About Michael

Michael Zuber (1972 - Hopefully Decades from Now)

One Rental at a Time was never intended to be a book or YouTube channel but simply was how I had to build our portfolio as I was too busy at work and with family to think about anything except finding the next rental. 

I now focus on helping people believe they can get to "4 Rentals" as that can change your families life in a huge way. If you chose to go past 4 rentals great but simply getting to 4 is a great goal. I also believe we need to help our next generation believe that they don't have to work in a job they don't like for 40 years hoping for a good retirement. Real Estate is a Path that offers so much to so many. Thank you for reading.

Fun Facts

  • I have an amazing dog Jimbo (14 years old).
  • First buy and hold rental experience was an eviction after first month.
  • Hate to fly but flew over 100k miles a year for 10+ years.