How to Get Started? Why this Simple and Straight Forward Real Estate Investing Advice Work So Well?

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good morning good afternoon good evening

folks michael zuber one rental at a time

it is time for the three amigos how you

guys doing today how you doing matt i’m

super awesome ready to do this it was a

photo finish oh dude i got to tell you

this is like the one this is the last

time we’re talking all year i mean wow

what’s up with that

dion how you doing man

howdy i’m doing great ready for round

one i actually really look forward to

thursdays yeah this is this is fun for

me i i have a good time even if nobody

watches them so it works for me

hey so one of the things i wanted to do

in my first episode is

i know all of us have good intentions i

know all of us give away our time i know

all of us are helping i know all of you

have contributed to how

how to get started one rental at a time

right the course price is going up lots

of people have thought about it but they

won’t for whatever reason

and i thought what we would do is i just

share with you some quotes that i got

over the last week maybe 10 days now

because they meant a lot to me and i

think as two contributors and two guys

who care i think

i think you’re going to enjoy him as

well you ready to go


all right so here we go let’s do this

does one is one of the is one of the

quotes i laughed i cried i bought some

real estate

no it’s not but

it really could be

all right so let’s see uh here we go a

little bigger okay all right so they i

originally built this slide because i

was basically trying to create something


i wanted to thank the audience for all

they’ve done and all their nice notes

and all of that stuff but the more and

more i collected these i was like people

just need to see these so uh here’s the

first one again i’m going to read this

because this may show up in my podcast

as well this is me back in this is me in

mexico back in april after i first

bought zuber’s book read the book on his

trip came home bought the course got to

work learned my market wrote offers

closed out a great deal in september

think about that april to september

one rental at a time really does work

this was a lifelong dream of mine zubra

broke it down for us i listened to him

and he led me the promised land i’m so

damn grateful i know this is the first

of many and one day i too will be

financially free my children will be set

up and i’ll have a wealth of knowledge

to give love you all stay grinding slow

and steady wins the race

matt what do you think

love it i mean that’s you know this

that’s why we all do what we do we don’t

do it because of how much money we’re

all paid yeah no

you know i mean it’s like and quite

frankly like even if it was like you

know some of these other you know uh

crisis channels that’s dirty money you

know that’s dirty money that’s just

dirty gross money so i’m i’m all about

things like this where i mean that’s why

we do it honestly like this is why we do

it we want to help people have financial

freedom and help people see things a

different way and again at the end of

the day


there’s even the other side of this too

which is still somebody took action and

even if they never bought anything even

if they said you know what

it just doesn’t feel right for me

awesome you at least are now fully in

the position at least you tried

exactly so i you know i like what we

talk about a lot which is

winning isn’t buying the deal winning is

doing the work understanding if it’s a

fit for you understanding if this is how

you want to do life

and if it is awesome and if it isn’t

just as good just as good focus

somewhere else

yeah i agree dion any thoughts on this

well i like what he says about finding

the book and from april to september

closing on a deal i found your

information in 2018 after i’d been

investing for several years and when i

was reading through the book i thought

this is everything i did and had i seen


i would have understood what i was doing

and not made about half the mistakes i

did and had like a chronology to it yeah


that’s one of the great things about

having your course is

from start to finish here’s the

information when you have

over 5000 videos on your channel and you

watch all of them yes you can absorb all

of this information but if you take the

course it’s it’s just funneled down to

exactly what you need to do stuff like


yeah for me this was this is probably

how most people

uncover us right for me it’s you find me

on youtube right five thousand plus

videos five a day yes folks five a day

make sure by the way you like subscribe

comment let’s uh let’s get these videos

out to more and more people so i’m gonna

start saying like and subscribe more

because i always forget so first thing

is you find me then you buy my books 15


you realize that’s hey that’s their 15th

story but i don’t know how they did it

and then that’s where the course comes

in today it’s it’s 2.99 tomorrow will be

significantly higher so


yeah and again sort of like what you

said matt for me it’s

stop being a spectator get the course do

the work

then if you like it

then you write offers and if you write

out an offer and it gets accepted you

get a great deal so

um and also this is not like hey i read

it april i did a deal in may this took

months as it should take months so

this this just feels like

when i read this i was like

perfect i was like yeah yes it says it

says all the things that we would hope

to see from somebody yeah put in the

effort yep there we go so here’s another


uh hi michael just wanted to let you

know that i read your book and the

message do the work hit home i analyze

mls properties every day for two months

and was able to buy a property below

market value in dallas fort worth

thank you again and you can add me to

the county people you helped with all

your content happy holidays to you and

your family my email and i i cut off his

email but again

right do the work write this damn hat

that i’m not going to wear all the time

it was it was really nice of you to cut

out uh reventure consulting’s email


it was really nice of you that’s really

nice that’s a good that’s a you know

what that’s a that’s a big man move

there man

well done well done i mean i’m glad that

he finally did the work i mean i wonder

if his channel tune is going to change a

little bit now that he has some rental

property but uh yeah i actually heard

that guy left texas because he couldn’t

do a deal he wasn’t able to do the work

i knew he was trying in austin really

hard i don’t know if he’s actually in

oklahoma i knew that i’d heard some of

that but he might actually be in dallas

but yeah so but yeah but like i said i

mean this is you know this is the stuff

that you want to see every single day

because quite frankly you know

clearly if money is the motivator for us

none of us would be on youtube yeah no

exactly you know and i i love what

deanna and i had talked about a couple

of times um you know regarding our you

know his his smaller audience my much

smaller audience but one of the things

that i think is really kind of funny was

somebody was giving me a hard time about

you know the size of my audience this

number of subscribers and i said think

of it this way i’ll try and help you


if i have to say the same thing 300


it’s not that’s not scalable so if i

have an experience that i had that i can

put out there and have 300 900 1000 1500

2 000 people see it that’s far more

uh efficient in with my time and so for

us it was i know for all of us it was

never about fame it was you know dion

said something awesome on his live

stream on tuesday which was

everything i want to create i want to

create evergreen content

you know and that’s where it’s like you

know even even if dion decides to go on

you know 12 month vacations every year

and never get in front of a camera again

a bunch of stuff on his channel will be

good forever it’s not just a snapshot in

time yeah

dion what do you think well i like this


thanks for that matt but i like this

comment because

i bought a property under

market yeah

if you don’t know your market you don’t

know what’s under market exactly and one

of the things i like um

so i watch graham stefan meet kevin and

their first couple of years their

content was great because they focused

on real estate and scalable

real estate investing yeah

but i’ve heard both of them recently say

kevin says there are no wedge deals

because there’s too much competition

which means they’re not doing the work

to know what what is an outstanding deal

yeah graham actually said he was trying

to make evergreen content but all he

ever said was you’ve got to find it so

far below the area average that he just

can’t find those anymore so he’s not

investing in real estate

those deals exist all they do you have

to be looking every day

yeah that’s what happens when we make a

million dollars or in case i mean kevin

three million dollars a month you don’t

look very hard for real estate you just

create the next video and

or or even worse you’re dave ramsey and

you make 10 million dollars a year and

you just go

only buy in cash it doesn’t make any

sense to ever use debt you know

yeah just continue with the really

really really bad real estate investing


yeah the other the other thing i like

about this is what i promise my course

to do because i don’t tell you to pick

markets this is one thing i i will never

do right pick whatever market you want

what i will teach you is how to learn

average and then once you know average

you can find below market deals

it takes time it takes work it’s not

easy you can’t do it part time

right graham stefan can’t do it between

this and that meet kevin certainly can

he’s doing 17 videos a day

so yeah i mean this makes me feel good

if you do the work every day that’s

another one i get all the time is

michael i can’t do it every day you

don’t understand but i’ll give you four

hours on saturday i’m like


it’s not gonna work if you found if

there was a deal that was that below

market guess what it’s already gone it’s

under contract with two backups yeah

exactly and you’ll never see it because

yeah exactly you’ll never you’ll never

see it ever again all right here’s

another one

closed on number four yesterday 2-1 with

a loft will probably turn into another

bedroom 28 to 5. so it’s a fixer 35k

rehab rents eight to 850 110 to

  1. hey guys i’m talking here

uh next door to my other three

properties by the block michael’s over

your inspire encourage drive and scold

uh actually i think matt’s gold i prod

all of us to do better and learn our

markets couldn’t have done it without

you you helped me learn my market and

didn’t even have to run this through the

spreadsheet before because knowing it’s

a great deal i was able to do the math

in my head that’s what you’re trying to

get to time to get number five thank you

for all and your experts for everything

you do this is

this is something that i think makes my


completely unique i have eight

multi-millionaires one rental at a time

may start with me but it’s eight other

experts that come back every single week

and i it’s just so awesome so dm what do

you think about this one

the bur method is a method basically

that was talked about here i don’t know

if he’s going to do a refi at the end


a lot of people talk about starting with


i like that this person is it’s their

fourth deal they know enough of the

basics they have the general knowledge

down they know how long a rehab is going

to take they know how to do the lending

so all of these numbers look great on a

fourth deal or the fifth deal i wouldn’t

i wouldn’t suggest say you know jump in

and start with a deal like this because

this person knows 35 000 you’re probably

gonna be able to estimate on your fourth

deal on your first deal that can be

anywhere from ten thousand to ninety

thousand if you’re thinking it’s thirty

five thousand oh i agree so this is

beautiful yeah


uh this is the point that this is where

you go get from going a or becoming

an entry-level investor to becoming a

good investor yeah good investors

don’t have to look at their spreadsheet

exactly but it speaks to you right

you’ve done it enough times exactly you

walk it and you’re just like

okay yep we’re good

yep oh need anything nope nope let’s

just bring up let’s get a pns going and

let’s figure out how what strategy we’re

going to use to uh to win this

yeah and again

again for me the number four is

important because again i think four is

something everybody could do and for me

it’s a decision point right go from zero

to one

if you like one go to four

you can stop at four but if you like

four you keep moving forward so

uh i like everything about this one yeah

i like what you said about you can stop

at four in the fire community that

financial independence retire early a

lot of people talk about barista fire

where you have enough investments to

where if you worked part-time you would

be fine you would eventually have enough

cash flow to where you can retire at the

regular age

just by working part time between now

and then if you get to four

that might not be exactly enough to be

very financially free but in 30 years

with the rent increases and the

mortgages being paid off

that is a really good retirement without

even adding other rentals yeah no more

rentals no 401k no social security no


it’s it’s going to be a big part of it

pretty much no matter where you live so

i agree

happy holidays followed one rental at a

time for a couple of years now and had

set a goal of getting to four in two

years 20 20 and 21. ooh good for you

those are tough years i now have five

having closed on the fifth one last

month got my postcard good for you

looking for six seven eight next year

following various tragic strategies bird

tired landlords etc

uh dion we’ll go with you again

i like i’d like the uh

learning how to do this in those two


it’s going to be so much easier oh other

years i mean there could be other black

swan events but sure if you learned how

to successfully buy rentals in the last

18 months

you have the skills you’re about to be

elite i think yeah right


yeah matt what about you

uh this exactly follows what i talk

about which is now this guy is now going

from or this person is now going from

good which is the previous one with just

being able to walk it and see what the

deal is

to now getting to great which is now you

can see what the deal is but now you’re

also looking at other strategies yep

right agreed and then elite is going to

be when you can do math in your head

even on a bur

also doing different number of

strategies also closing volume

and also doing this in multiple asset

classes and then you’re good at that

that’s elite but this is this is going

from good to becoming a great investor

and now each deal that they do is

probably going to be bet six seven and

eight are gonna be better deals than one

through five yeah and again if you don’t

know what he’s talking about with cards

these are the cards i give out i have a

contest running from june 1st last year

to may 31st of this year trying to see

if i can help 500 people this weekend

gentlemen i believe we’re going to get

over 400 so both of you are going to be

writing a check probably in the next 90


so we can give some money away to a food

bank which is going to be fun

as my cfo always says in our

compensation meetings make me write the

check exactly make me write the check uh

here’s another one check with velocity

thank you again again something i do on

the channel as i bring in other experts

or things that help me so again

velocities helped me done some refi’s on

30-year money on offices

we were able to work a deal with two

single-family homes in a duplex aka a

portfolio or blanket loan uh we are

scheduled to close before the end of i


into this year i will let you know when

that happens for now just a huge word of

thank you for the wisdom and guidance

the course was a huge blessing to us and

no spectators here doing the work daily

regardless of where i am in the world

how awesome is that

matt you want to go

that’s just that’s that’s just

mike so i’ve been doing this for 20

years coming up on 21 years

i’ve never done a deal like that yet

there you go like i’ve never done a deal

like that yet this is this again these

are the things that you know you add to

your repertoire and what it does is it

drastically increases the number of

opportunities that you’re going to get


and it’s just like you know just like

what we’ve done you know for for decades

in our software careers where it was

smile and dial right

and it was just like it was you know

asses in the seats and call outs and

that equaled the number of demos and

that equal the number of deals yeah and

it’s the same thing in this case it’s

the more you look at the more you

understand your market the more you’re

looking at the the houses that then turn

into the different assets that then turn

into being able to do the math in your


i mean and this is i mean again

she is well on her way i’m just basing

that on the picture in the lower left

hand corner yeah i think it’s fair


i think

like maybe he’s that passionate about

his girlfriend i don’t know but but this

is what we’re talking about when we look

at you know people getting to that elite


and then you have created a skill that’s

good for the rest of your life

this is and you can do this whether

you’re 40

60 or even 75.

  1. you can do this who knows if you

want to do any work at that point right

you know hopefully you did it a little

bit earlier but yeah this is this is

what we do this for i mean and and i’m

jealous i have never done a deal like

that i’ve never done a three three

property deal that’s awesome i gotta go

yeah you’re out of here you gotta go to

work i’m gonna go do one of those dm

what do you think thanks

i like that this is a different strategy

getting you know different properties

other than traditional lending right off

the mls one property

we talk often about doing the work and

usually we associate that with if you do

the work every day and you’re putting

that you know 15 to 20 minutes you’re

going to know your market so you’ll

recognize a property when it stands out

but the doing the work every day also


running the numbers enough to where it’s

in your head yeah having this be second

nature to where you you can you know the

area average rents in the area that

you’re investing without having to do a

whole bunch of research each time you

look at a property

so when something like this stands out

and you

you see the good the good deal

then you know it’s worth pursuing with

creative financing to come up with this


yeah and then the other thing i like

about this one is um

anywhere in the world i mean this one

hits me hard because again as i the last

decade of my career i was i was often on

two continents a week

most weeks like three weeks out of the

month i would be on at least multiple

continents so the ability to do things


really means something to me that’s what

i tried to build right i tried to i

tried to put out there it doesn’t matter

where you’re sleeping you’re the

go get the deal do the work move forward


pretty cool stuff

next one uh let’s move this out of the

way because it’s a little bit too big

here we go so the vegas market is hard

but proud to say that our daughter has

learned from you thanks to one rental

and time she bought her first home hack

you two guys

she got a four bedroom with three

roommates and a 2.35 that’s a lower

interest rate than i’ve ever gotten she

keeps saying it’s free money yeah emt

that has fought her way through school

to graduate laude during covent and

a single mom can’t wait till we find the

next great deal guys

without you this doesn’t happen you two

have brought house hacking to my channel

i have no experience with it i want to

thank both you matt and dion

for doing this uh your you two guys are

changing lives as part of the one rental

at a time community so uh matt you’re on

my screen first why don’t you go first


isn’t that ridiculous what the hell

that is free money do they leave a sack

of cash in the living room for you too

yeah like michael this is awesome and

here’s the crazy thing right

raised by a single mom

love it

worked hard to get through school to

make something more of herself

love it even more

this deal will mean more to her than her

job ever will financially speaking

i mean

she’s livid for free

mike it’s unbelievable

like she’s probably not only she’s she

probably living for free she’s probably

making money living there every month

i mean and this reminds me of dion story

i won’t go into dion story because he

can cover it but like it this is awesome

yeah pretty cool dion

it’s really weird that before we buy a

house most people are comfortable with

having roommates you go to college you

have roommates you

move out of your parents house and you

start a career in whatever job you can’t

afford the rents you can’t afford the

deposit so you usually have roommates

everybody’s fine with people helping us

pay someone else’s mortgage

something in our brains switches when we

buy the house and we’re paying the

mortgage all of a sudden most people

don’t want to have roommates because we

don’t want to have people help us pay

our own mortgage

so this is a brilliant strategy i think

it like matt said this is going to be

something that impacts her more than

probably her career does

financially for her whole life yeah so a

couple things kind of wrapping up on

this one for me why it is so important

first and foremost something i do with

one rental at a time is i immediately

don’t know things and i don’t talk about

what i don’t know since you you both

brought house hacking to the channel

self-management to the channel uh matt

you brought four three two one to the

channel right it’s probably a way a lot

of 20 somethings will become

millionaires have 10 units at the end of


self management this is

when i see quotes like this it might be

credited to one rental at a time

but this is all youtube this is dion

talk this is lumberjack landlord this is

not me this is definitely youtube so

thank you from

me to you and

you’re helping you

you guys are helping so many people it’s


happy to do it awesome next uh good

morning michael i’m proud to announce

one rental at a time and your fantastic

work has helped me close on another

house my second only two more to go

obviously trying to get to four thank

you so much for your dedicated work and

diligence from the morning financial

report daily life changing content i

hope you not only get to 1 million

people i hope you get to 100 million wow

that’d be pretty cool uh during your



that’s good during your life now and far

beyond your life the impact you’re

having will continue and i can’t thank

you enough you’re helping change my

family’s trajectory dion what do you


i think the scalability of this is great

the more people that we can get this

information to as your channel grows as

your podcast grows you know that third

book that you’re working on

i’m waiting for the second one to be


well as soon as this voice comes back i

had you saw it a minute ago i had to

close off the camera so i could almost

die for a minute there but once i have a

voice back yes

the only spleen on the floor

yeah but again this is why we do this

together this is why both of you are on

my channel more than anyone else’s

we’re just kind of in this together and


i think we’re moving this rock together


i i’m i’m thrilled that you know again

in this

i’m thrilled in this you know in this

text or yeah text um

what i love is

number one they’re looking at their next

deal yeah number one number two is

they’re saying you know what let me just

get to four and then see how i then see

yeah right number two which is let’s not

build to a hundred let’s not think that

i i’ve always feel like i’m behind like

that works for some people’s

personalities but that doesn’t work for

most people’s personalities yeah that

that works when you’re broken like me

yeah or me yeah it does not work when

you’re a healthy mentally healthy person

you know when you’re broken like me

you’re just like i’m always behind

and so this is awesome they’re very it’s

it’s slow and slow is smooth and smooth

as fast it’s very measured and it they

really understand and this is one of the

things that you know when i looked at it

in my 20s


largely speaking my name meant nothing

my name meant nothing my family legacy

was really nothing i was just another


and that was the goal for my family was

i wanted to put my family on a different


and the only way that i could do that




not being put in the position where i

didn’t have enough for my family and for

my kids to do what they wanted to be

able to do and even for me and for my

wife i didn’t want to work until i was

65 or 70 years old even if it wasn’t

software i didn’t want to live my life

one quarter at a time like mike you’ve

seen it you know the guys carrying bags

for 35 years oh kill me now no like put

me out to pasture like the fact that i’m

still living my life one quarter at a

time in my 60s oh dear god pass

pass it’s such a hard life it’s such a

hard lifestyle

you know because you’re con it’s just

the constant grind so the fact that

again it really encapsulates in this

text you know really understanding

the slow is smooth and smooth is fast

understanding that let me just get to

that next one and in the grand picture

it’s only four

and then really understanding that it’s

not these sacrifices that you’re making

from a time perspective and the

sacrifices that you’re making from uh

well i couldn’t do this family event or

i couldn’t do that family event yeah

you’re investing your time you’re

investing your time and sometimes you’re

gonna miss those as a landlord sometimes

i’ve missed those and i’ve had to leave

because xyz happened well guess what

that’s like but it changed the

trajectory of my family and that’s what

was most important to me yeah real quick

before dion goes one thing i want to

remind you folks if you’re still

watching this i need you to like

subscribe comment and most importantly


i cannot help a million people by myself

i can help ten thousand the only way we

get to a million or heaven forbid a

hundred million is if you start sharing

the content inviting others in social

media or bigger pockets or whatnot to

come check it out we produce five videos

a day all evergreen content because we

are looking to help you yes five videos

yes i know it’s a lot uh dion any


i tried to do a video at a friend’s

house with a dog too and the dog did not

like me talking to a camera yeah

we were both going

that’s funny

yeah i like in this comment and in most

of them these are obviously people who

watch a lot of your content especially

that that daily update

there even investors that have been

investing a long time and in my opinion

are successful

learn from that in 2020

i sat back and thought prices are going

up so much i was paying 150 000 a unit

that’s 175 now i can’t find any place

worth buying

but in one of your daily updates you

talked about interest rates impacting

cost instead of just price and that was

like a light bulb that came on to me


almost 10 years of investing when i

heard that and the next deal i picked up

was over 175 000 a unit but it had a 17

cash on cash return instead of the 10 i

was shooting for i wouldn’t have even

looked for that if i wasn’t watching the

daily content so

a lot of people are being impacted by

that i appreciate that thank you

uh hi michael this summer i read your

book that’s how lots of people uncover

me one rental at a time it’s a great

motivation since then i’m following you

here on youtube gaining every day a bit

more knowledge and rental properties

although i live in sweden

folks always ask does this apply

somewhere else uh oh i live in sweden

and here things work a bit different

than the u.s you really had great impact

on my goals for financially free future

and today i signed for my first

four apartment block i’m guessing four

plex i’ve gone directly from having

nothing to this and i’m so look forward

to seeing what the future will bring and

all things i will be learning in the new

chapter thanks a lot for your energy how

cool is that


so there probably are some countries

where the rules make it challenging

but someone is investing in someone else

successfully figure out the strategy

that works in that market and then apply

the same concepts doing the work

learning average figuring out the rules

and how lending works there

um i’ve been on the show and you should

i should probably introduce the two of

you a canadian investing in the united


and he’s got a pretty good portfolio he

lives in canada obviously invests here

i’ve purchased some duplexes from

somebody who was um

from china and they were offloading i

think they were affiliating three of

their 12 and i picked up one

um so there are people that are from

other countries investing successfully

here but there are people in other

countries using this same information to

invest where they’re at

um like i said i think doing the work

the key for me is doing the work what is

a buy box

and then learning average those three

anchors of my strategy those work

everywhere then there’s lending rules

and landlord rules that are admittedly

different but the basics the the nut of

one rental at a time really is

everywhere i think so matt what do you


i mean your course probably isn’t too

popular in moscow yeah probably probably


no idea never looked yeah

but you know i think that i mean this

speaks to it which is

you know the core of what’s there it’s

much more concepts and then taking those

concepts to the market that you’re in

as opposed to you know this is the way

to do it right so i think that that’s

important that people can glean from

that and just because it’s in the u.s

market doesn’t mean it doesn’t work

anywhere else

probably works plenty of other places i

think people just have to i mean


what’s really funny is so somebody said

something to me and they were like

somebody left a nasty reaction on one of

the videos that i had done talking about

somebody that was charging five bucks in

their super chats

for people to get an opinion on a

property i said so let me get this right

just just so i’m clear

you invested five dollars

in your entire financial future

to give you an understanding of whether

or not you should be investing in real


i hope you lose


take it more seriously take it more

seriously this is something name

anything else

that can change your life where there

isn’t a massive investment of your time

effort and energy just name it whatever

it is even if it’s your gifts talents

and abilities that you’re finding a way

to monetize guess what you still have

spent probably thousands of hours doing

that thing that now you can monetize and

put somewhere else

that’s how this works that’s how it

works and so when i look at that it’s

just again it’s one of those things


this investment is you having to do some

work and yeah the book cost you 15 bucks

okay like yeah all right but but the

difference is it’s not some screen

telling you yeah that’s a great market

and here’s what your yields are going to

be in this is how you should do it and

no you’re not going to get that like why

don’t i just hand hold you through it

like you’re not going to get that from

anywhere anyone and if you do it’s

probably 10 grand so if you want to be

super lazy and get somebody to spend ten

and spend ten thousand bucks on

something like that fine but all you got

to do is read the book and that helps

you qualifying or qualify out it’s 15

bucks yeah totally agree totally agree

so here’s the last one this was not

shown in anna’s video because i just got

it yesterday

uh dear michael i want to thank you and

orat uh it’s been a really long journey

that started two years ago and i’m now

the owner of six units three properties

one of which is a quad

across three states this is this was

accumulation of a 1031 exchange that i

started when i was in india talk about

people in other countries buying in

america being a part of the facebook

group again something that i think is

huge value is the private facebook group

that comes with the course so being uh

part of the facebook group and doing the

course reading your book gave me the

courage to dive in against the advice

of my us-based ex accountant who had

told me that it would be too complicated

too much paperwork for him i’m glad i

did it got rid of an alligator i did

purchase 10 turnkey properties since i

was doing this long distance during

covid i intend to change to non-turnkey

going forward using your methods i also

purchased a primary residence at the

same time in a fourth state after

international move all properties

purchased were completed by november and

so much learning wow

still happening i am now looking at the

best way to monitor monitor these

ongoing bases looking at stesa as well

then i will focus on one market out of

state and work in all right looking

forward to participating facebook group

after we finished unpacking uh so matt

you’re on my screen what do you think

dude take a breath

yeah don’t take a pause right

pause it’s called seasoning units yes so

it’s awesome you love the passion love

the fact that he’s doing the work

clearly he’s broken like me yeah so you

know he’s doing all this stuff and

moving all these pieces moving all those

parts an international move and all

these crazy pieces and parts the only

thing that i would say here is is i love

it you can tell there’s passion there

you can tell he’s doing the work you can

tell he’s moving all these pieces you

can also tell that he’s not taking no

for an answer which is really important

he’s actually

getting educated enough about what he’s


that he can tell somebody that tells him

no don’t do that and he can give him the

counter argument and then they’re just

like well it’s going to be a lot of work

yeah okay back to your office yeah i’ll

find someone else thank you very much

yeah we’re done here thank you very much

so yeah i love that he’s doing all these

things like i said i think the only

thing that i i look at this and i’m just

overwhelmed by all that’s been

accomplished i would just pull it back

just a little bit because

managing out of state and and doing

flips out of state just roll back just a

little bit you’ve accomplished a ton get

some things seasoned the world ain’t

changing in a day but roll it back just

a little bit because

this can if he harnesses the 1.21

gigawatts that’s running through him

yeah he will do unbelievable amazing

work if he doesn’t

then this could very quickly go off the

rails into a ditch if there’s any sort

of a correction and any deals were too

skinny like just be more measured but

love all the all the space love that he

loves learning and i say based on how

it’s written but i just think that again

my my piece is i would just roll back

just a little bit get a little season

and really make sure that you have great

processes in place before you make your

big jump yeah the next one i think

that’s good advice dion


i mean this is a good one that wraps up

all of the ones that we’ve gone over

today yeah


do the work every day



that said take a breath i agree with


you don’t have to do it all in a couple

of years

but if you do the work every day in a

couple of years you will definitely see

the difference like this yes i agree

yeah i would i would second that i

really think i’ve communicated back with

them and it’s really about hey okay

great you’re gonna find a new market you

gotta learn it from scratch

season these go spend 90 days learning a

new market

see what’s what because you never know

what might happen they may one of their

turnkey providers may not work out you

know and then you have other things to

clean up so i think this was great um

guys thank you for going through this

with me

uh again one of the reasons i wanted you

two to see this is you’re just so much a

part of this journey with many of those

people calling out experts and house

hacking and all of that so hopefully you

feel as good as i do when i get these

and and uh i thought i would share them

with you so dion how can people find you

if you’re on facebook we have a group

the three amigos of five financial

independence that’s we answer every

question that comes in there right here

on youtube dion talk financial freedom

tuesday afternoons 4 p.m pacific i do

live streams and i stay on until every

question is answered very cool and matt

he does and sometimes most of them might

just keep on asking questions

how late can he go yeah exactly so

explain to me in detail

so uh tonight thursday nights are mr and

mrs lumberjack so


yeah eight o’clock tonight so if you are

one of


partner spouse couple

throuple whatever if one of you is

pushing hard towards real estate and the

other one has a million questions that

is the arena to do it we don’t shame we

don’t mock

i swear

she doesn’t she doesn’t mock

those entry level areas those are okay

if you’re if you’re if you don’t

understand or don’t know that’s okay if

you’re ignorant that’s another story so

yeah so eight o’clock tonight camera

jack landlord on youtube we’ll be doing

mr and mrs lumberjack live tonight yeah

guys thank you very much for doing this

again i’m

you guys made one rental at a time

better you’ve covered areas i have no

experience in so thank you very much for

coming back every week and uh just doing

the work i appreciate it happy to do it


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