As the World Watches Destruction we will See Higher Prices For Sure But will Consumer Change & Save?

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good morning good afternoon good evening

folks michael’s uber one rental at a

time back with his good friend mr

lumberjack landlord how you doing sir

i’m doing great excited for segment

number two yeah so one of the things i

want to do here is just realize that

yeah we talk about real estate we look

at our market we’re doing acquisitions

all that stuff but there’s been a lot of

geopolitical stuff going on


death destruction just bad bad bad stuff

uh that can’t be um

you can’t go you know a day without

realizing just horrible things are going

on right now

and frankly they probably go on all the

time but now they’re front and center

yeah what i want to what i want to try

to do here is um

kind of step back and address what hap

right the geopolitical horrible things

cause other things to happen that then

cause other things to happen

eventually it rolls down to the person

that i track and follow which is the


it’s odd to say but it’s still what i

track even when even when you know

russia invades ukraine and drops bombs

on apartment buildings and just horrible


it still rolls down to the consumer but

before we get into it you know what are

your thoughts what’s going on what have

you seen transpire in in your your world

also i’m ukrainian

my lineages um and uh i’m second gen


and so uh

yeah i mean it’s um

it’s it’s disheartening to hear every

single day that they know what’s gonna

happen and they don’t do anything about

it quite frankly um and if you ever need

a lesson from

the world stage


when the u.s went to ukraine and said

hey get rid of all your nukes in 1994.

just trust us we’ll take care of you

and in 2014 they get invaded they don’t

get taken care of and uh

don’t rely on other people rely on


make sure that you have a solution in

place that allows you to sleep at night


yeah quite frankly you find ourselves

here because two administrations in 1994

and in 2014 didn’t do the right thing

and now uh now you get a crazy man on

your hands

with nuclear capability

and uh

you know every single day we hear that

it’s going to get worse it’s going to

get worse then why are we not doing

anything about this

it’s going to get worse so

yeah so i think that you know people

especially you know there i mean think

about this

in america we’ve never been in a


where we were driving past a depot and

getting handed guns and ammunition so we

can prepare to defend ourselves and our


and that’s a very unique



to have to wrap your head around so we

are extremely blessed in this country

where we are largely focused mostly

inwardly on ourselves and our families

and providing them a financial

uh thriving financial future as opposed

to just a future


yeah so i think it puts things in

perspective for everybody you know

thoughts and prayers are certainly with

the ukrainian people

um and uh

you know at the same time we have lives

to to try and live here and try and help


um but you know just people focusing on

the day-to-day and

you know seeing things like i think

probably the only people that are at


somewhat positive on what’s going on

over there are people that own bitcoin


you know and if it’s

if that doesn’t show you that illicit

things going on with bitcoin and if that

allows more things like that i think

that you’re not paying attention to the

flow and what’s going on so yeah i think

that it’s unfortunate everything that’s

occurring overseas and especially

because it wasn’t like it was a surprise

like we’ve been hearing this for months

we just didn’t do anything about it

so yeah i think that everybody you know

like i said the lesson that you can take

from the world stage is be prepared to

uh to take care of yourself be prepared

to uh put yourself in a position rely on

no one rely on no other programs or

special conditions or special

uh anything coming your way recognize

that you’re gonna have to do it yourself

and you’ll far more likely be in far

more control than others of what occurs

over the course of their life


there’s a lot in that folks again uh

someone with ukrainian descent kind of

sharing very passionately with what is

going on there

when when i step back um

and look at what’s happening and i’m

already looking you know

i don’t usually look back i try to look

forward right and given everything i see

out there uh

you know there’s certainly talks of

peace treaties or whatever which you


hope cease fires all that you just hope

that stuff happens sure but i’m always

about preparing for the downside yeah

because if you could prepare for the

downside the upside takes care of itself

right yes that’s just how i’ve operated

my entire sales career frankly

so now when i think about the worst case


obviously you’ve probably all heard

about this you know whatever it is 40

mile long or 17 mile long

armored vehicles

coming to kiev i think is how you

pronounce it

which doesn’t leave me warm and fuzzy

with possibilities

it just

screams bad

very bad

and if you play that out even



first and foremost uh the commodities in

that area which is

right wheat and flour and oil and all

these things are just going to go up and

up and up

uh the cost of money is going to go down

right you’ve seen the 10-year just

collapse from 2.1 to one seven or

something today yeah

you wanna re if you wanna refi some


now would be the time

but um


the thing for me

that really

gives me pause

is if this

trail of vehicles makes it and they do

what they’re going to be capable of

doing and level the city


i don’t think i don’t think we’re the

same after that and i’m talking we

the world

are the same if we allow that to happen

no that’s why i don’t understand when

you have data

yeah why aren’t you acting on data

i mean you know they’re driving you know

it’s 40 miles long yeah you can see

you’ve got pictures

like non-stop pictures and the funny

thing is it’s like you know it’s been a

little bit of

idiocy on russia’s part because they

literally have vehicles breaking down

and running out of gas

like well planned jackass

so the fact of the matter is is that

you know

did you and i wait in our sales career


try and close every piece of business

that we could because somebody said that

this deal was definitely coming in

and that i should just push some of my

other deals into the next quarter

right did you ever do no you always take

the deal down based on the data that you

have period end of story

and so for the world to be standing by

and watching people get murdered because

they have the data and they’re not

acting on it

it’s just completely infuriating just

completely infuriating so i think that

i think that as it relates to real

estate i think you know when they do get

to a point whether it’s in two weeks 30

days or 60 days

as soon as the

as soon as the war is over

i think that rates will

unbelievably bounce

like fast and hard

and quite frankly i don’t understand why

the fed isn’t announcing that they’re

tapering like

now like hey here’s an auction for a

trillion bucks

like let’s get this thing let’s get this

some of this stuff off of our balance

sheet because the world still wants u.s

dollars yeah that’s one thing i’ve said

pretty clearly yeah the biggest fear

i’ve always had pre this

yeah is the fed unloading their 9

trillion or 9.1 trillion dollar balance

sheet yes

well sometimes opportunity comes

disguised as a problem so but what do

people want today treasuries sell that

stuff now right they should whack it in

half a hundred yeah get it off the

balance sheet take the money that’s

absolutely what the rest of the world

should be doing and wanting to do

but i think that it’s really funny


you look at what our country could be we

could be the world’s largest energy


and we are choosing not to be

we’re making the choice not to be

that just blows my mind

i think when you have resources that you

leverage those resources what have you

and i done for 20 years we’ve leveraged

our resources to the best of our

abilities to create successful


and this is where i find it

reprehensible what we’re doing as a

country when we are not doing our best

doing our best to have the highest level

of security that we can for ourselves

we are still writing checks for russian

oil how dumb are we

so yeah i just look at it and say

i want to know for me for my business

that i can depend on myself

and that is everybody else can say

whatever they want to say i want to

protect my business protect my family

and do all the things that i can to do

that and that means doing the work

understanding what i’m doing

taking calculated moves and risks

and i think that all those things are

part of running a really successful

business and so

i think that

you know any time that you’re putting

your ability to execute in somebody

else’s hands i think it is absolutely

fraught with error

yeah that’s my take

with that happy note we will end this

session uh how can people find you

lumberjack landlord on youtube and

lumberjack landlord on instagram they’re

getting to talk political mic i don’t

talk to medical yeah i don’t normally

either but as someone with ukrainian

descent i think that was an important

discussion thank you i appreciate that

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