CORRECT CPI is 10% if We Use Actual Single Family Rental Prices Vs Legacy Survey Process DO THE MATH

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good evening everyone how you doing

today michael zuber one rental at a time

i very

very almost actually i think this is the

very first time in three years

that i have done a live stream late on a

sunday evening

the reason is is normally on sundays i

do my interview in the morning with

laura morby i do my goals video do my

community video and then hey

it’s one kind of free day to rest and

recharge before we start right up

tomorrow morning with greg dickerson one

of our multi-millionaire experts

but something has been bothering me

i think you and i have known for quite a

while that the cpi

report has been under reporting


it has been going on for quite a while

now and has annoyed me but this last


i finally had enough

so what i’m going to ask you to do is

we’re going to take out a piece of paper

and together you and i are going to

calculate the actual

cpi and based on my math the actual cpi

is 10

now michael you might say how can we do


well the answer is

they have given us the math

so what we are going to do first is we

are going to deconstruct the 6.8 percent

and then we are going to reconstruct

that number with the correct

rent equivalent

and when we do that we will see that cpi

is actually double


yes folks it brings me no joy brings me

no happiness to share with you that what

we are about to go through produces a 10

percent cpi

not 6.8 percent not highest since 1982

we are talking

crazy inflation going on so

in order to get to the correct number we

must first deconstruct the 6.8 which

means we have to back out the bogus rent

calculation so how do you do that well

the good news is it’s just math so

the first thing we need to do is we need

to back out the rent equivalent rent

from the 6.8 so how do we do that

well we take the

3.5 percent which they gave us in the

report so this is again their numbers

and we have to multiply 3.5



why 28



of cpi is rent

so any movement in rent really does have

an outsized impact on cpi

so if rent is drastically

under reported

cpi is drastically underreported so

the first step take 3.5

times 28

or 0.28

that equals

0.98 or we’ll round it up to one full

percentage point so the first thing

the first thing we must do

is you must take 6.8 which was the

reported cpi number and subtract



so the number now is 5.8

well as we just said cpi makes up

rent equivalent makes up 28 of the cpi

so we must add back in the correct cpi

calculation for rent

so here’s the deal

rent equivalent in the cpi report is

supposed to be single family not

apartments not multi-dwelling single

family i spent about 10 minutes bouncing

around google i got all kinds of numbers

ranging from 15

to 18.7


just because it’s government work i

chose the lowest number i chose 15

so now what do you do well kind of the

same math we did to deconstruct the 6.8

we have to multiply


by the same 28

or 2 or 0.28

if you do that equals 4.2

that is a huge difference right 0.98

versus 4.2 so what do you do well

remember what we did first we took the

6.8 number and we subtracted one percent

right so it’s 5.8 guess what you take

the 5.8 plus the 4.2

and bingo bango


cpi is 10

we are seeing inflation in everything

that is important to everyone in the

past they could lie to you about

transitory saying use card airline

tickets how many times are you going to

buy those things

well now folks

it’s rent and i think rent’s


it’s food it’s fuel it’s heating

10 percent

now if the government reported 10 or

double-digit inflation oh my god the

market would lose their mind

that’s why they are in no hurry to clean

up this



just ridiculously silly

rent equivalent of 3.5


it’s not 3.5 folks it’s closer to 15 if

not over 15.

and when rent is 28 of the calculation

that 12

or 11 and a half percent difference

is gargantuan


you can actually calculate your own cpi

and we just did it it’s not 6.8

it’s 10

rent is up 15 in single family homes

if you work out these numbers and you

get a different number let me know i did

the math over here little sprit little

chicken scratch

but yes that’s where we are uh cpi is at

least double digits and that is um

that should be scary powell had better

titan on wednesday

you can’t keep printing money and

throwing money out of helicopters and

hope that inflation doesn’t happen

that’s not that’s not how it works so

again folks i don’t normally do sunday

evening almost rants this is this a rant

or is this just math

this is probably a little bit of a rant

it was clearly bothering me i thought

about waiting till tomorrow and i’m like

if i do that i don’t think i’m going to

be able to sleep so

there you go folks you learned something

cool today cpi for the month of november

was actually 10

have a wonderful evening if you like

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exciting day tomorrow enjoy your sunday

evening bye-bye


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