dickerson.com

thanks buddy i appreciate it

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