Could NQM Lenders Provide 80% or Even 90% Combined Loan to Value to Help Investors Spread Capital

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good morning good afternoon good evening

folks michael zuber one rental at a time

back with the boys from convoy home

loans how you doing jonathan

good how are you i’m doing well and

dustin how are you

great great you got some sunscreen on i

hope yeah

that’s hilarious i love i love zoom’s

video backdrops it’s pretty cool hey uh

guys i want to tell you a story

about my third rental property

and see

if convoy home loans can help other

investors do what i did right so i want

to rewind the clock this is probably


easy lending right so i got this through

i don’t know who i got it through call

it countrywide probably

i’m dealing with a seller on a two

family right two houses on one lot

i think i’m picking it up for a buck


uh but i don’t have enough down right

back in the day

investor loans much like today you had

to put twenty percent down

uh however dealing with my broker at the

time he says you know what michael since

you don’t have it but this is a good

deal if not a great deal why don’t you

see if the owner would take a second

10 second

so what came about and i talked about in

my book was became an 80 10 10 right

countrywide took first at 80 the seller

took a 10 second

and then ultimately i only had to put 10


so i don’t know if 90 products are out

there today i want to do an 80 product

i’m going to call this combined loan to

value is that something that convoy

would help our my community get done

because if so i want to encourage

my followers to think about that right

because sellers who own a property a

long time give them some money now

have them maintain a note in second

position so they get some interest going


everybody wins but i don’t know if

convoy can help with that can you guys


yeah we can uh you know

max we’re seeing on these are like the

80 10 10s i like those


and then essentially

it is a little bit harder to qualify for

these it is going to fall in the non-qm

space but it is for sure

you know available

um but you know the minimum fico scores

are obviously a lot higher that are



and the amount of reserves you know that

are needed to do this so

it’s it’s available um but it’s not like

it’s available for everyone

unfortunately well that’s okay i mean

that’s a 90 product i i don’t like to

talk about the extremes

but but could it be like

a 50

20 a 50 25 25 i mean are there other

products or all of these because there

is that second they all go


i think um

you know there is a little bit of

kind of people lenders not wanting to

really do that as much as you know

anything else just because unless it’s a

second that they’re putting on right

products that um will have their you

know lenders will add in their second or

you know we have like you know we i

think we talked about before a home

equity line of credit or kind of like a

homemade line of credit for second


and investment properties right so we do

have that available um but if it’s not

that and

then the lenders are going to get a

little iffy about having a a second that

is actually

you know held and then financed in um

there are cases where again if the ltv

works out and let’s say the seller

financing is going to carry in a lower

amount and enough enough uh um on it to

offset the ltv that that the buyer is

going in with then potentially right but

that’s a very exception based case by

case basis that you know that’s why yeah

you’ve got to reach out to you’ve got to

reach out to people and have these

conversations so how do you want them to

reach out just to remind us yeah just

email private client at

convoyhomeloans.com okay or you can find

us on our website just uh you know fill

out the form yeah let them know you came

from one rental at a time again one of

the things that again i this is

something i’m adding to my bag and i

always tell everybody what i’m doing

i’m going to actually start going to

owners who own this stuff free and clear

with probably something like a 50 20 30.

right i want a bank probably non qm to

come in for 50 first

then i’m gonna ask the seller to take

maybe a 25

second and then i’m going to bring in

the rest just because i think that’s a

great conversation right these these

sellers that i’m talking with they want

some money now

they don’t mind some income they like to

delay taxes

uh but this is definitely a strategy

that i’m gonna push uh so i would

recommend my folks reach out to both of

you guys uh

just to have the discussion because i

don’t want them to get too far down this

path if you guys can’t help so they

should reach out early uh dustin one

more time what’s the email

uh private client at convoy


awesome thanks guys

guys thank you

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