FHA or First Time Home Buyers Looking For Land, Space and Remodeled Home Look no Further

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what is up one rental at a time fans

this is adam here from the hub reporting

at one of our projects here in

chowchilla um this is a single family on

about five acres and so um

just a quick little overview of what

we’ve done so far this ton of dead grass

that we had to trim down tons of bushes

we’re still taking some of these out um

trust me there was a lot of stuff here

we ended up taking out a lot already so

we’re gonna keep digging down on these

and we’re gonna end up leaving this how

it is because of how expensive it would

be to replace it the sellers had turf

here that we took out and we’re leaving

this beautiful olive tree because these

babies are

freaking expensive

and so we’re going to leave that there

but coming into the front of the house

we’re going to trim down these bushes

here remove that one put um

nice new dirt pretty much all across

the front here we’ll take out some of

these rocks and level it plant new


trim back this tree up here new garage

door is coming in tomorrow as you guys

can see you got some cracks

and it’s busted in some areas um

if we go back over

here you can see we replaced the trim

that’s going to be painted navy blue

along with the outsides here and the

front door

but as we make our way inside

got all new laminate flooring baseboards


as you can see

doors are all painted


new knobs on everything

got our hallway bathroom right here this


we kept

this tile this is already here same with

the tub replacing the toilet keeping the

vanity touching this up cleaning it off

put new lights in here

come down the hallway bedroom number one

bedroom number two

and the master bedroom

as you can see new light fixtures

come in here

beautiful looking nice we actually

just painted these we did not put uh new

cabinets these are not new we just

painted the faces and put on new handles

um we got new granite countertop sinks

we’ll put mirrors on each side

bathroom we’re actually going to be


um the old shower that was in here

you’re replacing that light up there

and then real quick i’m going to show

you guys the backyard this is a big boy

this actually goes back pretty far um

but we’re just taking care of this

backyard we’ve actually had a ton of

junk removed already

so we’re going to be fixing up this

fence right here removing all of this

miscellaneous stuff

taking care of the hot tub that’s not

working and all the old appliances


before i go back out there i just want

to show you guys the kitchen real quick

one last little view of the house

so we got our kitchen right here again

same faces for the cabinets all we did

was paint them and put on new fixtures

as you guys can see these look really

nice considering we did not spend a ton

of money

buying new cabinets we literally these

are the same ones from the cells we just

painted them they were a maroon red

we have this right here

washer and dryer and then the sellers

actually attempted to turn this garage

into a fourth bedroom

but we decided to

turn it

i guess back into a garage because of

where we’re at in the country um out in

the rural area so this is getting turned

back into a garage um

that’s about it we’re also keeping we

have the sliding glass doors but we’re

keeping these single pane windows on

just because we’re doing a less

expensive flip here not doing uh going

all out um

and you know we’re not rebuilding new

fence in the front we’re not spending

ten thousand dollars on landscaping and

new grass um

we’re kind of doing a mid-level flip so

i will keep you guys updated thanks for

tuning in and hope you have a great rest

of the day

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