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good morning good afternoon good evening

folks michael’s uber one rental at a

time back with this special guest that i

highlighted on the daily financial news

dion how you doing buddy

howdy mike ready for round two thanks

for the invite absolutely man thank you

for stepping up helping out uh this is a

question this is probably the most

common question i get it just comes in

different flavors right

what about this what about this and this

folks is does age matter am i too young

am i too old did i miss out did i do

this so when you when you hear the word

does age matter dan what do you think

actually this question came up in my

live stream last night

somebody said

i just turned 40 am i too late

so that it’s it’s the flavor of the

question where you know i’m 18 can i

start or what does my age matter and the

answer is yes

but you’re only going to get older yeah

exactly so you don’t have a time machine

you don’t have a time machine right um

no benjamin button here exactly so they

say the best time to plan a tree 20

years ago the second best time today

and the person who asked about 40 i made

it to 40 without ever having a thousand

dollars in the bank it was in a ton of

debt a single parent with three kids not

making a lot of money and so i could

have just kept on that same path and now

i would be 50 with a bunch of debt and

not making a lot of money so i started

investing i mean seriously can you

imagine your life

i mean like you didn’t do this like like

for example you’ve talked about that

first house you wanted to get rid of and

you couldn’t which turned out to be your

launch pad let’s just assume somebody

bought it and you never came back can

you imagine what your life would be like

today is that just frightening


it’s depressing and here’s why

this is gonna this is gonna sound

probable i try to be

not warm and fuzzy but i try not to be

mean this is what’s this gonna be the

meanest thing i say all week probably

the most depressing thing is thinking

that my life would end up like the

people’s lives around me oh yes if they

don’t work chasing the weekend and

they’re they they hate friday or mondays

they dread mondays they look forward to

fridays um

i’m not quite to where every day is

saturday but i don’t know what day the

week it is i’ll do work on a saturday or

a tuesday it doesn’t matter because

build a life you don’t want to escape

comes from making work optional yeah so

that you’re not working a job you have

to for the money


so yeah if if i was able to sell that

house and never got investing in real

estate i would never invest in stocks to

me that’s a form of gambling and it just

doesn’t excite me the way real estate

does now so i would be working towards

no pension



so so security possibly at the end if

it’s still there when we get there


no that’s terrifying and yeah

no i mean i sit here now as someone

who’s nearly 50 and realized my journey

you know now is 21 or so years in the

making i go back to that again that

first house i had where the tenant just

screwed me over and if olivia simply had

said instead of keep going

we’re done with it sell it i would have

suffered another loss after suffering

150k loss totally depressed i’d still be

working i’d be traveling even though i

hate airplanes i’d be on an airplane

every freaking day i would probably end

up killing myself just because i worked

so hard and did things i did not enjoy

decades earlier

now i mean it when i say every day

saturday if i didn’t know who i was

talking to i’d have no clue what day it


um it’s it’s it’s it is it’s frightening

because i know if i didn’t if that would

have gone differently

i’d be i would be working myself into

the grave

the worst part of what you just said


if you if you that first deal went that


and you didn’t have the support of your

spouse and you got rid of it and you

were still working

it wouldn’t be that you are working

currently it would be that you have to

work exactly

and and that person that said hey i’m 40

am i too late right now if they haven’t

started they probably have to work yeah

by the time they’re 50 it will be

because 10 years or less you can get to

four and that completely changes your

whole life makes work optional

and i want people to hear that again say

that one more time is that people need

to internalize that it doesn’t you could

be 50 the same answer if you got 10 same

after within 10 years the average person

can reach financial independence and

make work optional just by buying a

rental every couple of years if you did

it every two years that’s five in ten

years but four is life-changing that

that’s where i was at four properties

when i was making more money than i was

making as a police officer after

everything so my take home as a police

officer was less than my take-home with

four properties and i was in a small

town so it wasn’t like i was making a

ton as a cop there yeah

and so if you’re 18

if you’re 40

if you’re 60

delaying the longer you wait

10 years is 10 years it

what i’ve told people because i’ve asked

this so many times

and i pretty much the same answer the

only person i say is if you’ve been

given a

like if you went to the doctors and they

said you had three years left to live

forget it it’s not three years is not

10. just go enjoy the rest and do what

you want but other than that corner case

start doing i had somebody start at 60.

it doesn’t matter what do you want you

want your life to be better start at 60

do you want to give four properties to

your four kids great awesome goal get

going get off your ass

yeah well that’s that’s the point to

getting starting at getting started and

the analogy i like is

try turning the wheel of a car when it’s


yeah once the car is rolling you can

steer and direct it a lot easier get one

or two properties and then you start

experiencing appreciation principal pay

down um rental income on your tax report

you know tax statements so that you your

debt to income starts to be less

important and just just taking those

first few steps

is the hardest part and getting getting


is so much harder than

making a six or seven year decision

where you’re just changing the type of

investing you’re doing yeah which is why

i i think it’s important that we’re

making the content we are because the

majority of the people that watch my

channel i haven’t seen a poll on yours

like 64 of the people on my channel

don’t have a rental yet so this is the

the information gathering stage which is

get the basics learn your market and

then start making offers yeah what i can

tell you about my channel is my opinion

every everybody that follows or most

people follow the channel and watch you

know five videos a week they’re in the

real estate business they want to do

this i you don’t come to my channel for

entertainment right i don’t edit videos

no walk out music none of this stuff i

just talk to experts like yourself that

are doing deals every week we’re in this

business so i think that’s what makes my

channel unique and also probably means

it doesn’t grow as fast because i don’t

do entertaining things i guess so i

don’t know well there’s a lot of

information exchanged too when you look

at the facebook group where

you’re even the experts that come on the

show aren’t the only people answering

questions there are people that just

pipe up and say yeah yeah i’ve got this

many units and this type of investing

strategy in your your situation here’s

my answer and you don’t get that

anywhere else yeah it’s amazing yeah

yeah the facebook group is going to

probably go down as one of the best

things i’ve created and it was it was a

happy accident i created it as a

repository for faqs and it has so far

exceeded my expectations so i’m glad we

do it so thank you for being a part of

it nice yeah i look forward to the

questions in there sometimes i look for

questions so anybody watching questions

in there become topics for the three

amigos on thursdays you got it and dan

how can people find you

right here on youtube don’t talk

financial freedom and tuesday afternoons

4 p.m pacific for live streams that’s

awesome man thanks again


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