CLOSING 500 DEALS ONE YEAR. How are we Doing 26 Weeks Complete, 26 Weeks to Go. Here are the Numbers

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good morning good afternoon good evening

folks michael’s uber one rental at a

time it is that time of the week where i

must look into this virtual camera

and talk about the one rental at a time

goals i call this the positive impact

score and yes there is an entire

playlist dedicated to my goals that goes

back years

i do this for you every week because i’m

trying to lead by example

focus daily discipline

getting after it this is why i share

with this every week

this today’s episode is special because

we are 26 weeks into a 52 week goal yes

folks that 500 challenge is now

26 weeks

old we are halfway

to the end

and we’re going to talk about how we’re

doing together because it is 26 weeks in

we’ve now completed two quarters i’ve

done some extra stuff created totals and

averages so we’re going to look at those

together again

we’re not hitting on all things

we’re hitting on the most important

thing that’s that’s uh that’s awesome

uh but we are not hitting on all

cylinders uh and i will be resetting

goals for q3 i’ll probably release that

video tomorrow uh because i want to sit

back and enjoy where we are at the

halfway mark so here we go

so first let’s go here

so first and foremost what i want to do

is just look at our numbers for the week

and you can see them here in column c

again youtube views have missed all

quarter uh i had the wrong goal

i’m not doing negative videos videos


racing they’re not going viral uh it’s


podcast took off talk about the wrong

goal there right kind of a reverse

uh we had several weeks over a hundred

thousand it’s amazing

uh we were one book away from being

yellow right uh the goal is one fifty

uh 10 missed would have been 135

so we did not hit it so we are red book

sales are disappointing uh for the last

seven days

book reviews have been pretty


uh we never hit the goal i don’t think


again i’m i guess i have to reset

you know book reviews i understand these

are things i ask of you so you got to

give me a couple minutes of your time

yeah don’t feel good about that one

course sign ups uh down from last week

but we exceeded our goal that is awesome

again uh when you create stuff that

helps people when you add bonus sections

for free and you have a private facebook


it’s awesome we’ve done some mentoring

i do have that mentoring option that

mentoring option is going way up january

1st so be aware

but yeah it’s

there’s a lot out there for you so again

happy to see that

facebook group grew by ten again this is

a place that uh i call the happiest

place on the internet you get the

network ask questions everybody speaks

the same same language we’re all equal

uh and all the experts share there as

well and student deals man you guys came

through it was a short week you only had

three days and i would argue two and a

half days to close deals and you all did


so that is pretty pretty amazing

we can go here and see how we stack up

for the week right we have this whole

trend line i’ve just hidden some weeks

week six through eight just so you can

see it on one screen

uh again you can compare last week with

column d and our current week column d

with last week column c and then you

have all the weekly totals again

you want to make an impact you want to

be better what are your goals track them

weekly own them

all of that

most importantly at week 26 we have 309


i look forward to giving money away my

experts look forward to giving money

away i look forward to dyeing my hair

purple and yes

uh we are going to start to inventory

what questions

do you want me to ask my mother who has

so graciously agreed to be interviewed

if we hit 500.

she is rather shy but way back when we

created this 500 challenge she wanted to

be a part of it so she got uncomfortable


we are going to record an interview of

your questions

and her answers

i’m a little bit nervous about that but

hey let’s see what happens

so again the other thing i did just

because we have 26 weeks of 52 is i

started to create some totals you can

see here the total uh so we went down on

youtube views what is that down 160 000

we went way up on podcasts we went up

like 550 000

book sales went up 200

book reviews went up 10

course signups went down

again this is free paid mentoring get

your money right all of them there

we went down three

facebook group down we only went up 118

so that went down 70.

but deals deals deals deals you guys

went up was that 35

yeah 35 deals so congratulations

more importantly the averages so you can

see them here

uh averages on youtube went down twelve

thousand is that thirteen thousand

podcasts went up exploded book sales

went up 15 is the average

uh book reviews went up one a week

course sign up stayed flat

facebook group went down and deals went

up this is what i wanted to see this 500

i expect this to go up right we went 11

to 13. i’m hoping this is 15 and hoping

this is 17. i’m hoping what we do

because i’m trying every single day

to help people i hope you can help me uh

grow this channel

bring me on more youtube videos or

youtube channels actually that that’s a

challenge for you if you are a

contributor on other



ask them to interview me i would love to

share one rental at a time i would love

to share this challenge

because again this challenge if one

rental at a time helped you any way you


the book the channel the podcast

instagram courses


that 500 is not only students yes a lot

of them are students but you don’t have

to be if i help you in any way with free


i want to send you one of these cards

i do so

let’s go let’s have some fun

six months done

six months to go

let’s see what happens


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