Why You Must Read This Book After “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

Hey there, how are you doing? Thanks for finding this video and finding this “One Rental At A Time YouTube Channel. If you’re a first time viewer, welcome. If you’re a repeat listener, thank you so much. It is my great pleasure to speak with you each and every day with original content. For this particular episode, I am going to talk about our book One Rental At A Time and this came to me after a couple of interviews I’ve done recently, kind of trying to make the connection between how rich dad, poor dad changed my existence and gave me a different mindset, and just set me on a new course direction. It was really my sheer desire to create a compliment to that book and become an asset for full time employees to create belief, to know that it’s possible. And you know, if you don’t get on this journey and carry it all the way to financial freedom, I think if you enjoy the book and see that – you know what, if we just got four rental properties, just four boring single family homes, you will fundamentally change your financial future.
So I’ve created a quick presentation with 10 themes that I’d like to share with you. If you don’t mind, if you’ve read the book, I’d love to hear your thoughts, or leave comments below if you’ve read it. Just yes or no would be great. It’d be a huge honor. If you left a five star review on Amazon, you’re going to see me say that two or three more times. Just be warned. Because as a self published author, each of those reviews helps with Amazon surfacing my book as potentially interesting to someone. And you know, I want to thank you for getting us over a hundred in a single calendar year. Blew me away. I’d love to see us get to two or 300 by the end of this year. That would be so awesome. So if you’ve read it and watch this channel, I don’t ask for much. Could you just go and say great book, five stars? That would be so awesome. So in the end, let’s get this going and see what I have to say.
I’ve kind of already said this, right? Our book One Rental At A Time was my answer too. What the heck do I do after I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad? Rich Dad, Poor Dad changed my mindset and set me on a course of owning rental properties. They’re stories of the whole Honolulu condo, not looking at the water there. I think she had one in Portland that made 50 bucks. I don’t know about you, but that was enough for me to go. I need me some of that cashflow, and I guess I’m easy to sell because that one concept set us on this 15 year journey to financial freedom from one house to freedom. So again, I promised you to hear this two more times. This is the second of three times, but if you have read it could you please go to Amazon and leave a five star review, even if it just says great book. That would be greatly appreciated.
All right, so the 10 thoughts that I have, first and foremost, Rich Dad, Poor Dad changed my life as I had never thought about financial freedom as possible. I was the 40-40 person. I believed you had to work 40 hours a week for 40 years and get the golden watch, and you know, if you got a couple of promotions along the way, success. I mean, literally, I didn’t know any different. There was nobody in my family that talked real estate. Nobody in my family talked about financial freedom. The only time we really talked money was when we were yelling at each other about bills not being paid. So, you know I was the 40-40 employee, right? Work 40 hours for 40 years. The mindset shift that Rich Dad, Poor Dad gave me was awesome, but I was still left scratching my head going, okay, how, how did they find the condo?
Would do they look for? What’s a property manager? What’s a lease? It didn’t have the meat and potatoes. It really didn’t take me from zero to hero. So one thing I knew I had to do in this story, One Rental At A Time was take you from our first house and all the mistakes we made up in through the peak, ultimately through the crash, and all the way through to final financial freedom. So we give you everything we did. The right, the wrong, the nasty surprises and it’s all there. It’s our story and it’s there to show you what is possible. What I wanted to do is quickly read the dedication page because somebody asked me to do this on an interview earlier and I had forgotten I’d written all this.
Dedication: I wrote this book for the full time employees who are looking at hoping for a way out of the rat race. Investing in real estate while holding a demanding full time job is not easy, but with time and execution, you can establish a better future and financial freedom. I truly hope you enjoy this book and that our story inspires you to embark on your own journey to improve your future.
That’s it, that’s why we wrote it. It is for you. It is to be a guide up the mountain to financial freedom. Even if it’s just a better financial future. Wouldn’t that be worth it? Something that documents the full story, which I find the 15 years that we went through, you know looking back on them, they were a wild ride, right? We went up the roller coaster of crazy prices and funny money. We crashed hard and banks were going out of business and not lending us anything. We write about it all. We write about what we are doing right when the bubble popped, we wrote what happened when the bank told us no, we wrote what happened when the hedge funds came in. It’s all in there. If you want to have a sort of historical view of what happened. I haven’t found a better book than this one to read.
One other thing, I was hugely honored to have been recognized last year, 2019, by Forbes magazine who highlighted this book. One Rental At A Time is one of the top 15, actually it’s number three, books to read before getting started in investing. I wrote this as compliment to Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and to see the journey being highlighted by such a prestigious magazine as Forbes was more than I could have hoped for.
This is not a get rich quick book. There is nothing in this book that’s quick. I think one of our first cash out refi was four or five years into our journey. So this is not get rich quick. But if you read this book and see it for what it is, it is a get rich for sure. You read this book, follow what we’ve done (It’s repetitive, there are no secrets), you can have a better financial future. I really wrote this for full time employees because I was that 40 hours for 40 years person, I knew nothing different. I wanted to believe Rich Dad, Poor Dad but it just wasn’t there. I bought every book he’s ever sent out because I wanted to see what happened and frankly I never got it. So when we were done in 2018, I decided to write the boo, k and it took a year to come out but I’m so happy we did it. If you’re a full time employee and just want to have a little belief that it’s possible, you need to check this book out and just see for yourself. You can at least have a better financial future and if you’re willing to stick with it and work for it, financial freedom is possible.
Again, a lot of people are looking out of state, out of market, out of area. Our story begins with saying, “We can’t find anything in our backyard.” We spent a year doing it. We ultimately chose a market that’s two and a half hours away. I bet there are a lot of markets you can get to in two and a half hours. We never lived there. We didn’t know a soul. We had no boots on the ground. We had no systems, but yet we picked it. It worked. And we write why we picked it. It’s all in there. The good and the bad, man, we went from so naive to wow, this really worked.
I really do believe that if you read this book and you just strive to get to four rentals, over four or maybe eight years, I’ve done my job. I want you to have a better financial future. If you watch this channel One Rental At A Time, I would love for you to complete the journey of financial freedom. But I know how hard and how long that is. I am here to help as many people as I can get to four rentals. If all you ever got was four rentals, that would be awesome. Frankly, that would be a huge success on my part. Lastly for me, again, going back to why I wrote it Rich Dad, Poor Dad set the seeds but didn’t water them, and I wanted to see belief. I wanted to see that. Yes, somebody had traveled up the mountain of financial freedom and there are road signs, and experience, and Ooh, that hurt. They skinned their knee over there. Ooh, they almost fell off the cliff over there. So again, we write about it. The good, the bad, the things we messed up, everything’s there. The story is not boring. We rode the wave up. It crashed hard, banks turned off hedge funds, it was a wild ride.
So in the end, again, I promised you this was going to come up three times. This is the third and final time. If you have been one of the thousands of people that have purchased the book first, thank you. The fact that you did that means the world to me. But if you’ve read it, and most of you have told me you’ve read it in just a couple of hours, if you’ve taken the time to read it, can I ask you to take 30 seconds to go to Amazon right now and leave your five star review. Please go there. It helps us self-publish. I love to read them, I still read every one, even the bad ones. It just helps me out. I don’t ask for much, but if you could just go to Amazon and leave a five star review, even if it just says, great book, that would be so helpful. I hope you enjoy the book, because it was written for you. The dedication page that I read, I mean every word of that. You can do it, finding a better financial future is possible. If you stick to it long enough, financial freedom is possible. I hope you believe that. All right, everybody have a great day.

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