5 Books that I Highly Recommend. These Books Challenged Me, Help Me Think Different And Motivational

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good morning good afternoon good evening

folks michael zuber one rental at a time

and one of the things or one of the

honors i get on occasion is i get asked

to recommend some books that have been

important to me uh i will make i will

put a link below in the description

below of an article that just was

written about five books that i


i actually have four of them here at the

office with me so i thought i would do a

quick video

if you don’t know already folks i wrote

one rental at a time about three years

ago it is the story of olivia how we go


living paycheck to paycheck

to financial freedom through one of the

craziest real estate markets around

it’s a very interesting read lots of

mistakes people are liking it because

you know we went from a single house in

a market that we don’t know

to a large portfolio

uh then i wrote a book here recently

called 15 conversations with real estate

millionaires i wrote this book for you

this book was really for us for me to

kind of remember what i had missed

and then i wrote this book for you

because i know there’s a lot of other

real estate stories out there so

as i said i have four of the five books

with me i will talk about all five of

them now i have them in my hand here the

first one again i give full credit

in my original book rich dad poor dad i

read this book after suffering a hundred

and fifty thousand dollar stock market


i thought i was warren buffett then i

wasn’t i was depressed i was down i felt

like a failure

and this book

showed me a different way it’s

interesting now that i talk to eight

nine ten different millionaires every


how many of them say this book had an

impact on them it is also very

interesting for me to appreciate

that some people read this book like me

and you want to be kim and robert other

folks read this book like greg dickerson

my monday expert and he goes why be

robert and kim i want to be rich dad so

it’s amazing reid i actually hear read

it recently just to see

if i could see what greg does

and i get it logically but when i read

this book

all i can envision is being robert and

kim i don’t have that entrepreneurial

spirit like greg so again

robert and kim have done some amazing

things uh obviously they’ve done a lot

since this book came out but again this

book the original

set me on my journey

the second book i want to talk about is

the millionaire real estate investor

this is the book that spawned my second

book if you go back to this the end of

gary keller’s book

he has these portraits of millionaires

they’re about a page page and a half

and i remember

reading and re-reading and re-reading

the stories

the reason that book was important to me

and i think if my 15 conversations with

millionaires will be important to you


the first three to five years are slow

very slow

i don’t know about you but once i spit

my capital i had to save for a while

i read these i read these stories at the

end of gary keller’s book

until the pages almost fell out the book

is good gives you lots of nuts and bolts

but i was reading and re-reading and

re-reading the portraits of millionaire

real estate investors so gary thank you

for your book thank you for inspiring my

second book

book number three i actually don’t have

me it is in fresno california at my

office in fresno california

it’s a book by david goggins

david goggins if you don’t know is a

very disciplined individual

he has done some amazing things

you can look at his look him up on

youtube he is a


and david goggins story is uh

does it start out well like a lot of


and um

you know he

made some personal choices took on some

discipline and really has gone after it

david goggins can’t hurt me is one of

the books i recommend it really

really goes to show you that you get to


all of that

on top of that another book that i am

very happy to say i got autographed that

i recommend is extreme ownership

this is a book that you’ll like to read

because it goes over some

i don’t know military exercises if

that’s where you’re interesting i read

this book because

it is about taking ownership right the

story of navy seals it doesn’t always go

perfect you have to take ownership stop

blaming others just own it and move on a

lot of life-saving activities in here

but also activities that you and i could

bring to bear and then finally 10x rule

uh grant cardone talks about writing

this during the depth of the real estate

crash and really set him on his way for

me this this book is just about thinking


right i if you follow my channel i have

a great focus on

daily activities right it’s rule number

two of my one rental at a time i

sometimes even today standing here with

you right now have a hard time thinking


this is a book i go back to occasionally

and re-read so again all these books are

linked below again if you don’t know

already one rental at a time thousands

of thousands almost 1 000 5 star reviews

on amazon if you’ve read it please leave

me a review then my newest book that i

wrote for you 15 conversations with real

estate millionaires i hope you enjoy it

links are below and i will also put the

link to the article below if you want to

see what i had to say about each video

have a great day bye

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