40 YEAR MORTGAGE with 10 Interest ONLY: New Investor Loan Program I Have NEVER Heard of Before ENJOY

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good morning good afternoon good evening

folks as promised in the daily financial

news this morning we are bringing you

some brand new content with some folks

who i’ve interacted with over the past

but uh now we’re going to be bringing

you some value both dustin and jonathan

how you guys doing today

good how are you guys doing good

awesome well why don’t you guys

introduce yourself first maybe dustin

you go first jonathan you go next then

we’ll get into this dustin uh introduce

yourself to one rental at a time i uh my

name’s dustin rosenberg i’ve

been in the industry for about

10 11 years now

and uh


started me and john bow started convoy

home loans at the beginning of 2021. oh

very cool

and uh my name is jonathan you um you

know i’ve have maybe eight years i’m a

little younger than dustin in the

industry but um you know obviously age i


experience goes beyond age so that’s

where i’m at right now and uh and i’m

really happy to kind of have that put


very very very cool guys thank you for

reaching out i know we’ve crossed paths

there in this in the central valley so

uh thank you for reaching out love to

bring you to the channel uh so first

launching a small business uh 2021 uh

what the hell are you guys thinking

you know it was definitely a scary time


you know

i think given both of our 10 years in

the industry and experience we we just

felt that it was time to start working

for not somebody else but for us yeah


yeah pretty cool

very cool well so every business starts

with a mission you gotta have your

mission statement kind of your target

customer so i think they call that your

avatar uh tell us about your avatar uh

for conv convey convoy sorry all good um

we we are um our specialty and our focus

is in investment real estate for um you

know a lot of our higher net worth

investor clients and also you know new

investors and also um you know kind of

in luxury real estate as well um so

we’re kind of kind of building our uh

our nest there if you will um and making

sure that you know a lot of investors

are kind of under

um appreciated in the market especially

in the mortgage industry where fannie

mae and freddie mac continuously hit

investors for having investment

properties and for investing so we

wanted to change that so we made sure to

make relationships with different

lenders and kind of build a bridge

between the gap for investors and then

also the lenders to make sure that

investors get the best programs on the

market without having to sacrifice

obviously tax benefits and whatnot all

right very cool why don’t we give them

an example give them an example of a

program uh for investors orion i think i

think we talked originally about a

40-year i o do i remember that right

yeah exactly

yeah no that’s correct so

you know

with the amount of time we’ve been in

the industry

it’s always been uh and i don’t want to

in terms of make it sound like i’m not

up for a difficult

uh job here let me just exit that out

that’s all right


okay sorry about that yeah so

in the past and you can ask anybody

that’s bought an investment property

you would have to provide tax returns

profit and loss balance sheets real

estate owned audited cpa letters

your son’s blood

you know everything under the sun and

in terms of getting qualified for an

investment property they just made it

fannie mae did i mean it’s so hard to


when in reality you know our our opinion

is that

it’s similar to

more of a commercial

approach common sense kind of lending

because when you’re buying an investment


the property itself is the one that’s

going to be making the payment right you

care about that property you know if the

client forecloses

can the property pay the payment

on a primary residence you know we get

it you’re going to have to provide

tax returns w2s pay stubs et cetera


that homeowner’s the ones paying it

there’s no income coming off that

primary residence

so we’ve made relationships with a lot

of different investors and lenders that


require no income

no tax returns

no 1099s no w-2s etc we’re going to look

at the property itself the property is a

good investment and it can kind of cash

flow positively

it’s kind of crazy doesn’t even have to

cash flow positively and we can still

get you the keys okay uh we’ll be able

to get you a loan

that is very favorable if not better

than what you could get if you go with

fannie mae and provide tax returns

this is pretty new on the market i want

to say it was really rolled out at like

the end of 2020 and kind of went hand in

hand and why we started at the beginning

of 2021 we saw this opportunity

but one of the unique products that you

can get with these investor programs

that i just went over is a 40-year

interest only now it’s a little

misleading it’s not interest-only for

the entire 40 years sure it’s interest

only for the first 10 years

and after that it’s followed by your

regular i’ll call it boring 30-year fix

if you will okay

so what it allows for is for the

investors especially if you’re a

first-time investor

to really cash flow positively in those

first 10 years you know you’re still

holding on to the property

still retaining the equity and the

appreciation that it’s getting but that

cash flow month on month cash flow that

you’re able to get

in those first 10 years is obviously

much more increased and i’d say probably

what 90 percent of our clients on

investment properties are taking

advantage of that so let me let me just

i love i i love this let me just kind of

repeat back what i think i heard and you

tell me where i’m right or wrong it’s

cool yep sounds good so i wanna i’m

gonna buy a million dollar property uh

whatever it is investment

whatever the unit count doesn’t matter

uh or let’s say i want to borrow a

million dollars that makes it easier

right okay so so i’m borrowing a million


so for the first 10 years i’m going to

pay some fixed interest only

payment that’s correct correct then 10

years from today which would be february

3rd 2032

okay a 30-year am takes over

correct so far that’s kind of what i

heard now the question’s coming

does the rate change right whatever

interest only rate i was paying today

i’m gonna say five percent we’ll talk

about that next does it reset in ten

years to with the prevailing rate or am

i locked in at five five percent


from 2022 where does that what is what

happens it’s the the fixed part comes in

there so it’s the same rate the entire

way so the only thing i’m going to say

that again all 40 years

the rate so you could lock me in on an

investment property for 40 years at

we’ll get to the rate next but

that’s i want to make sure i heard that

right correct so it’s fixed for

bananas so the only thing that changes

on year 11

is principal kicks in yeah payment uh

what would that be payment six no 121.

121st payment is the principle that’s it

rate stays the same term stays the same

nothing changes

that is nuts because you’ve had 10 years

of inflation

exactly in rents right taxes up a little

bit insurance up but you’ve had 10 years

of inflation that’s bananas yep all

right so now that now the million dollar

question prevailing rates today

i don’t know we’ll call them four and a

quarter for investors

i’m guessing this is higher probably

i’m going to just wild ass guess it here

high fives

so here’s the here’s the kicker is um

because we have such an expansive

product base and a list of lenders that

we’ve built such a great relationship

with um

the flow rate right now as of february

3rd yeah 2022

is um actually


shut up is the lowest rate we can get to

and obviously it’ll be with be with

points and whatever but it’s the lowest

rate which you’re locked in for 40 years

so a lot of our clients are taking the

lowest rate possible because it doesn’t

make sense not to right you’re fixed for

four years you’re hedged against rate

increases or anything yeah um yeah but

that’s i mean that’s the floor rate um

and kind of where a lot of our clients

want to be and so this this is going to

be fun so flow rate means

you know

a lot of skin in the game right good

down payment

um probably decent credit gets you a

little lower going to pay points how

many points am i buying to get down to

that crazy that’s a that’s a ridiculous

floor rate exactly

i mean it can be you know you fit in the

right bucket for example i’ll just give

you a quick snare let’s say

25 down not even that crazy oh yeah

that’s not bad i expected more okay yeah

on a purchase two unit property you’re

probably paying one point to get to

three point six yeah crazy

oh wow i expected two and a half or

three okay

all right so uh i already know there’s a

lot of viewers right now that are going

to be wanting to reach out so let’s just

get it out of the way how do you want

them to reach out

i think what would be best you can go to

our website as well at


i’m sure you can find a link for us at

the bottom sure we email both

john and i goes to the same email it’s

private client at convoyhomeloans.com

private client at convoyhomes.com

home loans uh home loans thank you see

that’s why i asked home loans dot com

very cool all right so uh 40-year i o

uh so let’s just let’s just round it to

four percent right yeah that’s still

so again i bring you again it could be a

duplex it doesn’t even have to be


right anything one to four yeah oh it’s

only one to four okay see i’m glad i

asked so okay one to four unit

is there a floor on a loan amount like

hey we don’t do loans under 100 grand

it’s technically depending on the lender

um but the majority of our lenders say

  1. okay that’s fine that’s that’s a

four plex that’s okay that’s good yeah

all right i’m trying to think of

anything else that uh that might be out

there are you gonna you’re gonna impound

probably taxes insurance all that stuff

you don’t have to yeah oh well you want

to you don’t have to wow yeah


this is crazy okay uh i’m that’s this is

amazing so again four percent for it for

40 years i can have a four percent loan

on a duplex for 40 years


and this is in the same time i’m sure

your viewers have also seen it and

you’ve seen it in the news but fannie

mae and freddie mac for non-owner

occupied homes they’re they’re rolling

out these new adjustments that they

tried previously and now they’re roll it

back out

it’s already taking hit right how high

balanced loans non-owner-occupied homes

they don’t want them basically no they

don’t they’ve whacked them i forget what

the numbers were they wanted to get them

to like 12 percent they’re running at 17

or something like that yeah they’re

it’s not quite as bad as 2010 where

investors were like don’t come here we

don’t want to but it’s starting to feel

like that they’re like

yeah so

which is funny because um you know the

the the backing of a lot of these

programs the 40-year i o program and

cash flow program that we’re talking

about you know they’re big institutional

banks that are you know buying these

loans so it’s not like there are um

subprime mortgages that are not backed

and you know kind of traded

weirdly it’s not like that at all it’s

you know big backers like you know

goldman and all these people that are

institutional they’re buying these loans

and they’re actually performing better

than you know normal conventional fha va

loans because the idea again is if you

have an investment property you buy it

to cash flow you don’t buy it to lose

money on it right so that’s kind of you

know the main focus and why it makes so

much sense for investors um at this day

and age to kind of take advantage of a

program like this wow yeah so uh

obviously the fed is raising rates or at

least they’ve they’ve talked like

they’re going to we’ve seen

uh investment loans the kind of

traditional one through tens already

ratcheted up we’ve seen other non-qm


raise their floor rates if you will


it has to happen right if rates go up

rate again these

it has to happen right the flow rate

won’t always be whatever it was 3.62

again if the fed raises

correct now i personally believe in we

you know you probably have seen this

song and dance a bunch of times now oh

yeah what’s nice is obviously a lot of

lenders get ahead of what the feds are

going to do and those are baked into the

rate sheets right now sure or the march

increase of course um but of course what

you said is one hundred percent correct

you know that’s why we’re seeing such a

high influx of yeah notifications

because everybody knows i mean it’s on

the news every single day no right

exactly and it there’s no end in sight


knock on wood we have you know another

global pandemic hit yeah no

yeah so is this i guess one thing i

didn’t ask is this only for purchase or

could we do a refi cash out refi

a lot of our clients right now like to

put it into perspective you know there a

lot of them are like they might be

private client with like bank bank of

america or chase even they are

refinancing out of the loans that they

just got into yeah of course to lock

into a 40-year fix just because the cash

flow is just so ridiculous yeah so again

this is residential so if somebody had

an apartment building cap plan

that’s not neces we can go up to 29

units but we can have that conversation

with that okay so that’s good to know 29

units okay yeah yeah

i’ve never heard i’ve heard four i’ve

heard 13

29 seems like a really odd number to

pick is there any rhyme or reason

that was just kind of the back and forth

ping pong game we played with some of

our investors okay all right well there

you go all right

29 okay so not 30 but 29. yeah that’s

good okay all right uh and then you also

talked earlier in your intro about

luxury real estate so define that is

that a price point a zip code what does

luxury real estate mean

i’d say so yeah i i i um

it’s always been hard because we’re

mortgage brokers of course right so we


over 100 different lenders and programs

that we have access to but a lot of the

times brokers are kind of in a way

at a disadvantage to the big retail

banks you know wells fargo bank america


but the proponents that we’ve been able

to figure out that can make us

competitive is how we’re able to get

luxury real estate

financing done

for the client that doesn’t have 10

million dollars parked at wells fargo

have a little bit easier restrictions on

loan to value

debt to income

income qualifications using bank

statements or assets that you can’t go

to wells fargo and get that job done so

you found a little niche there we’ve

done a couple just in the past month

that we’re pretty proud of that you can

find on our review pages and instagram

and stuff like that if you want to check

it out very cool so what what else right

again one rental at a time obviously is

oriented to people buying investment

properties we are doing some house

hacking and whatnot so all good what

what else what what else you want to

tease folks with because again 40 years

10 years of io fix for 40s

bananas so that’s going to be very cool

what else you want to talk about

there was you know what it’s kind of

a coincidence i spoke with

you know we speak with clients how many

clients a dad i don’t know to be honest

with you but i had a pretty good

conversation with a pretty high net


client yesterday about this

interest-only product and


he brought up the point that

anybody that’s telling me no on an

interest-only product doesn’t know what

they’re doing because i can make the

argument and i backed it with him


making a payment towards the principal

on your mortgage if you’re an investor

okay it’s a different scenario if you

you know want to retire and pay your

single family home off right

but if you’re an investor

let’s just give an example you know over

10 years let’s say you’re going to pay

a hundred grand towards the principal

yeah you’re planning to sell the home

your investment property in 10 years


all you’re going to get back

if you decided to go with a 30-year fix

instead of a 40-year interest only is an

extra 100 grand when you sell the home

in 10 years right i don’t need to tell

anybody here that’s watching the show

that a hundred grand


is worth more than a hundred grand in

ten years yeah no yeah

so what you can do over that ten year

period with a hundred grand

for these investors what buy two or

three more properties

yeah or just pick up a dog right you you


yeah yeah you’re gonna have three or


bad years i mean one of the things

that’s probably coming in my opinion is

there’s a lot of frustrated landlords

older landlords that maybe haven’t done

a lot of rent increases and take care of

the property in the last five or six

years a lot of those

are heavy lifts

if you could get io periods even even

for five years let alone 10 where you

could sort of get through the transition

because i’ve done it before you’re going

to have at least two transitions you

never go from what you have to where you

got with tenants you there’s this middle


it’s it’s heavy so having having that

time where

i don’t know what it is and extra

percentages that you can keep because

you’re not paying principal it’s helpful

it all helps in the beginning it all

helps and then the beauty of the program

too we’ve kind of come to a like a

negotiation period with the the lenders

and investors that we have some of them

will allow for if you really wanted to

pay principal in the 10-year period you

can pay up to 20 of the principal

balance on an annual basis without

triggering any prepayment penalties yeah

so in a sense it’s like you’re getting

the best of both worlds not a lot of

people are going to pay 20 of the


on an annual basis right so but if they

but it allows them kind of like if they

really want something at the end of the

year they’re like hey i i have all this

extra cash flow now i don’t know what to

do with it i’d rather just put it back

into the home they can do that without

any penalty right so that’s also a kind

of a little bonus that kind of plays

into their flexibility and what they can

really utilize the principle for that

they’ve saved for x amount of period

yeah very very cool

uh well i always like examples why don’t

you give an example obviously no names

just rough numbers of a couple of deals

you’ve done maybe one in the luxury real

estate you’re proud of and then one in

this 40-year i o just kind of

actually you know what i have one more

question before we ask for examples


can i buy a dog let’s just say a rundown

fourplex it’s pretty ugly it needs it

needs it needs a hundred grand right of

immediate investment that kind of still


do you want pretty pretty clean stuff

it’s going to be pretty clean you know

we obviously have the ability to get

that client into some sort of either

construction right loan and then you

know makes total sense exactly and then

once it’s ready to go because remember


these loans are still backed by pretty

big time investors and institutions

they’re not gonna

no i just wanted to make sure no yeah

again that’s why that’s why there are

providers out there not all pro programs

work for all products or all properties

sometimes you’ve got to do the heavy

lift get it there and then you get into

the 40-year money

uh makes toys but we have the program to

be able to do that right so of course

wanted to buy you know a dog or so then

we can always bridge the gap finance the

rehab costs which we can you know we

have lenders that will do that finance

everything and then you know

down the line we’ll just refi until rate

and term and do a 40 year ago yeah there

you go i like it well all right let’s

close with a couple of examples uh

floor is yours what do you want to tell

us some examples i guess we’ll start

when luxury i mean we had a really nice

one okay yeah um

so pretty unique

uh we just did one in kind of the

beverly hills area in los angeles it was

for a

primary residence okay it was a a 14 mil

it’s 14 1 we’ll call it but it’s 14

million dollar


luxury high-end yeah i would call that

luxury no matter where you’re at there’s

four you put you you make it eight

digits i’m gonna call that luxury you

got it check


but it was a very unique situation it


it only required 10 down

in a cash

10 down and how we were able to

we we use a relationship


loan it will where essentially

the client had some assets that he could


and he didn’t have to sell those assets

or anything but he you know pledged them

right yep didn’t have to put your


you know 35 45 down because i i tried


bringing this loan to a retail you know

when we have access to and they’re

giving us you know 35 40.

yeah that’s that’s a lot that’s a big

check to write yeah yeah so we were able

and there’s a lot of other intricacies

that i don’t want to share too that’s

fine information from the client but

essentially look you know you can’t get

a 10 down loan no

no going to the big retail bank so

that’s not there that

that’s awesome and with less down you

know who to contact yeah there you go

all right well let’s talk about uh a

40-year deal that you helped someone

because i got to imagine your phone’s or

email or whatever you want to call it’s

blowing up going give me some of that

40-year money yeah i mean you know we we

have a

we do about i think i’m probably about

30 or 30 to 35 million in just this this

product on a monthly basis

um so we have a lot of examples i think

you know kind of a unique we have we can

even do unique properties so like a

unique example is like

we just did a condo tell

at the pendrie in utah um they’re

they’re just they’re making a new build

it’s in park city utah um luxury con

hotel obviously that means that hotel

and condo right um and we did that on

the same cash flow program um and it

wasn’t it wasn’t cash flowing but we

were able to get it closed on the

premise of hey this is the cash flow to

come and we were able to close the loan

you know successfully um and kind of

kind of make sure the client has like a

vacation home slash you know rental

property that’s kind of managed by the

hotel and that was a very unique

situation that you know even those ones

we can get done but if we’re talking

about a classic one to four

um you know we we do deals all the time

where it’s a purchase for like two or

three million they’ll put 15 down 15 to

20 down and they’ll get you know the

same 40-year i o fixed the cash flow is

as long as it covers 100 they’re getting

you know basically the best pricing um

and by that i mean the cash flow on the

rents just has to cover whether it’s

market or or actual rents has to cover

the interest only payment plus taxes

plus insurance plus association dues if

there are any so it’s not even they’re

not even you know hitting you for the

full principal and interest payment it’s

just the interest only payment so that

makes qualifying a lot easier

um on the cash flow aspect there’s no

you know management fee deductions

there’s no vacancy reserves that they’re

calculating none of that it is just

straight calculation of rents covering

the actual payment and um you know we do

two million three million dollars

fifteen percent twenty percent down

um and they’re able to successfully grab

these properties even if they’re vacant

so we do a lot of properties where you

know now kind of with moratorium kind of

being in that kind of limbo where people

are actually moving out of it people are

moving into it right um

a lot of properties we’re seeing are

being delivered almost with a few vacant

units sure um and

with vacant units you know retail

lenders can’t use the rental property

income right right but we’re able to use

on vacant units the market rents that

are assigned to that unit so

by combining the vacant unit market

rents along with the actual rents which

are like you said earlier a lot lower

right than the actual market rents by

combining those together we’re able to

successfully close these two three

million three you know three to four

unit properties even duplexes um you

know and have it cash flow well and have

the loan workout in their favor at the

lowest rate possible and at the lowest

you know everything possible um so yeah

that’s a broad general uh example but

the reason i give that is because we do

so many of those on a you know on a

monthly basis so i’m sure yeah way is to

just umbrella it you know into that

scenario where you know i’m sure you

have a lot of viewers that’ll fit even

you know if it’s not two three million

that’s fine yeah but it’ll still fit

within the 150 to 5 million 7.5 million

range you know

absolutely yeah so i guess the last

question to kind of close is that i’m

just i’m just playing with all the

different viewers i have on my channel

uh i’m gonna guess these are single loan

single asset type loans versus kind of

portfolio or blanket loans like you’re

not gonna go to ohio and buy seven

little cheap houses and put it all

together in one loan i’m guessing

correct i mean we have the ability to do

that but you’re not going to get the no

on a blanket no yeah it’s just it’s a

different product again right find the

right product right area so again who is

your who’s your avatar right is again

it’s the real estate investor


kind of one rental at a time folks i’m

guessing yeah that would be correct yep

very cool

well how do you want to reach out we

gave it to you in the beginning how do

you want them to reach out

so um they can email private clients



or if they just go on our website

there’s um you can hit apply now and

it’ll have a whole you know thing they

can fill out and then it’ll shoot their

information over to us and either dustin

or myself especially for your viewers

will personally reach out to make sure

that they get the vip treatment very

cool is there like a little link to

where they they can say they came from

one rail at a time or like how’d you

hear of us or something like that

yeah we can make that possible yeah yeah

let’s let’s see how many one rental at a

time fans reach out so hey dustin

jonathan thank you very much for doing

this i had a great time uh look forward

to your uh email or phones blowing up it

should be fun i appreciate it thanks

mike all right guys have a good day yep

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