Dec 4 Financial News: $2.25B GONE IN 24 hrs, Cathie Wood Told you, More Pain Ahead, TOP 100 Markets

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michael zuber one rental at a time it is

saturday december

4th i almost said december 3rd december

4th every day is saturday

especially on saturdays hope you’re

having a wonderful day wonderful weekend

a couple of quick announcements first

and foremost to all of you that listen

to my videos on my podcast yes podcast

one rental at a time

we just crossed two

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next up we gotta congratulate someone

else who is doing the work this is a

special story folks this is one of my

experts tai if you don’t know tai uh ty

and his wife just had a little baby boy

named jordan and what does ty do tai

goes out and gets a rental property for

jordan so

jordan you are days old and you already

own a rental property i am proud of you

ty and your wife congratulations hope

all is doing well ty remember your wife

did all the hard work so make sure you

take care of her and again jordan

congratulations your card will go out in

the mail today

i look forward to your selfie maybe ask

your dad to hold the phone because you

probably can’t hold the phone yet but

your dad will take care of it so thank

you for that if you know ty leave a

comment below send him a text uh

congratulating him he

he he let that slide by he didn’t tell

me that was coming so i got to give him

a hard time for that

uh if you haven’t been paying attention

to the crypto world wow

i can’t believe people still invest in

crypto on margin what the heck are you

people doing in 24 hours


billion dollars went


folks if you are in margin in a crypto

market and it has a nasty sell-off like

it did in the last 12 hours

you’re going to get what you deserve

if you are gambling if you are trading

i’ve been trying to highlight

my experience from 20 years ago to

hopefully save some of you

it sounds like it is not working but i

am going to uh keep trying so it

actually is 2.25 billion so i i would i

was over i exaggerated 2.25 billion not

2.5 but yeah

2.25 billion dollars gone

yesterday at about

seven o’clock pacific or maybe a six

o’clock pacific you had your money by 6

a.m you don’t have your money so lots of

people who thought they had hundreds of

thousands of dollars in an account we’ll

wake up this morning and see it is all



600 million in positions in bitcoin and

for all of you trading dogecoin that

useless coin that has no use cases no

development team

billions of coins coming out every

seemingly week or month

25 million dollars in dogecoin went poof

overnight i hope you are not investing

on margin if you want to own this stuff

own this stuff

i don’t know what to tell you man


next up kathy wood

i actually went back and verified that i

did this i did a kathy wood arc


video about six months ago you can look

it up on my channel just type in kathy


basically highlighting

that her investment strategy was going


run amok

uh that kathy woods wood’s five-year


could prove correct

but a lot of her


would get washed out because it is not a

straight line between today and five

years from now no matter how hard kathy

wood wants to say it’s going to be and

technology is going to leverage the

world and do all of these great things

blah blah blah blah

that’s not how the stock market works we


cycles where it’s risk on risk off and

if you invested in ark or kathy woods

stocks you are feeling the pain

and again i brought this up six months

ago all the videos are here you can look

it up and yep

right again uh just for example zoom

stock down 16.5

etsy down 20 doordash down 16 roku down

13 and i hope none of you are invested

in docusign

ouch 42

most of those companies right there

don’t make any money

they lose money

when we go risk off

multiples crash

it doesn’t matter what your growth rate

is you could be growing a hundred

percent a year but you’re losing five

bucks you’re still losing five bucks


so next week what do we got do we have

more pain ahead

do we have anybody watching this channel

that’s like i’m buying the dip 8 a.m 7

30 a.m whatever it is monday morning

anybody buy the dip friday afternoon

you got some you got some stones if you

did that uh as for earnings next week we

have some that could be a tell starts

off hot and heavy with software a

particular part of the market that is

getting hammered we have mongodb and

copa software

again this will kind of lead the way do

we have more salesforce.coms on our hand

where they have weak expectations or

is something else happening tuesday we

have toll brothers high-end homes

for me

i want to hear about the supply chain

because right now toll brothers

timelines are

have to be increasing


8 to 30 weeks even if your toll brothers

that’s got to be a problem so it’ll be

interesting to hear about the supply

chain i want to hear about stitch fix

stitch fix has been one of these it’s

really a clothing company but has a

technology side

they missed two quarters ago i think

they missed bad last quarter they


so it would be interesting to see

then we have a security software company

sentinel one again i don’t know anything

about their technology but if there is a

last bastion of

hope in the software space it has to be


so we’ll be interesting to see if

sentinel one comes out and says hey

everything’s good over here

or they come out and say wow we are

feeling the same pain as for example uh



campbell soup it will be interesting to

hear about campbell’s soup are people

afraid again is the media making a big

deal of 30 cases and making mom and dad

stay home or have we had enough and it

should be like 9 11 and take this

nonsense off our tv

campbell soup could be a

a discussion for that

restoration hardware this is a company

for me that is a sign of the k-shape


i personally believe

in the k-shape recovery as it sits today

two years later the top end of the k is

done spending

they’ve bought the second home they’ve

moved if they want to i think the top

end of the k is very nervous about

what’s coming the bottom end of the k

getting destroyed

by inflation absolutely destroyed i do

not think this bodes well for rh who

knows not financial advice i’m looking

at it from a real estate angle


restoration hard will be interesting and

not so much the last chord but what are

they saying going forward and then the

king of all meme stocks gamestop comes

out is gamestop ever going to have a

plan a new business plan or are they

just going to keep selling stock into

waves of retail buyers and reddits and

wall street bets and all that stuff

seems like they’ve had a new executive

team for six months and i haven’t seen a

plan so we’ll see

thursday we’ve got costco

again i think big kind of discount

retailers are winning today costco is

one of them chewie obviously a fan of

pets and online

so see what’s going on with all of us

adopting pets the last couple of years

and then lululemon comes out is the high

end still

interested or have we gone to levi’s

instead of exercise gear lululemon could

indicate that because again levi’s was

levi’s earnings what three weeks ago

we’re pretty solid so it’ll be


uh and then friday

friday is going to be the big day of the


we have cpi coming out once again

last last month it was 6.2 percent

it is expected to be 6.2 percent again

i want to play over under with you right


let’s call it 6.2

do you want the over

or the under

you know where i’m going i’m going the

over it’s

i’m going to go 6.4

so i’m taking the over we’ll see if you

guys want we got somebody already for

the under under is not a bad guess right

oil gas heating

not so bad maybe

you know it really could

but i’m taking the over

and actually if you really want to have

some fun and you’re taking over with me

let’s pick a number

let’s pick a number 6.7 point i don’t

think it goes any higher than that

um yeah

i’m gonna go 6.4 so let me know what you

think comments below let’s have some fun

with it friday is the big day not only

do we have cpi

we have consumer sentiment

consumer sentiment

is an important one


we’re going to start to see in the


what the impact of inflation is

we probably won’t see the impact of this

new strain just yet that’s it’s probably

it came on too late right it wasn’t in

the data when they were doing it but i



i believe we’re gonna see

inflation really hit consumer sentiment

this month and it’s going to disappoint

again remember consumers are those

fickle beings that they say one thing

and sometimes they do the other


i would uh

tell you again q4 is going to be bank


uh retail sales and we’re going to

suffer next year but we’re in it enjoy

it but yeah i think consumer sentiment

is going to be bad i think inflation is

going to be hot friday is a big big day

others are now expecting what i expect

in holiday sales they are saying that

the expectation is holiday sales will be

up 11.5 percent i agree with that more

people buying buying early and those

darn retailers there are no discounts to

be had

yeah not advertising record profits lots

of sales what’s on the shelf if it’s not

nailed down they’ll sell it it’s going

to be very very interesting

looks like uh powell and yellen are

finally admitting that when you spend

2.2 2.2 trillion dollars it actually

might impact inflation

some of this stuff is

if it wasn’t so sad it would be


folks when you spend 2.2 trillion

dollars and you’re not making anything

you’re just adding more

currency or dollars

inflation is the only outcome

very very shocking

inflation is proving to be very sticky

inflation becomes a problem becomes

permanent when consumers

change behavior

inflation is transitory when people go

ah it’s a blip

they don’t change behavior inflation has

been racing higher for quarters not

months not weeks quarters now

and we have quarters to go

inflation becomes a problem at the

bottom first

and it is an epidemic or a huge problem

or whatever the fancy vocabulary word is

it’s nasty

it is now impacting the middle class

the middle class is now having to down


it takes a lot to fill up a car it takes

a lot to feed a family it takes a lot to

rent a lot of this a lot to that

and it’s not going to get any better

anytime soon

it doesn’t it i don’t feel good saying

that but that is where we are

it is um


you know

again i would move christmas to july i

think next july we’re going to see

significant discounts at retailers and

all of those things

it is going to be interesting

and then finally

fhfa put out a report of the top 100

metros in the country

thank you this was actually shared in my

private facebook group thank you for

sharing it

again folks remember last year this time

people were calling for a real estate

crash a real estate crash some were

calling for upwards of 40

we battled them we told them this that

the other didn’t listen

the 100th

100th so we’re gonna do the top five and

the bottom five and again the reports

out there just type in

fhfa top 100 markets you will get the

report if you’re in my group it’s there

it was posted yesterday afternoon

so again the number one the slowest

growing market

9.9 percent

doesn’t feel like a crash to me

that was philadelphia philadelphia came

in at 9.9 percent number 99 washington


10.5 percent

of the top 100 markets only one

was under 10

and that was philly at 9.9

these people that scared you caused you

to do nothing

fear sells and you got got

do the work do the math it’s all there

so again d washington dc 10.5 number 98

baltimore at 11.1

97 baton rouge louisiana that’s just a

fun word to say baton rouge

11.7 and number 96

chicago 12.1

now let’s go to the top five we will go

from the bottoms up or five up

stockton california i hope all of you

own some stuff in stockton

28.8 percent folks if you owned a 200

000 house

in stockton california you made 50 grand

not a bad day

actually you made more than that you

almost made 60 grand


smoke in phoenix


austin texas for all of you people

investing in texas i hope you are in


33.8 percent

33.8 percent

fort myers florida that was kind of fun

fort myers i don’t know is that how they

say it i have no idea

fort myers florida

34.7 percent

and the big boy of the year you probably

can guess i had an economist from this

city or state on the channel talking

about what is going on in the economy




just because i had the list of top 100 i

wanted to look at two others i want to

look at san francisco

i think san francisco is in big trouble

i think the local government has allowed

that city to become a cesspool and is

getting worse not better

uh san francisco still came in

it still came in

it still came in


20.2 percent

uh no i’m sorry

never mind that’s the other one san

francisco came in at 12.8 percent 12.8

12.8 percent in a city that is

falling apart

and then number 29

fresno california for those that watch

the channel you know why fresno is


20.2 percent

yes if you happen to own say i don’t

know 10 million bucks in real estate in

fresno and it went up 20

that’s not a bad day

i’m just saying

as for other cities like las vegas and

the like you can get the report yourself

i wasn’t going to sit here and read all


if you’re in my private facebook group

you can pull up the post it was posted


but yeah pretty amazing stuff

again focus buy box daily discipline do

the work

cash flow day one

30-year debt this is a simple process

some people over complicate it

some people want to be

lulled and some people just want to be

want others to suffer right oh 40 crash

i can’t wait to you know mike zuber

loses his butt

i don’t know whatever

but in the end folks we will be going

live in about 12 minutes your questions

my answers i hope you appreciate this

remember the goal of the channel we are

going to help one million people this is

my life’s mission to help one million


close on their first or next deal yes

i’m spending money i’m investing in this

stuff because i want you

to get on the property ladder i’m hoping

you get to four that’s the goal this is

everything i’m trying to do so

um jeffrey we’re wishing we’re pulling

for you have a wonderful day man i hope

all is well keep keep

keep getting better man keep getting

better so folks again remember one

million people but i can’t do it alone i

need your help share these videos ask

them to join the lives have some fun ask

questions get engaged buy the book

instagram linkedin website all that

great stuff

have some fun have some fun this weekend

take care bye


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