The journey to financial independence starts here.


Creating an online course was never a goal of mine but after the success of One Rental at a Time I had to do something to meet the demand for help. That is why I created my 4 Courses as I had to have a place to send the wave of requests for help and assistance as investors wanted to get started or follow One Rental at a Time.


Get your Money Right and How to Get Started One Rental at a Time are everything we did to become financially free.


Get your money right was early work we did to understand our Needs and Wants. We were making good money but spending it all and that was not going to work long term.  


How to Get Started One Rental at a Time is everything we did and frankly still do to learn a new market and build a portfolio over 20 years.


In addition to these I offer a Free course and for those that want or need a little more focus I offer a mentoring option that includes a free 30 minute session via phone or Zoom.

Free Basic Courses

If you're looking to get your feet wet in real estate or you're just interested in learning more buy and hold rentals, this beginner's course will be a great introduction for you!! By the way, did I mention that it's completely FREE!?

Get Your Money Right

Stop Thinking What Things Cost in $$$ But Instead Lets Think in Time (Powerful)

How To Get Started One Rental At A Time

The advance course will go into great detail regarding the 5 very simple but effective steps that you can take to become financially independent with buy and hold rentals. This program is exactly what I did to get started, how I learned my market, how I evaluate deals, how I built my team and my personal self assessment at the beginning.

How To Get Started ORAT Plus 30 minute 1:1 Mentoring

How to start one rental at a time with one 30 minute Zoom mentoring Session. Learn the five Steps to Success with Buy and Hold Rentals from Michael Zuber himself.