As the author of these two books I feel compelled to tell you a little about each of them.


First One Rental at a Time was initially drafted as almost a diary of events.  You see I had just retired from my day job and I was struggling and getting more and more depressed as my ego was wrapped up in my job. This negative cycle lead me to a faithful weekend were I decided to either get a job or create our story.


Thankfully years later I am glad I chose to create One Rental at a Time as it has now helped Millions of people see a better financial future is possible.

My Second Book: 15 Conversations with Real Estate Millionaires was actually created for all new real estate investors.  I believe Real Estate Investing is amazing because it offers seemingly endless options to get started and succeed.  Unfortunately for the new investors it is sometimes hard to find an investor that matches your strategies or your circumstances.  That is why I spent a year collecting 15 unique stories and 15 unique struggles with the hope that a couple hit home with everyone.

 If you decide to purchase one or both of these books I want to first thank you and second if you don’t mind I would love a Book Selfie and a 5 Star Review after you read them. 


Thank you, Michael Zuber